Right to the Ways and the Rules of the Worldby Ween - played 15 times

Statistics for Ween

Appears on The Pod
Live debut on 5/6/1992 in Las Vegas, NV
Shows before debut: 65 (26 with setlist)
Shows since last time played: 16
Average gap since debut: 44.3 shows
Played at 1.6% of Ween shows (with setlist: 2.2%)
Played acoustic 2 times (@ column)
Column Sort
@Acoustic#DateCity, St/Pr, CountryGapPositionSetPrevious SongNext Song
15 - 06-30-2017Quincy, CA, USAshows since last (gap): 18position: 12 of 23set: Main Setprev song: The Argusnext song: Pink Eye (On My Leg)
14 - 11-26-2016Port Chester, NY, USAshows since last (gap): 52position: 12 of 28set: Main Setprev song: Don't Shit Where You Eatnext song: Awesome Sound
13 - 06-25-2010Chicago, IL, USAshows since last (gap): 6position: 27 of 29set: Encoreprev song: Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)next song: Never Squeal
12 - 04-10-2010Atlanta, GA, USAshows since last (gap): 246position: 27 of 28set: Encoreprev song: She Fucks Menext song: LMLYP
11 - 04-26-2002Columbia, MO, USAshows since last (gap): 8position: 24 of 32set: Main Setprev song: What Deaner Was Talkin' Aboutnext song: I'll Be Your Jonny on the Spot
*10 - 02-21-2002Bryn Mawr, PA, USAshows since last (gap): 58position: 10 of 28set: Set Iprev song: She's Your Babynext song: Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
9 - 07-16-2000Orlando, FL, USAshows since last (gap): 8position: 21 of 35set: Main Setprev song: Exactly Where I'm Atnext song: Roses Are Free
8 - 07-05-2000Oklahoma City, OK, USAshows since last (gap): 5position: 15 of 31set: Main Setprev song: Stay Forevernext song: Sketches of Winkle
7 - 06-30-2000aVenice, CA, USAshows since last (gap): 17position: 17 of 21set: Main Setprev song: Drifter in the Darknext song: Gabrielle
6 - 05-22-2000Washington, DC, USAshows since last (gap): 89position: 25 of 34set: Main Setprev song: Sorry Charlienext song: Frank
5 - 01-15-1998New York, NY, USAshows since last (gap): 43position: 29 of 32set: Encoreprev song: It's Gonna Be (Alright)next song: Tender Situation
4 - 05-10-1997Rochester, NY, USAshows since last (gap): 40position: 10 of 11set: Main Setprev song: Marble Tulip Juicy Treenext song: LMLYP
*3 - 01-24-1995bNew York, NY, USAshows since last (gap): 3position: 10 of 31set: Main Setprev song: I Can't Put My Finger on Itnext song: Flutes of the Chi
2 - 01-21-1995Rochester, NY, USAshows since last (gap): 56position: 16 of 19set: Main Setprev song: Marble Tulip Juicy Treenext song: LMLYP
1 - 05-06-1992Las Vegas, NV, USAposition: 6 of 9set: Main Setprev song: LMLYPnext song: Pork Roll Egg and Cheese