Mutilated Lips

by Ween - played 213 times

Appears on The Mollusk

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Ween04-18-199613 of 23Main SetBlackjack (tease)Waving My Dick in the WindNew Brunswick, NJ, USA
2Ween06-10-1997281 of 1Main SetNew York, NY, USA
3Ween09-19-1997a242 of 2Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Denver, CO, USA
4Ween10-08-1997927 of 30Main SetAwesome SoundBirthday BoyMelbourne, VIC, Australia
5Ween10-09-1997a12 of 5Main SetShrimp on the BarbieWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutMelbourne, VIC, Australia
6Ween05-09-19982327 of 33Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutIce CastlesColumbus, OH, USA
7Jimmy Wilson Group04-28-19991410 of 42Main SetIt's Gonna Be (Alright)Exactly Where I'm AtAsbury Park, NJ, USA
8Ween07-21-1999213 of 38Main SetRoses Are FreeRiders on the StormNew Hope, PA, USA
9Ween07-23-1999113 of 31Main SetIce CastlesPandy FacklerWinooski, VT, USA
10Ween07-24-1999116 of 26Main SetRoses Are FreeWaving My Dick in the WindMontreal, QC, Canada
11Ween07-25-1999118 of 35Main SetRoses Are FreeShe Fucks MeToronto, ON, Canada
12Ween07-26-1999121 of 29Main SetA Tear For EddieMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Cleveland, OH, USA
13Ween07-28-1999120 of 31Main SetRoses Are FreeDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Apple Valley, MN, USA
14Ween07-29-1999121 of 25Main SetPumpin' 4 the ManBooze Me Up and Get Me HighIowa City, IA, USA
15Ween07-30-1999118 of 37Main SetRoses Are FreeDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Lincoln, NE, USA
16Ween07-31-1999125 of 33Main SetAwesome SoundThe HIV SongVail, CO, USA
17Ween08-02-1999118 of 33Main SetRoses Are FreeDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Vancouver, BC, Canada
18Ween08-03-1999113 of 31Main SetVoodoo LadyBuckingham GreenSeattle, WA, USA
19Ween08-06-1999221 of 31Main SetAwesome SoundPiss Up a RopeSan Francisco, CA, USA
20Ween08-07-1999120 of 33Main SetAwesome SoundDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Las Vegas, NV, USA
21Ween08-08-1999119 of 29Main SetAwesome SoundBaby BitchLos Angeles, CA, USA
22Ween08-10-1999114 of 29Main SetRoses Are FreeDoctor RockPhoenix, AZ, USA
23Ween08-13-1999119 of 31Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Pandy FacklerAustin, TX, USA
24Ween08-15-1999215 of 34Main SetBuckingham GreenTake Me AwayOklahoma City, OK, USA
25Ween08-16-1999125 of 34Main SetKansas City StarPush th' Little DaisiesLawrence, KS, USA
26Ween08-18-1999120 of 29Main SetFat LennyPiss Up a RopeMemphis, TN, USA
27Ween08-20-1999210 of 32Main SetVoodoo LadyCaptain FantasyNew Orleans, LA, USA
28Ween08-24-1999210 of 28Main SetVoodoo LadyBuckingham GreenAtlanta, GA, USA
29Ween08-25-1999118 of 33Main SetVoodoo LadyPork Roll Egg and CheeseWinston-Salem, NC, USA
30Ween08-27-1999216 of 35Main SetBuckingham GreenBack to BasomPlainview, NY, USA
31Ween08-28-1999117 of 34Main SetRoses Are FreeNanPhiladelphia, PA, USA
32Ween10-31-1999216 of 28Main SetVoodoo LadyPush th' Little DaisiesWinooski, VT, USA
33Ween11-02-1999113 of 35Main SetRoses Are FreeEl CaminoPittsburgh, PA, USA
34Ween11-03-1999113 of 33Main SetRoses Are FreeSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Columbus, OH, USA
35Ween11-04-1999112 of 29Main SetBuckingham GreenVoodoo LadyRochester, NY, USA
36Ween11-05-1999111 of 35Main SetVoodoo LadySpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Buffalo, NY, USA
37Ween11-07-1999213 of 34Main SetVoodoo LadyRoses Are FreeSomerville, MA, USA
38Ween04-11-2000114 of 32Main SetVoodoo LadyNow I'm Freaking OutNew Hope, PA, USA
39Ween04-29-2000410 of 17Main SetVoodoo LadyBananas and BlowBrunswick, ME, USA
40Ween05-01-2000126 of 36Main SetBaby BitchPuffy CloudNew Haven, CT, USA
41Ween05-08-2000519 of 34Main SetMister Would You Please Help My Pony?The HIV SongToronto, ON, Canada
42Ween05-11-200029 of 42Main SetThe Golden EelRoses Are FreePontiac, MI, USA
43Ween05-12-2000114 of 31Main SetPush th' Little DaisiesTake Me AwayChicago, IL, USA
44Ween05-14-2000213 of 30Main SetVoodoo LadyPush th' Little DaisiesMilwaukee, WI, USA
45Ween05-15-2000115 of 37Main SetVoodoo LadyPush th' Little DaisiesSt. Louis, MO, USA
46Ween05-19-2000314 of 38Main SetAwesome SoundOcean ManAsheville, NC, USA
47Ween05-25-2000410 of 34Main SetVoodoo LadyBananas and BlowNew York, NY, USA
48Ween06-18-2000610 of 35Main SetVoodoo LadyBananas and BlowDenver, CO, USA
49Ween06-22-2000214 of 39Main SetBuckingham GreenRoses Are FreeVancouver, BC, Canada
50Ween06-24-200029 of 34Main SetPush th' Little DaisiesTake Me AwaySeattle, WA, USA
51Ween06-30-2000b610 of 29Main SetExactly Where I'm AtTake Me AwayPomona, CA, USA
52Ween07-01-2000110 of 32Main SetVoodoo LadyPiss Up a RopeLas Vegas, NV, USA
53Ween07-03-200028 of 31Main SetVoodoo LadyUp on the HillAlbuquerque, NM, USA
54Ween07-06-2000211 of 33Main SetPiss Up a RopeMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Dallas, TX, USA
55Ween07-08-2000210 of 34Main SetVoodoo LadyBananas and BlowAustin, TX, USA
56Ween07-10-2000111 of 34Main SetVoodoo LadyExactly Where I'm AtNew Orleans, LA, USA
57Ween07-14-2000213 of 35Main SetAwesome SoundDoctor RockTallahassee, FL, USA
58Ween07-17-2000311 of 34Main SetPiss Up a RopeMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
59Ween08-30-20001311 of 35Main SetRoses Are FreeBananas and BlowAmsterdam, Netherlands
60Ween09-05-200038 of 35Main SetVoodoo LadyTake Me AwayStuttgart, Germany
61Ween09-06-2000114 of 36Main SetAwesome SoundOcean ManParis, France
62Ween03-29-2001911 of 31Main SetVoodoo LadyThe MolluskBuffalo, NY, USA
63Ween03-31-2001226 of 35EncoreHomo RainbowSorry CharlieCincinnati, OH, USA
64Ween04-03-2001213 of 36Main SetVoodoo LadyExactly Where I'm AtCharleston, SC, USA
65Ween04-04-2001110 of 34Main SetEl CaminoWaving My Dick in the WindWinston-Salem, NC, USA
66Ween04-06-200129 of 30Main SetVoodoo LadyTake Me AwayNorfolk, VA, USA
67Ween07-28-2001320 of 25Main SetVoodoo LadyDon't Sweat ItKintnersville, PA, USA
68Ween08-18-2001411 of 31Main SetVoodoo LadyBeacon LightGirdwood, AK, USA
69Ween08-20-200119 of 31Main SetExactly Where I'm AtTake Me AwayTucson, AZ, USA
70Ween08-22-2001227 of 31EncoreExactly Where I'm AtSketches of WinkleLas Vegas, NV, USA
71Ween09-03-2001810 of 28Main SetVoodoo LadyMarble Tulip Juicy TreeVancouver, BC, Canada
72Ween02-07-2002610 of 31Set IThe MolluskJoppa RoadTrenton, NJ, USA
73Ween02-21-2002116 of 28Set IIThe MolluskZoloftBryn Mawr, PA, USA
74Ween04-19-2002210 of 32Main SetVoodoo LadyExactly Where I'm AtAsheville, NC, USA
75Ween04-24-200248 of 26Main SetExactly Where I'm AtTake Me AwayBloomington, IN, USA
76Ween04-27-2002313 of 34Main SetExactly Where I'm AtBananas and BlowCarbondale, IL, USA
77Ween05-03-2002113 of 28Main SetExactly Where I'm AtBananas and BlowHaverford, PA, USA
78Ween06-21-2002413 of 29Main SetBuckingham GreenRoses Are FreeNorfolk, VA, USA
79Ween02-22-2003204 of 12Main SetStay ForeverBack to BasomNew Hope, PA, USA
80Ween04-09-2003110 of 23Main SetExactly Where I'm AtCaptain FantasyNew Hope, PA, USA
81Ween04-30-2003221 of 27Main SetExactly Where I'm AtA Tear For EddieKnoxville, TN, USA
82Ween05-04-200339 of 24Main SetVoodoo LadyFrankHouston, TX, USA
83Ween05-07-2003224 of 30Main SetBuckingham GreenNever SquealSt. Louis, MO, USA
84Ween05-08-200314 of 33Main SetChocolate TownJoppa RoadUrbana, IL, USA
85Ween07-27-2003810 of 27Main SetExactly Where I'm AtPuerto Rican PowerMilwaukee, WI, USA
86Ween07-30-2003311 of 28Main SetExactly Where I'm AtTake Me AwayMinneapolis, MN, USA
87Ween08-02-2003210 of 31Main SetExactly Where I'm AtBig JilmRochester, NY, USA
88Ween08-04-2003111 of 27Main SetExactly Where I'm AtRoses Are FreePortland, ME, USA
89Ween08-08-200336 of 29Main SetJoppa RoadTried and TrueMartha's Vineyard, MA, USA
90Ween08-09-200313 of 30Main SetChocolate TownTried and TruePhiladelphia, PA, USA
91Ween09-13-200329 of 34Main SetExactly Where I'm AtHappy Colored MarblesAtlanta, GA, USA
92Ween09-16-200329 of 25Main SetAlbino Sunburned GirlFrankOklahoma City, OK, USA
93Ween09-17-200319 of 21Main SetExactly Where I'm AtRoses Are FreeFayetteville, AR, USA
94Ween09-21-200337 of 15Main SetVoodoo LadyRoses Are FreeAustin, TX, USA
95Ween09-24-2003227 of 28EncoreExactly Where I'm AtFluffyLos Angeles, CA, USA
96Ween09-26-2003128 of 29EncoreExactly Where I'm AtI Can't Put My Finger on ItBerkeley, CA, USA
97Ween09-30-2003324 of 29Main SetExactly Where I'm AtBig JilmPortland, OR, USA
98Ween10-03-2003216 of 32Main SetExactly Where I'm AtRoses Are FreeVancouver, BC, Canada
99Ween10-07-2003211 of 33Main SetExactly Where I'm AtTake Me AwayCalgary, AB, Canada
100Ween10-08-200313 of 31Main SetChocolate TownTried and TrueMissoula, MT, USA
101Ween10-28-2003314 of 30Main SetExactly Where I'm AtThe MolluskNorthampton, MA, USA
102Ween10-29-2003110 of 33Main SetExactly Where I'm AtHappy Colored MarblesBoston, MA, USA
103Ween11-01-2003210 of 34Main SetExactly Where I'm AtHappy Colored MarblesNew York, NY, USA
104Ween11-07-2003410 of 34Main SetExactly Where I'm AtHappy Colored MarblesChicago, IL, USA
105Ween11-08-200315 of 33Main SetThe MolluskBuckingham GreenChicago, IL, USA
106Ween12-05-2003820 of 32Main SetExactly Where I'm AtStroker AceMunich, Germany
107Ween12-13-200339 of 35Main SetExactly Where I'm AtTake Me AwayParis, France
108Ween12-15-2003111 of 29Main SetRoses Are FreeBananas and BlowLondon, England
109Ween05-01-2004410 of 17Main SetExactly Where I'm AtHappy Colored MarblesNashville, TN, USA
110Ween06-10-2004316 of 32Main SetThe Final AlarmShe Fucks MeWashington, DC, USA
111Ween06-12-2004118 of 33Main SetFat LennyBirthday BoyManchester, TN, USA
112Ween10-12-20041110 of 33Main SetExactly Where I'm AtHappy Colored MarblesEugene, OR, USA
113Ween10-14-2004122 of 38Main SetFat LennyChocolate TownSanta Cruz, CA, USA
114Ween08-20-2005713 of 28Main SetVoodoo LadyThe Final AlarmBrooklyn, NY, USA
115Ween10-02-2005523 of 32Main SetTried and TrueExactly Where I'm AtBurlington, VT, USA
116Ween10-27-2005411 of 37Main SetVoodoo LadyBananas and BlowWashington, DC, USA
117Ween10-31-200528 of 35Main SetPiss Up a RopeLight Me UpLas Vegas, NV, USA
118Ween11-28-2005217 of 44Main SetBuckingham GreenZoloftLawrence, KS, USA
119Ween12-01-2005212 of 31Main SetExactly Where I'm AtBooze Me Up and Get Me HighBoulder, CO, USA
120Ween04-07-2006521 of 30Main SetA Tear For EddieFreedom of '76Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
121Ween04-12-200648 of 32Main SetExactly Where I'm AtRoses Are FreeRaleigh, NC, USA
122Ween07-13-2006517 of 30Main SetBuckingham GreenLeave Deaner AloneBuffalo, NY, USA
123Ween07-21-200624 of 36Main SetTried and TrueDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)San Francisco, CA, USA
124Ween07-23-200623 of 30Main SetChocolate TownTried and TrueReno, NV, USA
125Ween07-26-2006212 of 34Main SetExactly Where I'm AtVoodoo LadyBoise, ID, USA
126Ween07-29-2006219 of 27Main SetTried and TrueI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotMorrison, CO, USA
127Ween08-01-2006232 of 35EncoreDrifter in the DarkSquelch the WeaselMinneapolis, MN, USA
128Ween08-03-2006122 of 32Main SetFrankGabrielleMadison, WI, USA
129Ween05-01-20071311 of 30Main SetBuckingham GreenBack to BasomBirmingham, AL, USA
130Ween05-04-2007223 of 28Main SetThe MolluskGabrielleNew Orleans, LA, USA
131Ween06-09-200724 of 28Main SetTried and TrueNanMontreal, QC, Canada
132Ween06-14-2007411 of 31Main SetVoodoo LadyExactly Where I'm AtMillvale, PA, USA
133Ween08-10-2007620 of 32Main SetBirthday BoyJoppa RoadAustin, TX, USA
134Ween10-19-2007414 of 33Main SetCaptainShe Fucks MeMadison, WI, USA
135Ween10-23-2007316 of 33Main SetWoman and ManChocolate TownColumbus, OH, USA
136Ween11-04-2007422 of 33Main SetHelp Me Scrape the Mucus Off My BrainBirthday BoyTucson, AZ, USA
137Ween11-09-2007413 of 35Main SetWoman and ManBuckingham GreenSanta Cruz, CA, USA
138Ween11-10-200713 of 35Main SetChocolate TownTried and TrueSan Francisco, CA, USA
139Ween11-13-2007212 of 32Main SetHappy Colored MarblesWith My Own Bare HandsSeattle, WA, USA
140Ween11-14-200713 of 32Main SetChocolate TownI Don't Want ItVancouver, BC, Canada
141Ween11-17-2007221 of 30Main SetFrankThe MolluskEdmonton, AB, Canada
142Ween11-23-2007112 of 32Main SetVoodoo LadyBuckingham GreenBaltimore, MD, USA
143Ween11-24-200713 of 35Main SetChocolate TownTried and TrueUpper Darby, PA, USA
144Ween12-01-2007511 of 31Main SetBuckingham GreenTried and TrueNew York, NY, USA
145Ween01-25-2008321 of 26Main SetHelp Me Scrape the Mucus Off My BrainI Don't Want ItDurham, NC, USA
146Ween01-28-2008217 of 30Main SetThe Final AlarmStroker AceAthens, GA, USA
147Ween02-25-200857 of 36Main SetVoodoo LadyTransdermal CelebrationAuckland, New Zealand
148Ween02-29-2008213 of 30Main SetExactly Where I'm AtRoses Are FreeBrisbane, QLD, Australia
149Ween03-04-2008311 of 29Main SetVoodoo LadyPiss Up a RopePerth, WAU, Australia
150Ween03-07-2008211 of 35Main SetBuckingham GreenTried and TrueMelbourne, VIC, Australia
151Ween03-10-2008214 of 44Main SetBuckingham GreenBananas and BlowHonolulu, HI, USA
152Ween05-08-2008112 of 29Main SetHappy Colored MarblesPiss Up a RopeLondon, England
153Ween05-12-2008317 of 32Main SetThe Final AlarmHelp Me Scrape the Mucus Off My BrainKoln, Germany
154Ween05-14-2008114 of 33Main SetBuckingham GreenYour PartyZurich, Switzerland
155Ween07-08-200848 of 31Main SetWith My Own Bare HandsBuckingham GreenLouisville, KY, USA
156Ween07-11-2008223 of 34Main SetTried and TrueThe MolluskFayetteville, AR, USA
157Ween07-13-200827 of 30Main SetVoodoo LadyTake Me AwayKansas City, MO, USA
158Ween07-17-2008423 of 33Main SetYou Were the FoolBack to BasomDenver, CO, USA
159Ween07-20-2008212 of 28Main SetHappy Colored MarblesTouch My TooterCouncil Bluffs, IA, USA
160Ween07-25-200819 of 34Main SetWith My Own Bare HandsMarble Tulip Juicy TreeBrooklyn, NY, USA
161Gene Ween04-02-2009a1522 of 24Main SetDemon SweatBaby BitchBordentown, NJ, USA
162Gene Ween04-02-2009b117 of 25Main SetPork Roll Egg and CheeseWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutBordentown, NJ, USA
163Gene Ween05-09-200945 of 23Set IThe GrobeBack to BasomDenver, CO, USA
164Gene Ween05-11-2009212 of 23Set IThe GrobeEven If You Don'tBoulder, CO, USA
165Gene Ween05-13-2009119 of 25Set IIExactly Where I'm AtI Don't Want ItMinneapolis, MN, USA
166Gene Ween06-17-200954 of 26Main SetStay ForeverExactly Where I'm AtSan Francisco, CA, USA
167Gene Ween06-19-2009212 of 23Main SetObjectEven If You Don'tSeattle, WA, USA
168Ween07-09-2009112 of 34Main SetLauraVoodoo LadyProvidence, RI, USA
169Ween07-17-2009427 of 34Main SetA Tear For EddieWith My Own Bare HandsDewey Beach, DE, USA
170Ween07-18-200916 of 28Main SetExactly Where I'm AtBeacon LightAsbury Park, NJ, USA
171Ween08-28-2009525 of 30Main SetThe MolluskReggaejunkiejewBend, OR, USA
172Ween08-30-200927 of 24Main SetFlutes of the ChiTake Me AwaySan Francisco, CA, USA
173Ween09-01-2009119 of 40Main SetThe MolluskTried and TruePomona, CA, USA
174Ween09-04-2009212 of 33Main SetVoodoo LadyLearnin' to LoveFlagstaff, AZ, USA
175Ween10-28-2009614 of 31Main SetExactly Where I'm AtHelp Me Scrape the Mucus Off My BrainKnoxville, TN, USA
176Gene Ween02-13-2010617 of 22EncoreThe MolluskTender SituationChicago, IL, USA
177Gene Ween02-25-2010418 of 26EncoreRight to the Ways and the Rules of the WorldObjectAustin, TX, USA
178Gene Ween03-27-2010321 of 25EncoreThe MolluskChocolate TownRochester, NY, USA
179Ween04-07-2010316 of 28Main SetBuckingham GreenPandy FacklerWinston-Salem, NC, USA
180Gene Ween05-09-2010324 of 24EncoreFluffyNew Hope, PA, USA
181Ween05-31-2010315 of 25Main SetRoses Are FreeTouch My TooterGeorge, WA, USA
182Ween06-24-201026 of 33Main SetHappy Colored MarblesWith My Own Bare HandsIndianapolis, IN, USA
183Ween07-29-2010511 of 32Main SetDid You See Me?The Stallion pt 3Toronto, ON, Canada
184Ween07-30-2010111 of 32Main SetVoodoo LadyBananas and BlowDetroit, MI, USA
185Ween08-28-2010414 of 30Main SetVoodoo LadyBuckingham GreenAustin, TX, USA
186Gene Ween12-11-201073 of 30Main SetSo Long JerryExactly Where I'm AtCarrboro, NC, USA
187Ween01-24-2011312 of 25Main SetBuckingham GreenWith My Own Bare HandsVancouver, BC, Canada
188Ween01-26-2011214 of 31Main SetVoodoo LadyBuckingham GreenPortland, OR, USA
189Gene Ween03-19-201165 of 27Main SetDon't Laugh (I Love You)Mountains and BuffaloBoston, MA, USA
190Ween06-04-201189 of 19Main SetDoctor RockBirthday BoyHouston, TX, USA
191Ween07-02-2011319 of 32Main SetThe MolluskYou Were the FoolBend, OR, USA
192Ween08-06-201133 of 14Main SetThe Golden EelBananas and BlowChicago, IL, USA
193Gene Ween09-29-201179 of 24Main SetI Don't Want to Leave You on the FarmExactly Where I'm AtAustin, TX, USA
194Ween12-31-2011710 of 33Main SetAwesome SoundTouch My TooterDenver, CO, USA
195Gene Ween04-27-20132922 of 24EncoreNature ManTried and TrueBurlington, VT, USA
196Dean Ween Group06-16-20151002 of 24Main SetDid You See Me?Piss Up a RopeNew York, NY, USA
197Dean Ween Group07-30-2015717 of 23Main SetWhen You Suck My Dick in the Dead of the Night (Gonna Feel Alright)It's Gonna Be a Long NightMillvale, PA, USA
198Dean Ween Group08-06-2015518 of 22Main SetThe Golden EelPut the Coke on My DickPortland, ME, USA
199Ween02-14-2016332 of 32Main SetExactly Where I'm AtShe Wanted to LeaveBroomfield, CO, USA
200Ween04-15-2016322 of 35Main Setunknown (tease)Don't Sweat ItNew York, NY, USA
201Ween08-21-201668 of 31Main SetDid You See Me?FrankPhiladelphia, PA, USA
202Ween08-26-201634 of 17Main SetThe Golden EelTouch My TooterArrington, VA, USA
203Ween09-15-201638 of 30Main SetExactly Where I'm AtBuckingham GreenSt. Paul, MN, USA
204Ween10-13-201643 of 29Main SetThe Golden EelExactly Where I'm AtLos Angeles, CA, USA
205Ween11-27-20161615 of 28Main SetDid You See Me?Homo RainbowPort Chester, NY, USA
206Ween02-18-2017153 of 26Main SetExactly Where I'm AtTake Me AwayLas Vegas, NV, USA
207Ween03-16-201729 of 25Main SetWith My Own Bare HandsThe GrobeChicago, IL, USA
208Ween04-21-2017315 of 28Main SetExactly Where I'm AtBuckingham GreenAsheville, NC, USA
209Ween06-04-2017423 of 25Main SetTransdermal CelebrationI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotBaltimore, MD, USA
210Ween06-06-2017112 of 29Main SetExactly Where I'm AtThe HIV SongBrooklyn, NY, USA
211Ween06-11-2017415 of 32Main SetI'll Miss YouDoctor RockBoston, MA, USA
212Ween07-01-201725 of 30Main SetI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotThe Blarney StoneBend, OR, USA
213Ween09-03-20171215 of 21Main SetBuckingham GreenRoses Are FreeChicago, IL, USA

Mutilated Lips

- not really played 1 time

#BandDateTypeCity, St/Pr, Country
1Ween10-09-1997bunfinishedMelbourne, VIC, Australia