So Long Jerry

by Ween - played 37 times

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Gene Ween07-27-20025 of 11Main SetTransdermal CelebrationMountains and BuffaloHoboken, NJ, USA
2Gene Ween03-22-200716213 of 21Main SetMononucleosisShe Wanted to LeavePhiladelphia, PA, USA
3Gene Ween03-23-2007115 of 23Main SetRight to the Ways and the Rules of the WorldShe Wanted to LeaveNew York, NY, USA
4Gene Ween03-29-2007113 of 23Main SetMononucleosisShe Wanted to LeaveFalls Church, VA, USA
5Gene Ween Band12-12-20088724 of 25EncoreIt Freaks Me OutGreg the BunnyWashington, DC, USA
6Gene Ween Band02-12-2009516 of 20Main SetDC Won't Do You No GoodThe Chancy BoysPhiladelphia, PA, USA
7Gene Ween Band03-21-2009213 of 23Main SetOoh Va LaThanks and PraisesCharlotte, NC, USA
8Gene Ween Band03-24-2009215 of 22Main SetLet's Get DivorcedFriendsNashville, TN, USA
9Gene Ween Band03-25-2009112 of 22Main SetI Fell in Love TodayThanks and PraisesAthens, GA, USA
10Gene Ween Band03-26-2009118 of 23Main SetFriendsSledgehammerAsheville, NC, USA
11Gene Ween04-02-2009a115 of 24Main SetTender SituationThe HIV SongBordentown, NJ, USA
12Gene Ween Band04-11-2009311 of 20Main SetIt's Not CoolBoingNew Haven, CT, USA
13Gene Ween Band04-18-2009115 of 19Main SetDC Won't Do You No GoodKite Flying ManNorthampton, MA, USA
14Gene Ween05-11-2009316 of 23Set IIHappy Colored MarblesShe Wanted to LeaveBoulder, CO, USA
15Gene Ween Band05-21-2009318 of 21Main SetThe Stallion pt 4The Chancy BoysBrooklyn, NY, USA
16Gene Ween01-16-20103014 of 21Main SetOh My Dear (Falling in Love)You Were the FoolPhiladelphia, PA, USA
17Gene Ween02-14-2010419 of 23Main SetPolka Dot TailBuenas Tardes AmigoMadison, WI, USA
18Gene Ween03-26-2010514 of 20EncoreBuenas Tardes AmigoThe MolluskSyracuse, NY, USA
19Gene Ween03-28-201024 of 22Main SetNow I'm Freaking OutBirthday BoyRochester, NY, USA
20Gene Ween11-13-2010242 of 19Main SetOh YokoShe Wanted to LeaveLexington, KY, USA
21Gene Ween12-02-2010118 of 26Main SetOoh Va LaObjectBrooklyn, NY, USA
22Gene Ween12-11-201022 of 30Main SetSpirit WalkerMutilated LipsCarrboro, NC, USA
23Gene Ween12-16-2010121 of 27Main SetFreedom of '76Stay ForeverTeaneck, NJ, USA
24Gene Ween12-17-2010110 of 23Main SetYour PartyThe ArgusWashington, DC, USA
25Gene Ween02-26-2011718 of 24Main SetPork Roll Egg and CheeseFreedom of '76Harrisburg, PA, USA
26Gene Ween03-19-2011216 of 27Main SetOh My Dear (Falling in Love)Birthday BoyBoston, MA, USA
27Gene Ween06-18-20111018 of 26Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveRight to the Ways and the Rules of the WorldSt. Paul, MN, USA
28Gene Ween09-22-2011101 of 10Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveWoodstock, NY, USA
29Gene Ween09-30-2011216 of 20Main SetThe Stallion pt 3Loop de Loop (tease)Fort Worth, TX, USA
30Gene Ween07-28-2012139 of 21Main SetChocolate TownThe MolluskWellfleet, MA, USA
31Gene Ween08-09-201212 of 3Main SetFlutes of the ChiRight to the Ways and the Rules of the WorldHarrisburg, PA, USA
32Gene Ween08-10-201214 of 4Main SetTried and TrueIthaca, NY, USA
33Gene Ween08-11-2012111 of 23Main SetThe Chancy BoysObjectMillvale, PA, USA
34Gene Ween09-14-2012110 of 20Main SetObjectRibbitMinneapolis, MN, USA
35Gene Ween04-27-20131816 of 24Main SetLight Me UpKansas City StarBurlington, VT, USA
36Gene Ween01-29-20158217 of 23Main SetThe Stallion pt 3(For a While) I Couldn't Play My Guitar Like a ManChicago, IL, USA
37Gene Ween Band07-02-20152113 of 21Main SetRight to the Ways and the Rules of the WorldBeacon LightChicago, IL, USA