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Album TitleArtistRelease DateRecord LabelTracks
The Deaner Albumby Dean Ween Groupreleased: 10-21-2016label: ATOtracks: 14
Freemanby Freemanreleased: 07-22-2014label: Partisantracks: 12
Moistboyz Vby Moistboyzreleased: 11-05-2013label: Nevermantracks: 12
Marvelous Cloudsby Aaron Freemanreleased: 05-08-2012label: Partisantracks: 13
La Cucarachaby Weenreleased: 10-23-2007label: Roundertracks: 13
The Friends EPby Weenreleased: 06-19-2007label: Chocodogtracks: 5
Moistboyz IVby Moistboyzreleased: 08-30-2005label: Sanctuarytracks: 12
Shinola, Vol. 1by Weenreleased: 07-19-2005label: Chocodogtracks: 12
Quebecby Weenreleased: 08-05-2003label: Sanctuarytracks: 15
Moistboyz IIIby Moistboyzreleased: 09-02-2002label: Ipecactracks: 10
White Pepperby Weenreleased: 05-02-2000label: Elektratracks: 12
Craters of the Sacby Weenreleased: 01-01-1999label: Chocodogtracks: 9
The Molluskby Weenreleased: 06-24-1997label: Elektratracks: 14
Moistboyz IIby Moistboyzreleased: 11-19-1996label: Grand Royaltracks: 10
Z-Rock Hawaiiby Z-Rock Hawaiireleased: 09-06-1996label: Nipp Guitartracks: 11
12 Golden Country Greatsby Weenreleased: 07-16-1996label: Elektratracks: 10
Chocolate and Cheeseby Weenreleased: 09-27-1994label: Elektratracks: 16
Moistboyzby Moistboyzreleased: 01-01-1994label: Grand Royaltracks: 6
Pure Guavaby Weenreleased: 11-10-1992label: Elektratracks: 19
The Podby Weenreleased: 09-20-1991label: Shimmy Disctracks: 23
GodWeenSatan: The Onenessby Weenreleased: 01-01-1990label: Twin/Tonetracks: 26
WAD Excerptsby Weenreleased: 09-02-1988label: Bird O' Praytracks: 5
Axis: Bold as Boognishby Weenreleased: 06-09-1987label: Bird O' Praytracks: 17
The Crucial Squeegie Lipby Weenreleased: 04-20-1986label: Bird O' Praytracks: 40