Riders on the Stormby The Doors - played 11 times

Statistics for Ween

Live debut on 5/10/1998 in Buffalo, NY
Shows before debut: 389 (184 with setlist)
Shows since last time played: 300 (295 with setlist)
Average gap since debut: 45.9 shows
Played at 1.2% of Ween shows (with setlist: 1.6%)
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#DateCity, St/Pr, CountryGapPositionSetPrevious SongNext Song
11 - 08-09-2003Philadelphia, PA, USAshows since last (gap): 7position: 14 of 30set: Main Setprev song: Voodoo Ladynext song: Springtheme
10 - 07-30-2003Minneapolis, MN, USAshows since last (gap): 84position: 13 of 28set: Main Setprev song: Take Me Awaynext song: Captain Fantasy
9 - 09-05-2000Stuttgart, Germanyshows since last (gap): 14position: 32 of 35set: Main Setprev song: Deez Nuts (tease)next song: El Camino
8 - 07-20-2000Knoxville, TN, USAshows since last (gap): 19position: 32 of 34set: Encoreprev song: I'll Be Your Jonny on the Spotnext song: Baby Bitch
7 - 06-27-2000San Francisco, CA, USAshows since last (gap): 7position: 30 of 33set: Encoreprev song: Take Me Awaynext song: Take Me Away
6 - 06-17-2000Omaha, NE, USAshows since last (gap): 14position: 19 of 34set: Main Setprev song: Take Me Awaynext song: Take Me Away
5 - 05-13-2000Minneapolis, MN, USAshows since last (gap): 15position: 31 of 34set: 2nd Encoreprev song: Buenas Tardes Amigonext song: Baby Bitch
4 - 11-07-1999Somerville, MA, USAshows since last (gap): 15position: 33 of 34set: Encoreprev song: Drifter in the Darknext song: Touch Me (tease)
3 - 08-19-1999Birmingham, AL, USAshows since last (gap): 21position: 24 of 29set: Main Setprev song: The Final Alarmnext song: Deez Nuts
2 - 07-21-1999New Hope, PA, USAshows since last (gap): 14position: 14 of 38set: Main Setprev song: Mutilated Lipsnext song: Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
1 - 05-10-1998Buffalo, NY, USAposition: 17 of 34set: Main Setprev song: Mister Richard Smokernext song: Deez Nuts