Auld Lang Syneby traditional - played 2 times

Statistics for Ween

Live debut on 12/31/1998 in New York, NY
Shows before debut: 399 (193 with setlist)
Shows since last time played: 56
Average gap since debut: 249 shows
Played at 0.2% of Ween shows (with setlist: 0.3%)
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#DateCity, St/Pr, CountryGapPositionSetPrevious SongNext Song
2 - 12-31-2011Denver, CO, USAshows since last (gap): 442position: 23 of 33set: Main Setprev song: Little Drummer Boynext song: Let's Dance
1 - 12-31-1998New York, NY, USAposition: 21 of 32set: Main Setprev song: Buckingham Greennext song: 1999