I'll Miss Youby Ween - played 6 times

Statistics for Ween

Live debut on 6/18/2000 in Denver, CO
Shows before debut: 473 (265 with setlist)
Shows since last time played: 17
Average gap since debut: 71 shows
Played at 0.7% of Ween shows (with setlist: 0.9%)
Played acoustic 1 time (@ column)
Column Sort
@Acoustic#DateCity, St/Pr, CountryGapPositionSetPrevious SongNext Song
6 - 06-11-2017Boston, MA, USAshows since last (gap): 21position: 14 of 32set: Main Setprev song: Awesome Soundnext song: Mutilated Lips
5 - 10-13-2016Los Angeles, CA, USAshows since last (gap): 9position: 24 of 29set: Main Setprev song: You Fucked Upnext song: Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
4 - 08-21-2016Philadelphia, PA, USAshows since last (gap): 275position: 18 of 31set: Main Setprev song: Transitionsnext song: The Mollusk
*3 - 02-22-2003New Hope, PA, USAshows since last (gap): 61position: 2 of 12set: Main Setprev song: I Don't Want Itnext song: Stay Forever
2 - 12-30-2000New Hope, PA, USAshows since last (gap): 43position: 12 of 49set: Main Setprev song: Tender Situationnext song: Touch My Tooter
1 - 06-18-2000Denver, CO, USAposition: 28 of 35set: 1st Encoreprev song: Birthday Boynext song: Stay Forever