She Fucks Me

by Ween - played 91 times

Appears on The Pod

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Ween05-09-199318 of 19Main SetBuckingham GreenNanMinneapolis, MN, USA
2Ween10-31-19942624 of 27Main SetPush th' Little DaisiesPork Roll Egg and CheeseMinneapolis, MN, USA
3Ween01-24-1995b1422 of 31Main SetThe Blarney StonePork Roll Egg and CheeseNew York, NY, USA
4Ween10-12-19963122 of 26EncoreDoctor RockMister Would You Please Help My Pony?San Francisco, CA, USA
5Ween10-13-199619 of 23Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Waving My Dick in the WindPortland, OR, USA
6Ween10-23-1996421 of 28Main SetBirthday BoyBaby BitchToronto, ON, Canada
7Ween10-25-1996116 of 23Main SetPush th' Little DaisiesBuenas Tardes AmigoCambridge, MA, USA
8Ween10-28-1996219 of 21Main SetSorry CharlieBuenas Tardes AmigoWashington, DC, USA
9Ween09-17-19972825 of 291st EncorePolka Dot Tail (tease)Big JilmMinneapolis, MN, USA
10Ween10-07-1997925 of 281st EncoreLittle BirdyBig JilmAdelaide, SAU, Australia
11Ween07-25-19994419 of 35Main SetMutilated LipsDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Toronto, ON, Canada
12Ween08-04-1999822 of 29Main SetSquelch the WeaselReggaejunkiejewSeattle, WA, USA
13Ween08-07-1999228 of 33EncoreSarahI Don't Want to Leave You on the FarmLas Vegas, NV, USA
14Ween11-07-19992326 of 34Main SetPoopship DestroyerBuenas Tardes AmigoSomerville, MA, USA
15Ween05-17-20001811 of 33Main SetThe Stallion pt 3Bananas and BlowNashville, TN, USA
16Ween05-25-2000629 of 34Main SetReggaejunkiejewBuenas Tardes AmigoNew York, NY, USA
17Ween06-17-2000515 of 34Main SetRoses Are FreeDemon SweatOmaha, NE, USA
18Ween06-18-2000114 of 35Main SetRoses Are FreeThe MolluskDenver, CO, USA
19Ween06-22-2000234 of 39Main SetReggaejunkiejewThe Blarney StoneVancouver, BC, Canada
20Ween06-24-2000225 of 34Main SetAwesome SoundEven If You Don'tSeattle, WA, USA
21Ween07-07-20001225 of 34Main SetSquelch the WeaselSorry CharlieAustin, TX, USA
22Ween07-10-2000227 of 34Main SetEl CaminoFluffyNew Orleans, LA, USA
23Ween07-21-2000823 of 29Main SetRoses Are FreeThe MolluskPittsburgh, PA, USA
24Ween09-02-20001222 of 34Main SetRoses Are FreeThe MolluskMunich, Germany
25Ween09-05-2000130 of 35Main SetSarahOhioStuttgart, Germany
26Ween03-26-2001827 of 36Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Homo RainbowNorthampton, MA, USA
27Ween10-27-20012929 of 31Main SetDon't Sweat ItThe EnablerJohnson, VT, USA
28Ween08-04-20036216 of 27Main SetCold Blows the WindHomo RainbowPortland, ME, USA
29Ween09-17-2003917 of 21Main SetBuckingham GreenOcean ManFayetteville, AR, USA
30Ween09-20-2003225 of 31Main SetTried and TrueOcean ManAustin, TX, USA
31Ween10-01-2003814 of 29Main SetThe MolluskZoloftSeattle, WA, USA
32Ween10-03-2003130 of 321st EncorePiss Up a RopeSomedayVancouver, BC, Canada
33Ween11-03-2003b1114 of 29Main SetRoses Are FreeHelp Me Scrape the Mucus Off My BrainToronto, ON, Canada
34Ween11-09-2003426 of 31Main SetFrankDon't Laugh (I Love You)Chicago, IL, USA
35Ween12-06-2003828 of 34Main SetZoloftHelp Me Scrape the Mucus Off My BrainZurich, Switzerland
36Ween06-10-20041017 of 32Main SetMutilated LipsHelp Me Scrape the Mucus Off My BrainWashington, DC, USA
37Ween10-08-2004920 of 34Main SetTried and TrueHelp Me Scrape the Mucus Off My BrainGirdwood, AK, USA
38Ween10-31-20052228 of 35Main SetLittle BirdyThe Blarney StoneLas Vegas, NV, USA
39Ween12-03-2005630 of 40Main SetCover It With Gas and Set It on FireEven If You Don'tBoulder, CO, USA
40Ween07-31-20062124 of 30Main SetZoloftOcean ManDes Moines, IA, USA
41Ween08-09-20072825 of 31Main SetYour PartyI Can't Put My Finger on ItAustin, TX, USA
42Ween10-19-2007515 of 33Main SetMutilated LipsTried and TrueMadison, WI, USA
43Ween11-16-20071623 of 31Main SetThe MolluskOcean ManCalgary, AB, Canada
44Ween02-01-20081626 of 31Main SetBig JilmFiestaSt. Petersburg, FL, USA
45Ween07-15-20082632 of 38Main SetSorry CharlieI'm Dancing in the Show TonightFort Collins, CO, USA
46Gene Ween06-17-20093322 of 26Main SetBirthday BoyTransdermal CelebrationSan Francisco, CA, USA
47Ween07-16-200968 of 30Main SetLearnin' to LoveEven If You Don'tBaltimore, MD, USA
48Gene Ween08-14-2009328 of 29EncoreThe HIV SongThe Blarney StoneToronto, ON, Canada
49Gene Ween08-16-2009a23 of 20Main SetThe Golden EelBirthday BoyPittsburgh, PA, USA
50Gene Ween08-16-2009b110 of 21Main SetDid You See Me?ObjectPittsburgh, PA, USA
51Ween04-10-20103026 of 28EncoreOhioRight to the Ways and the Rules of the WorldAtlanta, GA, USA
52Ween07-29-20101131 of 32EncoreOhioYou Fucked UpToronto, ON, Canada
53Ween10-31-2010724 of 35Main SetSarahBananas and BlowBroomfield, CO, USA
54Gene Ween02-26-2011146 of 24Main SetChocolate TownI Don't Want to Leave You on the FarmHarrisburg, PA, USA
55Gene Ween05-06-2011716 of 22Main SetCaptain FantasyBlue BalloonNew Orleans, LA, USA
56Ween10-31-20111835 of 35EncoreMushroom Festival in HellNew York, NY, USA
57Dean Ween and Friends11-28-20122723 of 26Main SetStroker AceMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Asbury Park, NJ, USA
58Freeman10-30-20146717 of 18Encore(For a While) I Couldn't Play My Guitar Like a ManTransdermal CelebrationLos Angeles, CA, USA
59Dean Ween Group03-19-2015258 of 25Main SetWith My Own Bare HandsBananas and BlowCharlotte, NC, USA
60Dean Ween Group03-20-2015218 of 24Main SetBananas and BlowTransdermal CelebrationAtlanta, GA, USA
61Dean Ween Group03-21-2015a15 of 13Main SetBananas and BlowPiss Up a RopeAsheville, NC, USA
62Dean Ween Group03-21-2015b28 of 22Main SetI Saw Gener Cryin' in His SleepBananas and BlowAsheville, NC, USA
63Dean Ween Group04-12-2015412 of 14Main SetA Tear For EddieI Saw Gener Cryin' in His SleepNew Hope, PA, USA
64Dean Ween Group06-15-2015517 of 24Main SetGarryBananas and BlowNew York, NY, USA
65Dean Ween Group06-16-2015121 of 24EncoreI'm Dancing in the Show TonightFiestaNew York, NY, USA
66Dean Ween Group07-30-2015711 of 23Main SetBooze Me Up and Get Me HighAwesome SoundMillvale, PA, USA
67Dean Ween Group07-31-2015110 of 22Main SetPandy FacklerIce CastlesPhiladelphia, PA, USA
68Dean Ween Group08-01-2015112 of 22Main SetTransdermal CelebrationDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Asbury Park, NJ, USA
69Dean Ween Group08-05-2015218 of 24Main SetI'm Dancing in the Show TonightBuckingham GreenBurlington, VT, USA
70Dean Ween Group08-06-2015110 of 22Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?Portland, ME, USA
71Dean Ween Group08-07-2015116 of 21Main SetGarryWith My Own Bare HandsBoston, MA, USA
72Dean Ween Group08-27-2015113 of 23Main SetThe HIV SongSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Washington, DC, USA
73Dean Ween Group08-28-2015121 of 23EncoreNever SquealPut the Coke on My DickGreensboro, NC, USA
74Dean Ween Group08-29-2015115 of 18Main SetI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotThe MolluskCharlotte, NC, USA
75Gene Ween Band09-27-2015613 of 18Main SetBeacon LightTender SituationBirmingham, AL, USA
76Dean Ween Group10-07-2015917 of 21Main SetPandy FacklerMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Los Angeles, CA, USA
77Dean Ween Group10-09-2015221 of 23Main SetChuggin'FiestaMill Valley, CA, USA
78Dean Ween Group10-10-2015123 of 23EncoreRoses Are FreeLake Tahoe, CA, USA
79Dean Ween Group10-13-2015218 of 25Main SetChuggin'Tried and TrueSeattle, WA, USA
80Dean Ween Group10-14-2015123 of 24EncoreThe HIV SongThe MolluskPortland, OR, USA
81Dean Ween Group10-16-2015122 of 27Main SetRoses Are FreeChuggin'Denver, CO, USA
82Dean Ween Group10-18-2015219 of 201st EncoreRoses Are FreeHomo RainbowFort Collins, CO, USA
83Ween02-13-2016419 of 29Main SetFrankOcean ManBroomfield, CO, USA
84Ween04-16-2016524 of 29Main SetDrifter in the DarkIce CastlesNew York, NY, USA
85Ween09-03-20161018 of 20Main SetBuckingham GreenTender SituationDenver, CO, USA
86Ween10-13-2016520 of 29Main SetA Tear For EddieStroker AceLos Angeles, CA, USA
87Dean Ween Group10-22-2016712 of 13Main SetPumpin' 4 the ManThe RiftCleveland, OH, USA
88Dean Ween Group10-28-2016414 of 16Main SetP.E. Squad (The Doo-Doo Chasers)Pandy FacklerAspen, CO, USA
89Ween02-18-20172026 of 26EncoreCaptain FantasyLas Vegas, NV, USA
90Ween06-10-20171319 of 26Main SetI Got to Put the Hammer DownPush th' Little DaisiesPortland, ME, USA
91Ween09-01-20171420 of 26Main SetPink Eye (On My Leg)Buenas Tardes AmigoLincoln, NE, USA