Spirit Walker

by Ween - played 55 times

Appears on La Cucaracha

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Gene Ween06-25-20063 of 4Main SetBaby Don't Be AfraidTried and TrueNew York, NY, USA
2Harford, Freeman & Melchiondo11-29-20061815 of 36Main SetBack to BasomThe Glider to the QueenNew Hope, PA, USA
3Gene Ween01-18-200716 of 16Main SetAloneDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Hopewell, NJ, USA
4Gene Ween03-22-200716 of 21Main SetAloneDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Philadelphia, PA, USA
5Gene Ween03-23-200718 of 23Main SetAloneBirthday BoyNew York, NY, USA
6Gene Ween03-29-200717 of 23Main SetAloneDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Falls Church, VA, USA
7Ween10-16-2007199 of 35Main SetLight Me UpSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Bloomington, IN, USA
8Ween10-17-2007120 of 28Main SetHappy Colored MarblesDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Urbana, IL, USA
9Ween10-19-200717 of 33Main SetVoodoo LadyTake Me AwayMadison, WI, USA
10Ween10-20-2007112 of 33Main SetHappy Colored MarblesWith My Own Bare HandsChicago, IL, USA
11Ween10-23-2007214 of 33Main SetBuckingham GreenWoman and ManColumbus, OH, USA
12Ween10-26-2007222 of 29Main SetRoses Are FreePush th' Little DaisiesToronto, ON, Canada
13Ween10-27-2007113 of 33Main SetWith My Own Bare HandsIce CastlesDetroit, MI, USA
14Ween11-04-2007131 of 33EncoreRoses Are FreeMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Tucson, AZ, USA
15Ween11-08-200738 of 31Main SetVoodoo LadyTake Me AwayLos Angeles, CA, USA
16Ween11-09-2007119 of 35Main SetA Tear For EddieThe Stallion pt 3Santa Cruz, CA, USA
17Ween11-10-2007113 of 35Main SetVoodoo LadyTake Me AwaySan Francisco, CA, USA
18Ween11-12-2007123 of 34Main SetRoses Are FreeThe MolluskPortland, OR, USA
19Ween11-14-2007211 of 32Main SetVoodoo LadyTake Me AwayVancouver, BC, Canada
20Ween11-24-2007413 of 35Main SetVoodoo LadyTake Me AwayUpper Darby, PA, USA
21Ween01-23-2008622 of 32Main SetRoses Are FreeThe MolluskWashington, DC, USA
22Gene Ween01-31-2009447 of 16Main SetTried and TrueDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Chicago, IL, USA
23Gene Ween05-10-20091510 of 27Set IYou Were the FoolTried and TrueBoulder, CO, USA
24Gene Ween01-16-2010349 of 21Main SetShe's Your BabyDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Philadelphia, PA, USA
25Gene Ween01-29-201019 of 21Main SetChocolate TownPork Roll Egg and CheeseNew York, NY, USA
26Gene Ween02-13-201026 of 22Main SetFlutes of the ChiDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Chicago, IL, USA
27Gene Ween02-24-2010315 of 23Main SetThe Stallion pt 4The MolluskAustin, TX, USA
28Gene Ween02-26-201026 of 25Main SetSarahStay ForeverAustin, TX, USA
29Gene Ween03-27-2010213 of 25Main SetOoh Va LaThe GrobeRochester, NY, USA
30Gene Ween05-09-2010614 of 24Main SetKite Flying ManThe ArgusNew Hope, PA, USA
31Gene Ween11-12-2010186 of 22Main SetThe Stallion pt 3Now I'm Freaking OutBloomington, IN, USA
32Gene Ween11-13-201018 of 19Main SetBirthday BoyThe Stallion pt 4Lexington, KY, USA
33Gene Ween12-02-201013 of 26Main SetFlutes of the ChiI Don't Want to Leave You on the FarmBrooklyn, NY, USA
34Gene Ween12-10-2010111 of 27Main SetOld ManDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Charlottesville, VA, USA
35Gene Ween12-11-201011 of 30Main SetEye 2 the Sky (unfinished)So Long JerryCarrboro, NC, USA
36Gene Ween12-16-2010113 of 27Main SetYour PartyDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Teaneck, NJ, USA
37Gene Ween12-17-2010118 of 23Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Washington, DC, USA
38Gene Ween02-26-201174 of 24Main SetStay ForeverChocolate TownHarrisburg, PA, USA
39Gene Ween04-23-2011613 of 25Main SetStay ForeverObjectPhiladelphia, PA, USA
40Gene Ween09-10-2011138 of 24Main SetOh My Dear (Falling in Love)Kansas City StarMilwaukee, WI, USA
41Gene Ween09-17-2011110 of 11Main SetTransdermal CelebrationBaby BitchBaltimore, MD, USA
42Gene Ween07-28-2012173 of 21Main SetFlutes of the ChiYour PartyWellfleet, MA, USA
43Gene Ween08-11-201233 of 23Main SetFlutes of the ChiYour PartyMillvale, PA, USA
44Gene Ween09-14-201213 of 20Main SetFlutes of the ChiYour PartyMinneapolis, MN, USA
45Gene Ween09-15-201213 of 20Main SetFlutes of the ChiYour PartyChicago, IL, USA
46Gene Ween09-16-201213 of 21Main SetFlutes of the ChiYour PartyMadison, WI, USA
47Gene Ween10-05-201213 of 20Main SetFlutes of the ChiYour PartyAustin, TX, USA
48Gene Ween10-06-201212 of 20Main SetAs I Love My OwnStay ForeverDallas, TX, USA
49Gene Ween10-16-201213 of 21Main SetFlutes of the ChiYour PartyPortland, OR, USA
50Gene Ween11-02-201243 of 24Main SetStay ForeverChocolate TownBoulder, CO, USA
51Gene Ween11-30-201233 of 21Main SetFlutes of the ChiYour PartyWashington, DC, USA
52Gene Ween02-21-201333 of 18Main SetFlutes of the ChiYour PartyMiami, FL, USA
53Gene Ween04-26-201323 of 21Main SetFlutes of the ChiYour PartyFall River, MA, USA
54Gene Ween04-27-201313 of 24Main SetFlutes of the ChiChocolate TownBurlington, VT, USA
55Gene Ween09-06-2013312 of 17Main SetKite Flying ManThe Stallion pt 3Bellevue, NE, USA