Polka Dot Tail

by Ween - played 49 times

Appears on The Mollusk

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Jimmy Wilson Group07-25-19966 of 18Main SetPiss Up a RopeInto the UniversePrinceton, NJ, USA
2Ween05-09-19971719 of 26Main SetMister Richard SmokerThe MolluskBuffalo, NY, USA
3Ween07-04-1997411 of 33Set IYou Were the FoolTickNew Hope, PA, USA
4Ween08-03-1997824 of 34Main SetAwesome SoundYou Fucked UpCharleston, SC, USA
5Jimmy Wilson Group04-28-19996220 of 42Main SetNever SquealThe EnablerAsbury Park, NJ, USA
6Ween06-16-20006630 of 35EncoreBuenas Tardes AmigoMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Kansas City, MO, USA
7Ween06-18-2000230 of 351st EncoreStay ForeverThe HIV SongDenver, CO, USA
8Ween06-22-2000237 of 39EncoreShe Wanted to LeaveHomo RainbowVancouver, BC, Canada
9Ween06-30-2000b820 of 29Main SetThe Final AlarmThe MolluskPomona, CA, USA
10Ween07-03-2000318 of 31Main SetSorry CharlieIce CastlesAlbuquerque, NM, USA
11Ween09-05-20002616 of 35Main SetRoses Are FreeIce CastlesStuttgart, Germany
12Ween09-06-2000121 of 36Main SetThe HIV SongExactly Where I'm AtParis, France
13Ween03-21-20024228 of 32Main SetA Tear For EddieZoloftAllentown, PA, USA
14Jimmy Wilson Group09-25-20041169 of 11Main SetFire on the MountainBag o' WeedNew Hope, PA, USA
15Ween10-25-20052032 of 33EncoreDid You See Me?SomedayClifton Park, NY, USA
16Ween12-03-20051028 of 40Main SetDid You See Me?Cover It With Gas and Set It on FireBoulder, CO, USA
17Ween07-25-20074720 of 22Main SetIt's Gonna Be a Long NightOhioPrinceton, NJ, USA
18Gene Ween01-30-20097521 of 24EncoreAdoreGener's GoneChicago, IL, USA
19Gene Ween04-02-2009a1024 of 24EncoreBaby BitchBordentown, NJ, USA
20Gene Ween05-13-200982 of 25Set IBack to BasomYour Party (unfinished)Minneapolis, MN, USA
21Gene Ween06-17-2009524 of 26EncoreTransdermal CelebrationBig JilmSan Francisco, CA, USA
22Gene Ween06-18-2009128 of 30EncoreFlutes of the ChiBig JilmPortland, OR, USA
23Gene Ween06-19-2009122 of 23EncoreFlutes of the ChiBig JilmSeattle, WA, USA
24Ween07-09-2009116 of 34Main SetThe Final AlarmThe MolluskProvidence, RI, USA
25Ween07-18-2009519 of 28Main SetThe HIV SongThe MolluskAsbury Park, NJ, USA
26Gene Ween02-14-20102318 of 23Main SetThe ArgusSo Long JerryMadison, WI, USA
27Gene Ween02-25-2010326 of 26EncoreFluffyAustin, TX, USA
28Gene Ween03-28-2010420 of 22Main SetI Don't Want ItDon't Laugh (I Love You)Rochester, NY, USA
29Ween04-07-2010224 of 28Main SetThe MolluskBaby BitchWinston-Salem, NC, USA
30Gene Ween05-09-2010322 of 24EncoreShe Wanted to LeaveFluffyNew Hope, PA, USA
31Ween05-20-2010128 of 34Main SetOcean ManRoses Are FreeSayreville, NJ, USA
32Ween06-24-2010421 of 33Main SetZoloftBooze Me Up and Get Me HighIndianapolis, IN, USA
33Ween08-27-2010925 of 30Main SetOcean ManThe MolluskDallas, TX, USA
34Gene Ween11-12-2010420 of 22Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveZiggy StardustBloomington, IN, USA
35Ween01-26-2011929 of 31EncoreThe MolluskSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Portland, OR, USA
36Gene Ween06-17-20111522 of 22Main SetDon't Shit Where You EatMinneapolis, MN, USA
37Gene Ween09-09-2011719 of 22Main SetBananas and BlowBuenas Tardes AmigoDekalb, IL, USA
38Gene Ween09-22-2011410 of 10Main SetKansas City StarWoodstock, NY, USA
39Ween10-31-2011330 of 35Main SetPush th' Little DaisiesImprov/JamNew York, NY, USA
40Gene Ween11-23-2011124 of 26Main SetBuenas Tardes AmigoPush th' Little DaisiesNew Hope, PA, USA
41Gene Ween12-03-2011125 of 25Main SetBirthday BoyBrooklyn, NY, USA
42Ween12-31-2011326 of 33Main SetDon't Laugh (I Love You)The HIV SongDenver, CO, USA
43Ween02-19-201722522 of 23Main SetFluffyPoopship DestroyerLas Vegas, NV, USA
44Ween03-17-2017226 of 29Main SetI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotMister Richard SmokerChicago, IL, USA
45Ween06-03-2017521 of 21EncorePiss Up a RopeNelsonville, OH, USA
46Ween06-07-2017323 of 28Main SetDeez NutsOver the Hills and Far Away (tease)Brooklyn, NY, USA
47Ween07-01-201753 of 30Main SetThe MolluskI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotBend, OR, USA
48Ween07-12-2017232 of 34EncoreKashmirSomedayMorrison, CO, USA
49Ween08-31-2017828 of 30EncorePoopship DestroyerRoses Are FreeMoorhead, MN, USA

Polka Dot Tail

- not really played 1 time

#BandDateTypeCity, St/Pr, Country
1Ween09-17-1997teaseMinneapolis, MN, USA