Big Changes That You May Temporarily Find Annoying

Right becomes left, up becomes down, yet Ween remains all and one. Some of the following will take some getting used to...

  • This site is about Ween. The band selector formerly defaulted to "all bands". Now it will be "Ween", until you change it.
  • The list of bands to select from has been shortened to Ween and major side projects. You can still choose "all bands" to show everything, and "misc bands" to show bands excluded from the list. The band selection affects the data that is displayed, and how that data is calculated.
  • Lists sort by date descending now - new things go at the top. You can reverse the sort order by clicking the column heading.
  • The sidebar search panel appears on the right if your browser window is wide enough. Otherwise, the search panel can be accessed from the "search" link in the top right corner.

New Features That You Will Hopefully Find Appealing

Just a few of the additions and improvements in v2.0...

  • Mobile Friendly! - Through the miracle of responsive design, brownbase will now fit on any screen, no matter the size. It should be as functional on your phone or tablet as it is on you enormous desktop or olympic stadium jumbotron.
  • Colors Suck Less! - The color scheme has been altered to enable more better reading of stuff, without compromising brownbase's ubiquitous brownness.
  • Collapsible Page Sections! - Like this page, the Home page, Misc Stats, and Setlist pages are divided into sections that can be toggled open or closed, either individually or all at once.
  • Forms got smarter! The available choices in most dropdown menus are limited to years, songs, or places that actually apply to the currently selected band. You will no longer find Billy Joel songs in the Everytime Played dropdown for Moistboyz.
  • Most forms auto-submit now, meaning that there is no need to click a button after selecting a band, year, city, etc from a dropdown menu - just changing the selection will submit the form.
  • Multi-Song Search (button located roughly in the center of the search panel): You can now search for multiple songs at a time - the search will return all shows in which ALL of the songs were played (excluding teases etc.)
  • Search Show Notes (keyword input below Multi-Song Search): This searches through the notes section of each setlist for the word or phrase of your choosing. At the moment it is fairly strict (spelling counts!), so single words or short phrases will be more likely to return results.
  • Ween News! (on home page) - links to interviews, show reviews, tour date announcements, and whatever else that's relevant and sounds interesting. Send me links if you find something that should be included here.
  • New stats calculated! There are lots of new statistics sprinkled here and there, notably on setlist, everytime played, and shows-by-year pages.

Why Should I Register to Look at Fucking Setlists?

I've been asked this a lot...

  • Registering and logging in will give you access to two features not available to anonymous users. First, you will notice an "Upload an Image" button on setlist and photo gallery pages. This allows you to upload your original photography and associate it with a specific show.
  • Secondly, by logging in you will be able to create your own personal "show tracker" of shows you attended, accessed through the "Tracker" link in the main menu. An "Add to Tracker" button will appear on setlist pages and next to individual shows in lists. Once your tracker is populated with one or more shows, it will generate statistics that reflect your personal Ween concert history!

I Am Confused and Unsure of What is Going On

If you have questions, comments, or want to know how something on this site works, contact brownbase!