She Wanted to Leave

by Ween - played 188 times

Appears on The Mollusk

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Jimmy Wilson Group07-23-19968 of 17Main SetA Tear For EddieWaving My Dick in the WindNew Hope, PA, USA
2Ween05-09-19971813 of 26Main SetThe HIV SongWaving My Dick in the WindBuffalo, NY, USA
3Ween05-27-199722 of 3Main SetBuckingham GreenThe Final AlarmDoylestown, PA, USA
4Ween07-04-1997223 of 33Set IIFrankShe Wanted to Leave (unfinished)New Hope, PA, USA
5Ween07-15-199724 of 5Main SetBuckingham GreenThe Golden EelLambertville, NJ, USA
6Ween07-16-1997117 of 29Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)New York, NY, USA
7Ween07-24-1997123 of 41Main SetNever SquealThe Blarney StoneLawrence, KS, USA
8Ween07-25-1997117 of 37Main SetWaving My Dick in the WindBuckingham GreenOklahoma City, OK, USA
9Ween07-27-1997119 of 26Main SetAwesome SoundBaby BitchAustin, TX, USA
10Ween08-02-1997117 of 31Main SetPumpin' 4 the ManPush th' Little DaisiesAtlanta, GA, USA
11Ween08-05-199727 of 15Main SetThe Stallion pt 3Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?Carrboro, NC, USA
12Ween09-08-1997818 of 26Main SetI Can't Put My Finger on ItAwesome SoundLong Branch, NJ, USA
13Ween09-14-1997329 of 34Main SetBirthday BoyBuenas Tardes AmigoCincinnati, OH, USA
14Ween09-16-1997119 of 30Main SetSketches of WinkleAwesome SoundChicago, IL, USA
15Ween09-25-1997618 of 26Main SetSketches of WinkleAwesome SoundPortland, OR, USA
16Ween09-27-1997121 of 34Main SetBaby BitchAwesome SoundSan Francisco, CA, USA
17Ween09-28-1997130 of 33EncoreThe Blarney StoneOcean ManLos Angeles, CA, USA
18Ween10-05-1997122 of 24Main SetOcean ManThe Blarney StoneSydney, NSW, Australia
19Ween10-07-1997118 of 28Main SetThe Stallion pt 3Baby BitchAdelaide, SAU, Australia
20Ween10-08-1997121 of 30Main SetOcean ManThe Blarney StoneMelbourne, VIC, Australia
21Ween10-09-1997b222 of 29Main SetBaby BitchThe Blarney StoneMelbourne, VIC, Australia
22Ween11-27-1997322 of 28Main SetOcean ManThe Blarney StoneZurich, Switzerland
23Ween01-17-1998522 of 28Main SetOcean ManBig JilmWashington, DC, USA
24Ween01-01-19992426 of 32Main SetBaby BitchThe Blarney StonePhiladelphia, PA, USA
25Ween01-02-199919 of 33Main SetThe Golden EelVoodoo LadyWashington, DC, USA
26Jimmy Wilson Group04-28-199933 of 42Main SetComes a TimeKansas City StarAsbury Park, NJ, USA
27Ween07-21-199929 of 38Main SetMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Beacon LightNew Hope, PA, USA
28Ween07-25-1999328 of 35Main SetBig JilmHot For TeacherToronto, ON, Canada
29Ween07-26-199919 of 29Main SetThe HIV SongTender SituationCleveland, OH, USA
30Ween07-28-1999128 of 31Main SetThe MolluskPuffy CloudApple Valley, MN, USA
31Ween07-30-1999224 of 37Main SetStella BlueVoodoo LadyLincoln, NE, USA
32Ween07-31-1999113 of 33Main SetVoodoo LadyRoses Are FreeVail, CO, USA
33Ween08-02-1999123 of 33Main SetI Can't Put My Finger on ItTender SituationVancouver, BC, Canada
34Ween08-03-199911 of 31Main SetThe MolluskSeattle, WA, USA
35Ween08-07-199931 of 33Main SetThe MolluskLas Vegas, NV, USA
36Ween08-08-1999111 of 29Main SetRoses Are FreeThe Golden EelLos Angeles, CA, USA
37Ween08-13-1999223 of 31Main SetFrankBaby BitchAustin, TX, USA
38Ween08-14-1999126 of 31Main SetThe Blarney StoneOcean ManDallas, TX, USA
39Ween08-16-199921 of 34Main SetThe Golden EelLawrence, KS, USA
40Ween08-24-199951 of 28Main SetThe HIV SongAtlanta, GA, USA
41Ween08-27-1999311 of 35Main SetVoodoo LadyThe Stallion pt 3Plainview, NY, USA
42Ween11-05-199971 of 35Main SetThe Golden EelBuffalo, NY, USA
43Ween05-04-2000101 of 31Main SetThe Golden EelWinooski, VT, USA
44Ween05-07-2000223 of 29Main SetA Tear For EddieThe Blarney StoneMontreal, QC, Canada
45Ween05-08-2000115 of 34Main SetBananas and BlowVoodoo LadyToronto, ON, Canada
46Ween05-09-200012 of 31Main SetStrap on That Jammy PacThe GrobeCleveland, OH, USA
47Ween05-13-200033 of 34Main SetThe GrobePiss Up a RopeMinneapolis, MN, USA
48Ween05-15-2000222 of 37Main SetThe MolluskPiss Up a RopeSt. Louis, MO, USA
49Ween05-18-200023 of 38Main SetThe GrobePiss Up a RopeAtlanta, GA, USA
50Ween05-25-200053 of 34Main SetThe GrobePiss Up a RopeNew York, NY, USA
51Ween06-22-2000836 of 39EncoreThe Blarney StonePolka Dot TailVancouver, BC, Canada
52Ween06-24-200024 of 34Main SetThe HIV SongBeacon LightSeattle, WA, USA
53Ween06-27-200023 of 33Main SetThe GrobePiss Up a RopeSan Francisco, CA, USA
54Ween07-08-20001118 of 34Main SetA Tear For EddieThe MolluskAustin, TX, USA
55Ween07-15-200041 of 31Main SetThe GrobeSt. Petersburg, FL, USA
56Ween07-19-200031 of 34Main SetThe GrobeAthens, GA, USA
57Ween07-21-200023 of 29Main SetThe GrobeSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Pittsburgh, PA, USA
58Ween08-23-200051 of 27Main SetThe GrobeMalmo, Sweden
59Ween08-30-200051 of 35Main SetThe GrobeAmsterdam, Netherlands
60Ween09-02-200023 of 34Main SetThe GrobeSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Munich, Germany
61Ween09-07-200031 of 35Main SetThe GrobeLondon, England
62Ween12-30-2000132 of 49Main SetSarahThe MolluskNew Hope, PA, USA
63Ween01-02-2001120 of 37Main SetBack to BasomThe MolluskAsbury Park, NJ, USA
64Ween03-23-200122 of 36Main SetExactly Where I'm AtThe GrobeSeabright, NJ, USA
65Ween03-27-200135 of 37Main SetThe GrobeMarble Tulip Juicy TreeBoston, MA, USA
66Ween03-30-200123 of 34Main SetThe GrobePiss Up a RopeColumbus, OH, USA
67Ween04-02-200123 of 38Main SetThe GrobeNow I'm Freaking OutAthens, GA, USA
68Ween04-03-200111 of 36Main SetThe GrobeCharleston, SC, USA
69Ween04-05-200123 of 34Main SetThe GrobePiss Up a RopeWashington, DC, USA
70Gene Ween07-11-200134 of 12Main SetBoingDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)New Hope, PA, USA
71Ween08-04-200131 of 28Main SetThe Golden EelWellfleet, MA, USA
72Ween08-17-200112 of 32Main SetExactly Where I'm AtPiss Up a RopeGirdwood, AK, USA
73Ween08-29-200182 of 29Main SetI'm Dancing in the Show TonightThe GrobeSan Francisco, CA, USA
74Ween08-31-200111 of 35Main SetThe GrobePortland, OR, USA
75Ween09-02-200122 of 32Main SetExactly Where I'm AtThe GrobeVancouver, BC, Canada
76Ween10-28-200142 of 28Main SetExactly Where I'm AtPiss Up a RopePortland, ME, USA
77Ween04-21-200282 of 31Main SetExactly Where I'm AtPiss Up a RopeNorth Charleston, SC, USA
78Ween04-25-200232 of 31Main SetExactly Where I'm AtPiss Up a RopeIowa City, IA, USA
79Ween04-27-200221 of 34Main SetThe GrobeCarbondale, IL, USA
80Ween05-03-200211 of 28Main SetThe GrobeHaverford, PA, USA
81Ween06-20-200231 of 28Main SetThe Golden EelTowson, MD, USA
82Ween02-22-2003217 of 12Main SetPapa ZitMountains and BuffaloNew Hope, PA, USA
83Ween04-30-200332 of 27Main SetBuckingham GreenNow I'm Freaking OutKnoxville, TN, USA
84Ween05-07-200352 of 30Main SetExactly Where I'm AtSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)St. Louis, MO, USA
85Ween05-09-200322 of 20Main SetBuckingham GreenSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Indianapolis, IN, USA
86Ween07-30-2003101 of 28Main SetIce CastlesMinneapolis, MN, USA
87Ween08-04-200331 of 27Main SetThe Golden EelPortland, ME, USA
88Ween08-05-200311 of 30Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Hampton Beach, NH, USA
89Ween09-17-200381 of 21Main SetThe Golden EelFayetteville, AR, USA
90Ween09-18-200312 of 28Main SetBuckingham GreenPiss Up a RopeDallas, TX, USA
91Ween09-24-200341 of 28Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Los Angeles, CA, USA
92Ween10-07-200381 of 33Main SetIce CastlesCalgary, AB, Canada
93Ween10-10-2003b31 of 33Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Denver, CO, USA
94Ween11-03-2003b61 of 29Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Toronto, ON, Canada
95Ween11-04-200312 of 30Main SetExactly Where I'm AtTake Me AwayCleveland, OH, USA
96Ween12-04-200391 of 28Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Vienna, Austria
97Ween12-13-200341 of 35Main SetIce CastlesParis, France
98Ween12-15-200312 of 29Main SetExactly Where I'm AtSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)London, England
99Ween05-02-200451 of 13Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Atlanta, GA, USA
100Gene Ween09-14-200483 of 24Main SetFalling OutThe MolluskNew York, NY, USA
101Ween10-03-200422 of 40Main SetExactly Where I'm AtSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Trenton, NJ, USA
102Ween10-10-200422 of 37Main SetExactly Where I'm AtTake Me AwayBellingham, WA, USA
103Ween10-25-2005172 of 33Main SetExactly Where I'm AtMarble Tulip Juicy TreeClifton Park, NY, USA
104Ween11-28-200561 of 44Main SetPork Roll Egg and CheeseLawrence, KS, USA
105Ween12-03-200546 of 40Main SetI Don't Want ItNow I'm Freaking OutBoulder, CO, USA
106Ween04-08-200642 of 37Main SetExactly Where I'm AtSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)St. Petersburg, FL, USA
107Ween04-13-200642 of 32Main SetExactly Where I'm AtSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Charlottesville, VA, USA
108Ween05-28-200622 of 22Main SetExactly Where I'm AtSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Philadelphia, PA, USA
109Ween07-14-200632 of 20Main SetExactly Where I'm AtSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Masontown, WV, USA
110Ween07-25-200641 of 32Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Bend, OR, USA
111Ween08-01-200651 of 35Main SetThe HIV SongMinneapolis, MN, USA
112Ween08-03-200613 of 32Main SetBuckingham GreenPiss Up a RopeMadison, WI, USA
113Gene Ween01-18-2007713 of 16Main SetMountains and BuffaloShe's Your BabyHopewell, NJ, USA
114Gene Ween03-22-2007114 of 21Main SetSo Long JerrySpace OddityPhiladelphia, PA, USA
115Gene Ween03-23-2007116 of 23Main SetSo Long JerrySpace OddityNew York, NY, USA
116Gene Ween03-29-2007114 of 23Main SetSo Long JerrySpace OddityFalls Church, VA, USA
117Ween04-26-2007120 of 30Main SetLight Me UpThe HIV SongAllentown, PA, USA
118Ween05-01-2007214 of 30Main SetPork Roll Egg and CheeseVoodoo LadyBirmingham, AL, USA
119Ween06-10-200751 of 32Main SetThe Golden EelHampton Beach, NH, USA
120Ween06-14-200731 of 31Main SetThe Golden EelMillvale, PA, USA
121Ween06-23-200721 of 30Main SetThe Golden EelAsbury Park, NJ, USA
122Ween08-10-200741 of 32Main SetMarble Tulip Juicy TreeAustin, TX, USA
123Ween10-17-200732 of 28Main SetExactly Where I'm AtLight Me UpUrbana, IL, USA
124Ween11-04-200782 of 33Main SetExactly Where I'm AtSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Tucson, AZ, USA
125Ween11-27-2007141 of 34Main SetThe HIV SongNorthampton, MA, USA
126Ween11-30-200722 of 32Main SetExactly Where I'm AtThe HIV SongNew York, NY, USA
127Ween01-28-200862 of 30Main SetExactly Where I'm AtThe HIV SongAthens, GA, USA
128Ween03-03-2008929 of 39Main SetThe MolluskPush th' Little DaisiesAdelaide, SAU, Australia
129Ween03-06-200822 of 32Main SetExactly Where I'm AtThe HIV SongMelbourne, VIC, Australia
130Ween05-12-200872 of 32Main SetExactly Where I'm AtThe HIV SongKoln, Germany
131Ween07-13-200892 of 30Main SetExactly Where I'm AtBananas and BlowKansas City, MO, USA
132Gene Ween01-30-2009122 of 24Main SetTell Me WhyBaby BitchChicago, IL, USA
133Gene Ween04-02-2009b114 of 25Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)The Stallion pt 4Bordentown, NJ, USA
134Gene Ween05-10-2009526 of 27EncoreSquelch the WeaselSomedayBoulder, CO, USA
135Gene Ween05-11-2009117 of 23Set IISo Long JerryThe MolluskBoulder, CO, USA
136Gene Ween06-17-200966 of 26Main SetExactly Where I'm AtHelp Me Scrape the Mucus Off My BrainSan Francisco, CA, USA
137Gene Ween06-18-2009120 of 30Main SetEl CaminoBeacon LightPortland, OR, USA
138Ween07-09-200923 of 34Main SetThe GrobeBananas and BlowProvidence, RI, USA
139Gene Ween08-15-200977 of 29Set ILoop de LoopI Don't Want to Leave You on the FarmBuffalo, NY, USA
140Gene Ween08-16-2009b217 of 21Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutNow I'm Freaking OutPittsburgh, PA, USA
141Ween08-28-2009123 of 30Main SetBaby BitchThe MolluskBend, OR, USA
142Ween09-02-200941 of 34Main SetLight Me UpAnaheim, CA, USA
143Ween09-04-2009119 of 33Main SetWoman and ManI Don't Want ItFlagstaff, AZ, USA
144Ween10-30-200981 of 16Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)New Orleans, LA, USA
145Gene Ween02-12-201031 of 10Main SetChocolate TownDekalb, IL, USA
146Gene Ween02-14-201021 of 23Main SetThe Golden EelMadison, WI, USA
147Gene Ween02-24-201021 of 23Main SetOoh Va LaAustin, TX, USA
148Gene Ween03-26-201032 of 20Main SetZiggy StardustOoh Va LaSyracuse, NY, USA
149Gene Ween03-28-201021 of 22Main SetThe Golden EelRochester, NY, USA
150Ween04-09-201032 of 27Main SetBuckingham GreenBananas and BlowAsheville, NC, USA
151Gene Ween05-09-2010221 of 24EncoreWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutPolka Dot TailNew Hope, PA, USA
152Ween06-25-201061 of 29Main SetTransdermal CelebrationChicago, IL, USA
153Ween07-16-201026 of 31Main SetLearnin' to LoveTransdermal CelebrationPortland, ME, USA
154Ween07-31-201041 of 33Main SetExactly Where I'm AtColumbus, OH, USA
155Ween08-26-201012 of 30Main SetBuckingham GreenBananas and BlowTulsa, OK, USA
156Ween09-17-201032 of 34Main SetBuckingham GreenBananas and BlowNew York, NY, USA
157Gene Ween11-12-2010219 of 22Main SetBaby BitchPolka Dot TailBloomington, IN, USA
158Gene Ween11-13-201013 of 19Main SetSo Long JerryStay ForeverLexington, KY, USA
159Gene Ween12-02-2010114 of 26Main SetMountains and BuffaloStay ForeverBrooklyn, NY, USA
160Gene Ween12-10-2010113 of 27Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Mountains and BuffaloCharlottesville, VA, USA
161Gene Ween12-11-2010118 of 30Main SetOoh Va LaWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutCarrboro, NC, USA
162Gene Ween12-17-201021 of 23Main SetChocolate TownWashington, DC, USA
163Ween01-25-2011226 of 31Main SetOcean ManThe MolluskSeattle, WA, USA
164Gene Ween02-26-201151 of 24Main SetThe GrobeHarrisburg, PA, USA
165Gene Ween03-18-2011122 of 25Main SetPush th' Little DaisiesDon't Laugh (I Love You)Pawtucket, RI, USA
166Gene Ween03-19-2011113 of 27Main SetYou Were the FoolMononucleosisBoston, MA, USA
167Ween04-14-201111 of 33Main SetBananas and BlowNashville, TN, USA
168Gene Ween05-06-2011421 of 22EncoreStay ForeverDon't Shit Where You EatNew Orleans, LA, USA
169Gene Ween05-07-2011119 of 22Main SetOh YokoBaby BitchNew Orleans, LA, USA
170Ween05-22-201112 of 21Main SetFiestaBananas and BlowGulf Shores, AL, USA
171Gene Ween06-18-2011317 of 26Main SetThe MolluskSo Long JerrySt. Paul, MN, USA
172Gene Ween09-10-2011723 of 24EncoreRight to the Ways and the Rules of the WorldBuenas Tardes AmigoMilwaukee, WI, USA
173Gene Ween09-22-201132 of 10Main SetSo Long JerryFlutes of the ChiWoodstock, NY, USA
174Ween10-31-2011316 of 35Main SetYour PartyLet's DanceNew York, NY, USA
175Gene Ween03-20-201512018 of 18Main SetBirthday BoyNew York, NY, USA
176Gene Ween Band06-19-2015154 of 18Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Golden MonkeyDenver, CO, USA
177Gene Ween Band06-20-201516 of 18Main SetGolden MonkeySpringthemeBoulder, CO, USA
178Gene Ween Band07-02-201516 of 21Main SetGolden MonkeySpringthemeChicago, IL, USA
179Ween02-14-2016423 of 32Main SetMutilated LipsThe Final AlarmBroomfield, CO, USA
180Ween04-16-201642 of 29Main SetStrap on That Jammy PacPush th' Little DaisiesNew York, NY, USA
181Ween08-28-201692 of 18Main SetStrap on That Jammy PacBuckingham GreenPortland, OR, USA
182Ween11-27-20162210 of 28Main SetThe ArgusWaving My Dick in the WindPort Chester, NY, USA
183Ween02-19-2017161 of 23Main SetBuckingham GreenLas Vegas, NV, USA
184Ween03-17-201725 of 29Main SetHappy Colored MarblesYou Fucked UpChicago, IL, USA
185Ween06-04-201761 of 25Main SetBuckingham GreenBaltimore, MD, USA
186Ween07-01-2017714 of 30Main SetOcean ManI'm Dancing in the Show Tonight repriseBend, OR, USA
187Ween07-12-2017228 of 34Main SetThe MolluskSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Morrison, CO, USA
188Ween07-16-201732 of 30Main SetPork Roll Egg and CheeseBuckingham GreenMissoula, MT, USA

She Wanted to Leave

- not really played 1 time

#BandDateTypeCity, St/Pr, Country
1Ween07-04-1997unfinishedNew Hope, PA, USA