A Tear For Eddie

by Ween - played 124 times

Appears on Chocolate and Cheese

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Ween10-30-19949 of 15Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)You Fucked UpChicago, IL, USA
2Ween12-28-1994914 of 26Set IIDoctor RockI Can't Put My Finger on ItNew Hope, PA, USA
3Ween01-25-1995712 of 25Main SetPork Roll Egg and CheeseDoctor RockNew York, NY, USA
4Ween02-01-1995216 of 21Main SetStrap on That Jammy PacPumpin' 4 the ManSt. Louis, MO, USA
5Ween02-02-1995110 of 22Main SetSquelch the WeaselDoctor RockMemphis, TN, USA
6Ween02-05-199518 of 28Main SetNanMarble Tulip Juicy TreeSt. Petersburg, FL, USA
7Ween04-20-1995b510 of 21Main SetTickSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Melbourne, VIC, Australia
8Ween06-04-1995211 of 21Main SetVoodoo LadyDrifter in the DarkWarrington, PA, USA
9Ween06-16-1995115 of 23Main SetNow I'm Freaking OutDrifter in the DarkPhiladelphia, PA, USA
10Jimmy Wilson Group07-23-1996107 of 17Main SetLonesomeShe Wanted to LeaveNew Hope, PA, USA
11Ween10-23-19961317 of 28Main SetPoopship DestroyerI'm Holding YouToronto, ON, Canada
12Ween07-24-19971331 of 411st EncoreBooze Me Up and Get Me HighRoses Are FreeLawrence, KS, USA
13Ween07-25-1997115 of 37Main SetTender SituationWaving My Dick in the WindOklahoma City, OK, USA
14Ween07-27-1997125 of 26EncoreDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Buenas Tardes AmigoAustin, TX, USA
15Ween08-02-1997126 of 31EncoreCaptain FantasyBaby BitchAtlanta, GA, USA
16Ween08-03-1997129 of 34Main SetBig JilmFriend of the Devil (tease)Charleston, SC, USA
17Ween08-06-1997217 of 28Main SetTickThe MolluskCharlottesville, VA, USA
18Ween09-08-1997726 of 26Main SetDon't Sweat ItLong Branch, NJ, USA
19Ween09-16-1997423 of 30Main SetThe Blarney StoneDoctor RockChicago, IL, USA
20Ween09-17-1997121 of 29Main SetAwesome SoundThe Blarney StoneMinneapolis, MN, USA
21Ween09-20-1997315 of 25Main SetPush th' Little DaisiesThe Stallion pt 3Fort Collins, CO, USA
22Ween09-24-1997118 of 30Main SetVoodoo LadyOcean ManSeattle, WA, USA
23Ween09-28-1997332 of 33EncoreOcean ManCaptain FantasyLos Angeles, CA, USA
24Ween10-08-1997318 of 30Main SetPumpin' 4 the ManThe Stallion pt 3Melbourne, VIC, Australia
25Ween11-27-1997520 of 28Main SetYou Fucked UpOcean ManZurich, Switzerland
26Ween12-02-1997112 of 17Main SetRoses Are FreeYou Fucked UpHamburg, Germany
27Ween01-16-1998320 of 31Main SetHot For TeacherOcean ManNew York, NY, USA
28Ween01-17-1998120 of 28Main SetSketches of WinkleOcean ManWashington, DC, USA
29Ween01-25-1998516 of 27Main SetI Can't Put My Finger on ItThe Stallion pt 3Jacksonville, FL, USA
30Ween01-29-1998323 of 28Main SetThe HIV SongOcean ManRichmond, VA, USA
31Ween01-30-1998120 of 29Main SetI Can't Put My Finger on ItOcean ManPhiladelphia, PA, USA
32Ween01-31-1998115 of 25Main SetVoodoo LadyThe Stallion pt 3Boston, MA, USA
33Ween05-18-1998917 of 33Main SetThe HIV SongThe MolluskBoulder, CO, USA
34Ween07-21-19991126 of 38Main SetFat LennyShe Caught My FancyNew Hope, PA, USA
35Ween07-26-1999420 of 29Main SetVoodoo LadyMutilated LipsCleveland, OH, USA
36Ween07-31-1999415 of 33Main SetRoses Are FreeThe Stallion pt 3Vail, CO, USA
37Ween08-14-1999923 of 31Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)The Stallion pt 3Dallas, TX, USA
38Ween08-16-1999223 of 34Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Kansas City StarLawrence, KS, USA
39Ween08-26-1999723 of 30Main SetDoctor RockOcean ManTowson, MD, USA
40Ween05-07-20002022 of 29Main SetYou Fucked UpShe Wanted to LeaveMontreal, QC, Canada
41Ween05-14-2000622 of 30Main SetDoctor RockThe MolluskMilwaukee, WI, USA
42Ween05-23-2000715 of 29Main SetDoctor RockPiss Up a RopeVirginia Beach, VA, USA
43Ween05-26-2000216 of 36Main SetDoctor RockPiss Up a RopeNew York, NY, USA
44Ween06-16-2000316 of 35Main SetStroker AceThe Stallion pt 3Kansas City, MO, USA
45Ween06-19-2000310 of 32Main SetDoctor RockBack to BasomDenver, CO, USA
46Ween06-23-2000215 of 36Main SetNever SquealBuckingham GreenSeattle, WA, USA
47Ween06-25-2000214 of 31Main SetDoctor RockPiss Up a RopePortland, OR, USA
48Ween06-30-2000b515 of 29Main SetTickSorry CharliePomona, CA, USA
49Ween07-03-2000314 of 31Main SetTickExactly Where I'm AtAlbuquerque, NM, USA
50Ween07-08-2000417 of 34Main SetBuckingham GreenShe Wanted to LeaveAustin, TX, USA
51Ween07-15-2000417 of 31Main SetStroker AceExactly Where I'm AtSt. Petersburg, FL, USA
52Ween07-19-2000318 of 34Main SetMister Would You Please Help My Pony?The MolluskAthens, GA, USA
53Ween08-23-2000717 of 27Main SetStroker AceThe MolluskMalmo, Sweden
54Ween09-05-2000813 of 35Main SetStroker AceSorry CharlieStuttgart, Germany
55Ween03-26-2001824 of 36Main SetThe Stallion pt 5Buckingham GreenNorthampton, MA, USA
56Ween03-31-2001417 of 35Main SetBuckingham GreenBaby BitchCincinnati, OH, USA
57Ween04-04-2001317 of 34Main SetOcean ManThe Stallion pt 3Winston-Salem, NC, USA
58Ween08-03-2001626 of 29Main SetIce CastlesWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutWellfleet, MA, USA
59Ween08-20-2001413 of 31Main SetDoctor RockSorry CharlieTucson, AZ, USA
60Ween09-02-2001919 of 32Main SetDoctor RockDemon SweatVancouver, BC, Canada
61Ween03-21-2002927 of 32Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Polka Dot TailAllentown, PA, USA
62Ween04-24-2002513 of 26Main SetTickSorry CharlieBloomington, IN, USA
63Ween04-30-20033122 of 27Main SetMutilated LipsCaptain FantasyKnoxville, TN, USA
64Ween05-04-2003318 of 24Main SetBuckingham GreenBaby BitchHouston, TX, USA
65Ween07-30-20031424 of 28Main SetBuckingham Green1999 (unfinished)Minneapolis, MN, USA
66Ween09-14-20031021 of 23Main SetBuckingham GreenPiss Up a RopeMemphis, TN, USA
67Ween10-06-20031418 of 27Main SetBuckingham GreenThe ArgusEdmonton, AB, Canada
68Ween11-04-20031111 of 30Main SetThe ArgusThe Stallion pt 3Cleveland, OH, USA
69Ween11-09-2003317 of 31Main SetDoctor RockThe ArgusChicago, IL, USA
70Ween12-09-2003918 of 31Main SetOcean ManThe ArgusAmsterdam, Netherlands
71Ween06-22-20041128 of 30Main SetAce of SpadesStroker AceNew Hope, PA, USA
72Ween10-15-20041224 of 32Main SetSorry CharlieBaby BitchVentura, CA, USA
73Ween10-27-20051526 of 37Main SetBoy's ClubZoloftWashington, DC, USA
74Ween12-03-2005818 of 40Main SetThe MolluskThe ArgusBoulder, CO, USA
75Ween04-07-2006320 of 30Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Mutilated LipsFort Lauderdale, FL, USA
76Ween04-13-2006511 of 32Main SetBuckingham GreenLeave Deaner AloneCharlottesville, VA, USA
77Ween05-26-2006130 of 30EncoreThe MolluskTeaneck, NJ, USA
78Ween07-23-2006719 of 30Main SetPumpin' 4 the ManBaby BitchReno, NV, USA
79Ween07-31-2006515 of 30Main SetBuckingham GreenBuenas Tardes AmigoDes Moines, IA, USA
80Ween08-03-2006226 of 32Main SetHey BulldogBaby BitchMadison, WI, USA
81Ween05-01-20071320 of 30Main SetYou Were the FoolCaptainBirmingham, AL, USA
82Ween06-12-2007615 of 31Main SetGabrielleBuckingham GreenAlbany, NY, USA
83Ween08-09-2007723 of 31Main SetOcean ManYour PartyAustin, TX, USA
84Ween10-23-2007827 of 33Main SetObjectThe MolluskColumbus, OH, USA
85Ween11-09-2007818 of 35Main SetWith My Own Bare HandsSpirit WalkerSanta Cruz, CA, USA
86Ween11-23-2007717 of 32Main SetWith My Own Bare HandsBack to BasomBaltimore, MD, USA
87Ween03-07-20082325 of 35Main SetDid You See Me?Big JilmMelbourne, VIC, Australia
88Ween07-11-20081314 of 34Main SetYour PartyThe ArgusFayetteville, AR, USA
89Ween07-17-20094426 of 34Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutMutilated LipsDewey Beach, DE, USA
90Ween09-02-20091023 of 34Main SetYour PartyDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Anaheim, CA, USA
91Ass Jammers09-10-200946 of 16Main SetAin't That PeculiarSexy MFNew Hope, PA, USA
92Ass Jammers09-16-200922 of 2Main SetSpringthemeNew Brunswick, NJ, USA
93Ween04-09-20101823 of 27Main SetZoloftFreedom of '76Asheville, NC, USA
94Ween07-17-20101118 of 21Main SetThe Final AlarmThe MolluskMariaville, NY, USA
95Ween04-16-20112712 of 17Main SetYour PartyMonique the FreakLive Oak, FL, USA
96Ween07-03-2011914 of 23Main SetMonique the FreakLet's DanceQuincy, CA, USA
97Dean Ween and Friends11-28-20123821 of 26Main SetNever SquealStroker AceAsbury Park, NJ, USA
98Dean Ween and Friends04-14-201354 of 16Main SetWild RideWith My Own Bare HandsNew Hope, PA, USA
99Dean Ween Group03-19-20142012 of 13Main SetI'm Gonna Get HighSweet JaneNew Hope, PA, USA
100Dean Ween Group03-22-2014115 of 17Main SetCracked ActorIt's Gonna Be a Long NightBaltimore, MD, USA
101Dean Ween Group04-11-2014716 of 18Main SetCracked ActorIt's Gonna Be a Long NightAsheville, NC, USA
102Dean Ween Group04-12-2014116 of 18Main SetCracked ActorIt's Gonna Be a Long NightRaleigh, NC, USA
103Dean Ween Group06-28-2014310 of 12Main SetDead Man WalkingGabrielleAsbury Park, NJ, USA
104Dean Ween Group01-18-2015517 of 13Main SetWoman and ManTickNew Hope, PA, USA
105Dean Ween Group03-19-201544 of 25Main SetBuckingham GreenSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Charlotte, NC, USA
106Dean Ween Group03-20-201524 of 24Main SetDid You See Me?The Golden EelAtlanta, GA, USA
107Dean Ween Group04-12-2015711 of 14Main SetI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotShe Fucks MeNew Hope, PA, USA
108Dean Ween Group06-16-201566 of 24Main SetThe Golden EelBooze Me Up and Get Me HighNew York, NY, USA
109Dean Ween Group07-31-201583 of 22Main SetWith My Own Bare HandsPiss Up a RopePhiladelphia, PA, USA
110Dean Ween Group08-01-2015120 of 22Main SetThe MolluskGabrielleAsbury Park, NJ, USA
111Dean Ween Group08-06-201534 of 22Main SetTransdermal CelebrationPiss Up a RopePortland, ME, USA
112Dean Ween Group08-28-201539 of 23Main SetDid You See Me?I Saw Gener Cryin' in His SleepGreensboro, NC, USA
113Dean Ween Group10-10-20151911 of 23Main SetHey Fat Boy (Asshole)Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Lake Tahoe, CA, USA
114Dean Ween Group10-18-2015613 of 20Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)The HIV SongFort Collins, CO, USA
115Ween02-12-201639 of 33Main SetRoses Are FreeYour PartyBroomfield, CO, USA
116Dean Ween Group04-27-201678 of 10Main SetExercise ManThe RiftNew Orleans, LA, USA
117Ween08-25-201668 of 26Main SetBeacon LightBaby BitchArrington, VA, USA
118Ween09-16-2016511 of 20Main SetMarble Tulip Juicy TreeThe Stallion pt 3Chicago, IL, USA
119Ween10-13-2016319 of 29Main SetBananas and BlowShe Fucks MeLos Angeles, CA, USA
120Dean Ween Group01-19-20172212 of 15Main SetPink Eye (On My Leg)Tender SituationBrooklyn, NY, USA
121Ween03-16-20171118 of 25Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutYour Party (unfinished)Chicago, IL, USA
122Ween04-23-201743 of 24Main SetHappy Colored MarblesThe MolluskAtlanta, GA, USA
123Ween06-07-2017513 of 28Main SetWith My Own Bare HandsCherub (tease)Brooklyn, NY, USA
124Ween07-02-2017619 of 29Main SetZoloftExactly Where I'm AtSeattle, WA, USA