Lullabyby Ween - played 6 times

Statistics for Ween

Appears on La Cucaracha
Live debut on 11/6/2007 in Ventura, CA
Shows before debut: 743 (523 with setlist)
Shows since last time played: 26
Average gap since debut: 27.7 shows
Played at 0.7% of Ween shows (with setlist: 0.9%)
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#DateCity, St/Pr, CountryGapPositionSetPrevious SongNext Song
6 - 04-21-2017Asheville, NC, USAshows since last (gap): 121position: 24 of 28set: Encoreprev song: The Argusnext song: Ocean Man
5 - 01-26-2008Myrtle Beach, SC, USAshows since last (gap): 4position: 20 of 33set: Main Setprev song: Objectnext song: Waving My Dick in the Wind
4 - 12-01-2007New York, NY, USAshows since last (gap): 5position: 22 of 31set: Main Setprev song: Doctor Rocknext song: Powder Blue
3 - 11-24-2007Upper Darby, PA, USAshows since last (gap): 5position: 33 of 35set: Encoreprev song: Pork Roll Egg and Cheesenext song: Touch My Tooter
2 - 11-13-2007Seattle, WA, USAshows since last (gap): 5position: 29 of 32set: Encoreprev song: Fat Lennynext song: Drifter in the Dark
1 - 11-06-2007Ventura, CA, USAposition: 20 of 30set: Main Setprev song: Woman and Mannext song: Waving My Dick in the Wind