by Ween - played 151 times

Appears on GodWeenSatan: The Oneness

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Ween04-18-198916 of 16Main SetGladiola HeartbreakerTrenton, NJ, USA
2Ween03-15-1990210 of 11Main SetPapa ZitEl CaminoHoboken, NJ, USA
3Ween12-29-199041 of 15Main SetTickAlkmaar, Netherlands
4Ween02-17-199112 of 2Main SetTickAmsterdam, Netherlands
5Ween03-04-1991113 of 17Main SetGladiola HeartbreakerPurple RainMinneapolis, MN, USA
6Ween10-30-1991411 of 15Main SetCommon BitchCover It With Gas and Set It on FireAmsterdam, Netherlands
7Ween03-16-199298 of 19Main SetNanSketches of WinkleChapel Hill, NC, USA
8Ween05-01-199219 of 9Main SetYou Fucked UpPortland, OR, USA
9Ween05-04-1992110 of 12Main SetTickDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)San Francisco, CA, USA
10Ween05-06-199215 of 7Main SetFat LennyReggaejunkiejewLas Vegas, NV, USA
11Ween05-23-1992116 of 16Main SetMarble Tulip Juicy TreeTrenton, NJ, USA
12Ween10-29-1992210 of 15Main SetYou Fucked UpFreedom of '76New York, NY, USA
13Ween11-20-1992214 of 22Main SetOde to ReneBirthday BoyChicago, IL, USA
14Ween02-13-1993510 of 20Main SetYou Fucked UpPork Roll Egg and CheeseLong Beach, CA, USA
15Ween05-05-1993717 of 191st EncoreReggaejunkiejewPush th' Little DaisiesToronto, ON, Canada
16Ween05-07-1993123 of 23EncoreSweet Texas FireChicago, IL, USA
17Ween09-27-1993212 of 12Main SetOde to ReneNew Hope, PA, USA
18Ween09-29-1993117 of 21Main SetOde to ReneDrifter in the DarkNew Brunswick, NJ, USA
19Ween06-24-1994921 of 21Main SetCommon BitchPittsburgh, PA, USA
20Ween10-23-19941013 of 19Main SetYou Fucked UpPurple Rain (unfinished)Boston, MA, USA
21Ween10-31-1994422 of 27Main SetPuerto Rican PowerNever Squeal (unfinished)Minneapolis, MN, USA
22Ween11-13-1994120 of 20Main SetFat LennyLos Angeles, CA, USA
23Ween11-20-1994422 of 22Main SetYou Fucked UpHouston, TX, USA
24Ween01-21-1995617 of 19Main SetRight to the Ways and the Rules of the WorldImprov/JamRochester, NY, USA
25Ween01-25-1995425 of 25Main SetThe Blarney StoneNew York, NY, USA
26Ween04-26-1996166 of 8Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)What Deaner Was Talkin' AboutPullman, WA, USA
27Ween05-10-19972511 of 11Main SetRight to the Ways and the Rules of the WorldRochester, NY, USA
28Jimmy Wilson Group07-10-1997411 of 17Main SetTender SituationGary FloydAsbury Park, NJ, USA
29Ween08-03-1997734 of 34EncoreThe Final AlarmCharleston, SC, USA
30Ween09-12-19971023 of 23Main SetDazed and ConfusedCleveland, OH, USA
31Ween09-16-1997330 of 30EncoreYou Fucked UpChicago, IL, USA
32Ween09-17-1997129 of 292nd EncoreTake Me AwayMinneapolis, MN, USA
33Ween09-19-1997b230 of 30Main SetYou Fucked UpDenver, CO, USA
34Ween09-25-1997313 of 26Main SetMister Richard SmokerPumpin' 4 the ManPortland, OR, USA
35Ween09-27-1997134 of 342nd EncorePoopship DestroyerSan Francisco, CA, USA
36Ween10-07-1997327 of 281st EncoreBig JilmBuenas Tardes AmigoAdelaide, SAU, Australia
37Ween11-21-1997528 of 28Main SetBuenas Tardes AmigoBielefeld, Germany
38Ween01-16-1998530 of 311st EncoreFat LennyBuenas Tardes AmigoNew York, NY, USA
39Ween01-20-1998323 of 31Main SetOcean ManThe Song Remains the Same (tease)Athens, GA, USA
40Ween01-25-1998325 of 27Main SetTake Me AwayYou Were the FoolJacksonville, FL, USA
41Ween01-29-1998328 of 28EncoreYou Fucked UpRichmond, VA, USA
42Ween01-31-1998225 of 25EncoreYou Fucked UpBoston, MA, USA
43Ween05-07-1998223 of 23EncoreSketches of WinklePittsburgh, PA, USA
44Ween05-10-1998334 of 34EncoreSarahBuffalo, NY, USA
45Ween05-12-1998128 of 28EncoreStella BlueNew Hope, PA, USA
46Ween05-17-1998226 of 35Main SetYou Fucked UpSomethin' StupidDenver, CO, USA
47Ween05-18-1998132 of 33EncoreSarahPollo AsadoBoulder, CO, USA
48Ween12-31-1998431 of 32EncoreYou Fucked UpBuenas Tardes AmigoNew York, NY, USA
49Ween01-01-1999132 of 32EncoreIce CastlesPhiladelphia, PA, USA
50Ween01-20-1999226 of 26EncoreThe Blarney StoneLos Angeles, CA, USA
51Jimmy Wilson Group04-28-1999233 of 42Main SetSultans of Swing (unfinished)North Pappy FlappyAsbury Park, NJ, USA
52Ween07-23-1999327 of 311st EncoreFat LennyDon't Shit Where You EatWinooski, VT, USA
53Ween07-25-1999235 of 35Main SetNorth Pappy FlappyToronto, ON, Canada
54Ween07-26-1999126 of 29Main SetImprov/JamImprov/JamCleveland, OH, USA
55Ween07-28-1999131 of 31Main SetHot For TeacherApple Valley, MN, USA
56Ween07-29-1999125 of 25EncoreBananas and BlowIowa City, IA, USA
57Ween07-31-1999231 of 33Main SetPumpin' 4 the ManThe Blarney StoneVail, CO, USA
58Ween08-02-1999133 of 33EncoreBuenas Tardes AmigoVancouver, BC, Canada
59Ween08-04-1999229 of 29EncoreThe Blarney StoneSeattle, WA, USA
60Ween08-06-1999131 of 31Encore1999San Francisco, CA, USA
61Ween08-08-1999229 of 29Main SetBig JilmLos Angeles, CA, USA
62Ween08-10-1999129 of 29EncorePoopship DestroyerPhoenix, AZ, USA
63Ween08-13-1999131 of 31EncoreTickAustin, TX, USA
64Ween08-14-1999131 of 31EncoreFat LennyDallas, TX, USA
65Ween08-16-1999234 of 34EncoreBirthday BoyLawrence, KS, USA
66Ween08-19-1999228 of 29EncoreBuenas Tardes AmigoKissBirmingham, AL, USA
67Ween08-20-1999132 of 32EncoreShe Caught My FancyNew Orleans, LA, USA
68Ween08-24-1999228 of 282nd EncoreBuenas Tardes AmigoAtlanta, GA, USA
69Ween08-25-1999133 of 33EncoreNorth Pappy FlappyWinston-Salem, NC, USA
70Ween08-26-1999130 of 30EncoreThe HIV SongTowson, MD, USA
71Ween08-27-1999135 of 352nd EncoreHot For TeacherPlainview, NY, USA
72Ween08-28-1999131 of 34Main SetYou Fucked UpThe Blarney StonePhiladelphia, PA, USA
73Ween10-31-1999228 of 28EncoreBuenas Tardes AmigoWinooski, VT, USA
74Ween11-02-1999135 of 35EncoreYou Fucked UpPittsburgh, PA, USA
75Ween11-03-1999133 of 33EncorePiss Up a RopeColumbus, OH, USA
76Ween11-05-1999235 of 35EncoreReggaejunkiejewBuffalo, NY, USA
77Ween11-06-1999132 of 32EncoreBananas and BlowNorthampton, MA, USA
78Ween11-07-1999134 of 34EncoreTouch Me (tease)Somerville, MA, USA
79Ween05-01-2000636 of 36EncoreHomo RainbowNew Haven, CT, USA
80Ween05-02-2000131 of 31EncoreI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotSomerville, MA, USA
81Ween05-04-2000131 of 31EncoreMarble Tulip Juicy TreeWinooski, VT, USA
82Ween05-08-2000334 of 342nd EncoreTickToronto, ON, Canada
83Ween05-09-2000131 of 31EncoreHomo RainbowCleveland, OH, USA
84Ween05-11-2000133 of 421st EncoreThe Blarney StoneHot For TeacherPontiac, MI, USA
85Ween05-12-2000131 of 31EncoreHomo RainbowChicago, IL, USA
86Ween05-14-2000230 of 30EncoreBaby BitchMilwaukee, WI, USA
87Ween05-17-2000233 of 33EncoreYou Fucked UpNashville, TN, USA
88Ween05-18-2000138 of 38EncoreNorth Pappy FlappyAtlanta, GA, USA
89Ween05-19-2000135 of 38Main SetYou Fucked UpBirthday BoyAsheville, NC, USA
90Ween05-26-2000536 of 36Main SetHomo RainbowNew York, NY, USA
91Ween06-16-2000335 of 35EncoreHot For TeacherKansas City, MO, USA
92Ween06-19-2000332 of 32EncoreHomo RainbowDenver, CO, USA
93Ween06-22-2000139 of 39EncoreHomo RainbowVancouver, BC, Canada
94Ween06-24-2000234 of 34EncorePut the Coke on My DickSeattle, WA, USA
95Ween06-25-2000131 of 31EncoreThe Blarney StonePortland, OR, USA
96Ween06-29-2000b328 of 28Main SetHot For TeacherLos Angeles, CA, USA
97Ween07-02-2000432 of 32EncoreThe Blarney StonePhoenix, AZ, USA
98Ween07-06-2000333 of 33EncoreThe Blarney StoneDallas, TX, USA
99Ween07-08-2000234 of 34EncorePut the Coke on My DickAustin, TX, USA
100Ween07-10-2000134 of 34EncoreHomo RainbowNew Orleans, LA, USA
101Ween07-16-2000435 of 35EncoreDeez NutsOrlando, FL, USA
102Ween07-20-2000334 of 34EncoreBaby BitchKnoxville, TN, USA
103Ween08-30-20001134 of 351st EncoreHot For TeacherBuenas Tardes AmigoAmsterdam, Netherlands
104Ween09-06-2000436 of 36EncoreGeorgia on my MindParis, France
105Ween03-30-20011034 of 34EncoreDrifter in the DarkColumbus, OH, USA
106Ween04-06-2001630 of 30Main SetMushroom Festival in HellNorfolk, VA, USA
107Ween07-28-2001324 of 25Main SetStroker AceBuenas Tardes AmigoKintnersville, PA, USA
108Ween08-17-2001332 of 32EncoreEnter SandmanGirdwood, AK, USA
109Ween08-24-2001524 of 24EncoreThe Blarney StoneMorrison, CO, USA
110Ween08-29-2001329 of 29EncoreHomo RainbowSan Francisco, CA, USA
111Ween09-03-2001428 of 28EncoreBuenas Tardes AmigoVancouver, BC, Canada
112Ween09-15-2001119 of 26Main SetMushroom Festival in HellPapa ZitNew Hope, PA, USA
113Ween10-27-2001131 of 31Main SetThe EnablerJohnson, VT, USA
114Ween10-31-2001329 of 29EncoreSketches of WinkleBurlington, VT, USA
115Ween04-24-2002826 of 26EncorePut the Coke on My DickBloomington, IN, USA
116Ween05-03-2002428 of 281st EncoreBuckingham GreenLMLYP repriseHaverford, PA, USA
117Ween08-22-200278 of 8Main SetPapa ZitHoboken, NJ, USA
118Ween05-06-20032429 of 29EncoreThe MolluskColumbia, MO, USA
119Ween07-25-2003826 of 26EncoreMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Pittsburgh, PA, USA
120Ween07-26-2003123 of 23EncoreYou Fucked UpKalamazoo, MI, USA
121Ween08-01-2003522 of 22EncoreBooze Me Up and Get Me HighColumbus, OH, USA
122Ween09-17-20031121 of 21EncorePoopship DestroyerFayetteville, AR, USA
123Ween09-29-2003826 of 26EncoreFluffyPortland, OR, USA
124Ween10-31-20031131 of 31EncorePut the Coke on My DickBurlington, VT, USA
125Ween11-28-20031023 of 23EncoreStroker AceOslo, Norway
126Ween12-01-2003233 of 332nd EncoreBuenas Tardes AmigoBerlin, Germany
127Ween06-10-20041332 of 32EncoreAce of SpadesWashington, DC, USA
128Ween10-08-2004934 of 34EncoreNever SquealGirdwood, AK, USA
129Ween04-09-20063331 of 31EncoreHelp Me Scrape the Mucus Off My BrainTallahassee, FL, USA
130Ween07-23-20061130 of 30EncoreYou Fucked UpReno, NV, USA
131Ween07-27-2006334 of 34EncoreMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Salt Lake City, UT, USA
132Ween07-31-2006228 of 301st EncoreHomo RainbowCrimson and CloverDes Moines, IA, USA
133Ween04-30-20071429 of 292nd EncoreThe Blarney StoneAsheville, NC, USA
134Ween06-13-2007828 of 28EncoreBig JilmRochester, NY, USA
135Ween08-11-2007832 of 32EncoreOcean ManDallas, TX, USA
136Ween10-23-2007633 of 33EncoreAce of SpadesColumbus, OH, USA
137Ween11-16-20071331 of 312nd EncoreThe Blarney StoneCalgary, AB, Canada
138Ween02-29-20082030 of 30EncoreFiestaBrisbane, QLD, Australia
139Ween03-10-2008744 of 442nd EncoreYou Fucked UpHonolulu, HI, USA
140Ween05-17-2008733 of 33EncoreMister Richard SmokerDublin, Ireland
141Ween07-07-2008134 of 35EncoreCommon BitchMaggot BrainMillvale, PA, USA
142Ween07-17-20094734 of 34EncoreImprov/JamDewey Beach, DE, USA
143Ween04-10-20103528 of 28EncoreRight to the Ways and the Rules of the WorldAtlanta, GA, USA
144Ween10-31-20101835 of 35EncoreStroker AceBroomfield, CO, USA
145Gene Ween11-13-2010218 of 192nd EncoreDon't Shit Where You EatKissLexington, KY, USA
146Dean Ween Group03-19-201515619 of 25Main SetGarryIt's Gonna Be a Long NightCharlotte, NC, USA
147Dean Ween Group06-16-20151524 of 24EncoreBananas and BlowNew York, NY, USA
148Dean Ween Group10-16-20153827 of 27EncoreHomo RainbowDenver, CO, USA
149Dean Ween Group10-17-2015123 of 23EncoreFiestaDenver, CO, USA
150Ween09-03-20162015 of 20Main SetNorth Pappy FlappyThe HIV SongDenver, CO, USA
151Ween11-27-20162128 of 28EncoreFluffyPort Chester, NY, USA


- not really played 2 times

#BandDateTypeCity, St/Pr, Country
1Ween05-03-2002repriseHaverford, PA, USA
2Ween10-06-2003unfinishedEdmonton, AB, Canada