The Blarney Stone

by Ween - played 193 times

Appears on The Mollusk

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Ween09-01-199411 of 19Main SetBuenas Tardes AmigoWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutNew Brunswick, NJ, USA
2Ween10-21-199427 of 15Main SetTake Me AwayThe HIV SongPhiladelphia, PA, USA
3Ween10-30-1994514 of 15Main SetThe HIV SongTickChicago, IL, USA
4Ween10-31-199414 of 27Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Touch My TooterMinneapolis, MN, USA
5Ween11-13-1994117 of 20Main SetBaby BitchDoctor RockLos Angeles, CA, USA
6Ween11-20-1994411 of 22Main SetThe Stallion pt 3TickHouston, TX, USA
7Ween11-26-1994126 of 27Main SetVoodoo LadyThere's a PigCarrboro, NC, USA
8Ween12-28-1994220 of 26Set IITouch My TooterThe Star-Spangled BannerNew Hope, PA, USA
9Ween01-24-1995b621 of 31Main SetPiss Up a RopeShe Fucks MeNew York, NY, USA
10Ween01-25-1995124 of 25Main SetTouch My TooterLMLYPNew York, NY, USA
11Ween02-11-199558 of 12Main SetDoctor RockSuckin' Blood From the Devil's DickColumbia, SC, USA
12Ween04-20-1995b412 of 21Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Captain FantasyMelbourne, VIC, Australia
13Ween06-03-1995114 of 26Main SetBuckingham GreenDoctor RockNew Hope, PA, USA
14Ween10-17-19962219 of 22EncoreFreedom of '76Buenas Tardes AmigoBoulder, CO, USA
15Ween10-23-1996327 of 28Main SetPiano Man (unfinished)FluffyToronto, ON, Canada
16Ween10-25-1996114 of 23Main SetThe HIV SongPush th' Little DaisiesCambridge, MA, USA
17Ween10-28-1996216 of 21Main SetYou Were the FoolPoopship DestroyerWashington, DC, USA
18Ween05-09-1997224 of 26Main SetBuenas Tardes AmigoMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Buffalo, NY, USA
19Ween07-04-1997415 of 33Set IWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutThe HIV SongNew Hope, PA, USA
20Jimmy Wilson Group07-10-199719 of 17Main SetBuckingham GreenTender SituationAsbury Park, NJ, USA
21Ween07-16-1997219 of 29Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Big JilmNew York, NY, USA
22Ween07-24-1997124 of 41Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveAwesome SoundLawrence, KS, USA
23Ween07-25-1997129 of 37Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)TickOklahoma City, OK, USA
24Ween07-27-1997121 of 26Main SetBaby BitchTickAustin, TX, USA
25Ween08-02-1997123 of 31Main SetMister Richard SmokerYou Fucked UpAtlanta, GA, USA
26Ween08-03-1997122 of 34Main SetHot For TeacherAwesome SoundCharleston, SC, USA
27Ween08-06-1997226 of 28Main SetBig JilmPoopship DestroyerCharlottesville, VA, USA
28Ween09-13-1997924 of 31Main SetDoctor RockTake Me AwayDetroit, MI, USA
29Ween09-14-1997125 of 34Main SetTickSquelch the WeaselCincinnati, OH, USA
30Ween09-16-1997122 of 30Main SetOcean ManA Tear For EddieChicago, IL, USA
31Ween09-17-1997122 of 29Main SetA Tear For EddieSarahMinneapolis, MN, USA
32Ween09-19-1997b223 of 30Main SetOcean ManDoctor RockDenver, CO, USA
33Ween09-20-1997123 of 25Main SetOcean ManAwesome SoundFort Collins, CO, USA
34Ween09-24-1997124 of 30Main SetDoctor RockFat LennySeattle, WA, USA
35Ween09-25-1997121 of 26Main SetOcean ManDoctor RockPortland, OR, USA
36Ween09-27-1997124 of 34Main SetOcean ManDoctor RockSan Francisco, CA, USA
37Ween09-28-1997129 of 33EncoreDoctor RockShe Wanted to LeaveLos Angeles, CA, USA
38Ween10-05-1997123 of 24Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveBuenas Tardes AmigoSydney, NSW, Australia
39Ween10-07-1997123 of 28Main SetPoopship DestroyerLittle BirdyAdelaide, SAU, Australia
40Ween10-08-1997122 of 30Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveDoctor RockMelbourne, VIC, Australia
41Ween10-09-1997b223 of 29Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveMutilated Lips (unfinished)Melbourne, VIC, Australia
42Ween11-13-1997123 of 28Main SetOcean ManDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)London, England
43Ween11-21-1997123 of 28Main SetPush th' Little DaisiesPiss Up a RopeBielefeld, Germany
44Ween11-27-1997123 of 28Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveI'm Dancing in the Show TonightZurich, Switzerland
45Ween01-14-1998223 of 27Main SetBaby BitchThe HIV SongProvidence, RI, USA
46Ween01-15-1998124 of 32Main SetTickTake Me AwayNew York, NY, USA
47Ween01-16-1998126 of 31Main SetDon't Shit Where You EatBaby BitchNew York, NY, USA
48Ween01-17-1998124 of 28Main SetBig JilmHot For TeacherWashington, DC, USA
49Ween01-18-1998123 of 25Main SetOcean ManWar PigsWinston-Salem, NC, USA
50Ween01-20-1998124 of 31EncoreTusk (tease)The Stallion pt 3Athens, GA, USA
51Ween01-23-1998127 of 272nd EncoreTake Me AwayTampa, FL, USA
52Ween01-25-1998222 of 27Main SetMister Richard SmokerPork Roll Egg and CheeseJacksonville, FL, USA
53Ween01-28-1998225 of 26Main SetFat LennyHot For TeacherAsheville, NC, USA
54Ween01-29-1998126 of 28Main SetMaster of Puppets (tease)You Fucked UpRichmond, VA, USA
55Ween01-30-1998125 of 29Main SetMister Richard SmokerBaby BitchPhiladelphia, PA, USA
56Ween01-31-1998123 of 25Main SetHot For TeacherYou Fucked UpBoston, MA, USA
57Ween05-07-1998219 of 23Main SetGet a Little Taste of YouSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Pittsburgh, PA, USA
58Ween05-09-1998219 of 33Main SetThe HIV SongFat LennyColumbus, OH, USA
59Ween05-10-1998130 of 34EncoreHot For TeacherTender SituationBuffalo, NY, USA
60Ween05-12-1998124 of 28Main SetLauraSummertimeNew Hope, PA, USA
61Ween05-16-1998112 of 12Main SetStella BlueLawrence, KS, USA
62Ween05-17-1998135 of 35Main SetHot For TeacherDenver, CO, USA
63Ween01-01-1999627 of 32Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveBirthday BoyPhiladelphia, PA, USA
64Ween01-02-1999127 of 33EncoreYou Fucked UpThe EnablerWashington, DC, USA
65Ween01-20-1999125 of 26Main SetMister Would You Please Help My Pony?LMLYPLos Angeles, CA, USA
66Ween01-21-1999112 of 12Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Los Angeles, CA, USA
67Jimmy Wilson Group04-28-1999127 of 42Main SetRock n RollFire on the MountainAsbury Park, NJ, USA
68Ween07-21-1999238 of 38Main SetStroker AceNew Hope, PA, USA
69Ween07-26-1999428 of 29EncoreImprov/JamBuenas Tardes AmigoCleveland, OH, USA
70Ween07-29-1999223 of 25Main SetBooze Me Up and Get Me HighBananas and BlowIowa City, IA, USA
71Ween07-30-1999134 of 37Main SetYou Fucked UpThe HIV SongLincoln, NE, USA
72Ween07-31-1999132 of 33Main SetLMLYPBuenas Tardes AmigoVail, CO, USA
73Ween08-02-1999127 of 33Main SetThe MolluskBooze Me Up and Get Me HighVancouver, BC, Canada
74Ween08-04-1999228 of 29EncoreI Can't Put My Finger on ItLMLYPSeattle, WA, USA
75Ween08-07-1999226 of 33Main SetBananas and BlowBe My Wife (unfinished)Las Vegas, NV, USA
76Ween08-10-1999225 of 29Main SetThe HIV SongYou Fucked UpPhoenix, AZ, USA
77Ween08-14-1999225 of 31Main SetThe Stallion pt 3She Wanted to LeaveDallas, TX, USA
78Ween08-16-1999229 of 34Main SetI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotOh My Dear (Falling in Love)Lawrence, KS, USA
79Ween08-18-1999126 of 29Main SetPiano ManHot For TeacherMemphis, TN, USA
80Ween08-20-1999230 of 32Main SetYou Fucked UpShe Caught My FancyNew Orleans, LA, USA
81Ween08-26-1999428 of 30Main SetBig JilmThe HIV SongTowson, MD, USA
82Ween08-27-1999132 of 35Main SetHomo RainbowBuenas Tardes AmigoPlainview, NY, USA
83Ween08-28-1999132 of 34EncoreLMLYPBuenas Tardes AmigoPhiladelphia, PA, USA
84Ween10-31-1999222 of 28Main SetPumpin' 4 the ManHomo RainbowWinooski, VT, USA
85Ween11-03-1999225 of 33Main SetThe HIV SongHomo RainbowColumbus, OH, USA
86Ween11-04-1999120 of 29Main SetTender SituationBuenas Tardes AmigoRochester, NY, USA
87Ween11-05-1999127 of 35Main SetBananas and BlowHot For TeacherBuffalo, NY, USA
88Ween11-06-1999129 of 32EncoreThe HIV SongMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Northampton, MA, USA
89Ween04-15-2000330 of 36EncoreBuenas Tardes AmigoHomo RainbowAllentown, PA, USA
90Ween04-29-2000317 of 17EncoreYou Fucked UpBrunswick, ME, USA
91Ween05-05-2000429 of 32Main SetReggaejunkiejewBuenas Tardes AmigoWinooski, VT, USA
92Ween05-07-2000124 of 29Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveDoctor RockMontreal, QC, Canada
93Ween05-08-2000131 of 341st EncoreSketches of WinkleTake Me AwayToronto, ON, Canada
94Ween05-11-2000232 of 421st EncoreTickLMLYPPontiac, MI, USA
95Ween05-13-2000224 of 34Main SetStella BlueBooze Me Up and Get Me HighMinneapolis, MN, USA
96Ween05-15-2000232 of 371st EncoreYou Fucked UpThe Final AlarmSt. Louis, MO, USA
97Ween05-18-2000229 of 38EncoreBananas and BlowTake Me AwayAtlanta, GA, USA
98Ween05-19-2000137 of 38EncoreBirthday BoyJust What I Needed (unfinished)Asheville, NC, USA
99Ween05-22-2000230 of 34Main SetYou Fucked UpFreedom of '76Washington, DC, USA
100Ween05-23-2000129 of 29EncoreHomo RainbowVirginia Beach, VA, USA
101Ween05-25-2000134 of 34EncoreThe HIV SongNew York, NY, USA
102Ween06-17-2000532 of 34EncoreBuckingham GreenReggaejunkiejewOmaha, NE, USA
103Ween06-18-2000133 of 351st EncoreSorry CharlieCaptain FantasyDenver, CO, USA
104Ween06-22-2000235 of 39Main SetShe Fucks MeShe Wanted to LeaveVancouver, BC, Canada
105Ween06-25-2000330 of 31EncoreBuckingham GreenLMLYPPortland, OR, USA
106Ween06-30-2000b523 of 29Main SetLauraNanPomona, CA, USA
107Ween07-02-2000231 of 32EncoreThe EnablerLMLYPPhoenix, AZ, USA
108Ween07-05-2000231 of 31EncoreReggaejunkiejewOklahoma City, OK, USA
109Ween07-06-2000132 of 33EncoreBaby BitchLMLYPDallas, TX, USA
110Ween07-08-2000229 of 34Main SetI Can't Put My Finger on ItIce CastlesAustin, TX, USA
111Ween07-15-2000430 of 31EncoreBaby BitchHot For TeacherSt. Petersburg, FL, USA
112Ween07-19-2000334 of 34EncoreHomo RainbowAthens, GA, USA
113Ween07-23-2000323 of 32Main SetThe MolluskBand on the RunWellfleet, MA, USA
114Ween08-23-2000427 of 27Main SetBuckingham GreenMalmo, Sweden
115Ween08-31-2000614 of 14Main SetDoctor RockWiesen, Austria
116Ween09-05-2000220 of 35Main SetLauraNanStuttgart, Germany
117Ween09-07-2000229 of 35Main SetBaby BitchYou Fucked UpLondon, England
118Ween03-23-2001434 of 36EncoreStroker AceThe Final AlarmSeabright, NJ, USA
119Ween03-30-2001528 of 34Main SetEnter SandmanThe HIV SongColumbus, OH, USA
120Ween04-04-2001434 of 34EncoreBig JilmWinston-Salem, NC, USA
121Ween04-05-2001127 of 34Main SetEnter SandmanDrifter in the DarkWashington, DC, USA
122Jimmy Wilson Group06-30-2001216 of 27Set IBooze Me Up and Get Me HighThe Curious OneNew Hope, PA, USA
123Ween08-03-2001329 of 29Main SetBuckingham GreenWellfleet, MA, USA
124Ween08-24-2001723 of 24EncoreI'm in the Mood to MoveLMLYPMorrison, CO, USA
125Ween09-02-2001632 of 322nd EncoreYou Fucked UpVancouver, BC, Canada
126Ween10-31-2001626 of 29Main SetBooze Me Up and Get Me HighYou Fucked UpBurlington, VT, USA
127Ween04-12-20033822 of 22EncoreI Can't Put My Finger on ItWhite Plains, NY, USA
128Ween05-08-2003733 of 33EncoreIf You Could Save Yourself (You'd Save Us All)Urbana, IL, USA
129Ween07-27-2003827 of 27EncoreSomedayMilwaukee, WI, USA
130Ween07-29-2003b226 of 31Main SetSomedayDoctor RockMinneapolis, MN, USA
131Ween08-01-2003219 of 22Main SetZoloftTouch My TooterColumbus, OH, USA
132Ween08-05-2003329 of 301st EncoreExactly Where I'm AtBuenas Tardes AmigoHampton Beach, NH, USA
133Ween08-08-2003229 of 29EncoreTender SituationMartha's Vineyard, MA, USA
134Ween09-16-2003524 of 25Main SetThe EnablerBuenas Tardes AmigoOklahoma City, OK, USA
135Ween09-18-2003225 of 28Main SetSomedayThe HIV SongDallas, TX, USA
136Ween09-30-2003827 of 29Main SetBooze Me Up and Get Me HighRoses Are FreePortland, OR, USA
137Ween10-06-2003326 of 27Main SetPandy FacklerPoopship DestroyerEdmonton, AB, Canada
138Ween10-10-2003b432 of 33EncoreExactly Where I'm AtFluffyDenver, CO, USA
139Ween10-31-2003329 of 31Main SetHey There FancypantsPut the Coke on My DickBurlington, VT, USA
140Ween11-01-2003131 of 34Main SetBooze Me Up and Get Me HighAll of My LoveNew York, NY, USA
141Ween11-03-2003b229 of 29EncorePoopship DestroyerToronto, ON, Canada
142Ween11-08-2003330 of 33Main SetPiss Up a RopeDoctor RockChicago, IL, USA
143Ween11-10-2003229 of 33Main SetThe Goin' Gets Tough From the GetgoI'm Dancing in the Show TonightDetroit, MI, USA
144Ween11-30-2003322 of 24Main SetHappy Colored MarblesThe HIV SongHamburg, Germany
145Ween12-15-2003725 of 29Main SetAce of SpadesYou Fucked UpLondon, England
146Ween04-28-2004224 of 28Main SetTender SituationThe MolluskLevittown, PA, USA
147Ween04-30-2004123 of 25Main SetTender SituationThe MolluskNew Orleans, LA, USA
148Ween06-12-2004531 of 33Main SetAce of SpadesBooze Me Up and Get Me HighManchester, TN, USA
149Ween10-11-20041030 of 34Main SetDoctor RockNever SquealSeattle, WA, USA
150Ween10-17-2004532 of 33Main SetIt's Gonna Be a Long NightPoopship DestroyerSan Diego, CA, USA
151Ween10-03-20051033 of 33EncoreMonique the FreakBurlington, VT, USA
152Ween10-31-2005529 of 35Main SetShe Fucks MeDoctor RockLas Vegas, NV, USA
153Ween11-28-2005240 of 44EncoreBooze Me Up and Get Me HighYou Fucked UpLawrence, KS, USA
154Ween12-01-2005227 of 31Main SetEl CaminoThe Stallion pt 5Boulder, CO, USA
155Ween12-03-2005233 of 40Main SetWaving My Dick in the WindLicking the Palm For GuavaBoulder, CO, USA
156Ween04-08-2006431 of 37Main SetI Can't Put My Finger on ItWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutSt. Petersburg, FL, USA
157Ween04-13-2006428 of 32Main SetThe HIV SongCommon BitchCharlottesville, VA, USA
158Ween07-25-2006932 of 32EncoreBaby BitchBend, OR, USA
159Ween07-29-2006327 of 27EncoreSomedayMorrison, CO, USA
160Ween07-31-2006121 of 30Main SetThe MolluskI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotDes Moines, IA, USA
161Ween09-15-2006633 of 33EncorePapa ZitTulsa, OK, USA
162Ween04-30-2007828 of 291st EncoreStrap on That Jammy PacLMLYPAsheville, NC, USA
163Ween10-19-20071933 of 33EncoreBaby BitchMadison, WI, USA
164Ween11-12-20071328 of 34Main SetOcean ManFiestaPortland, OR, USA
165Ween11-16-2007330 of 311st EncoreThe HIV SongLMLYPCalgary, AB, Canada
166Ween11-26-2007431 of 32EncoreBooze Me Up and Get Me HighDoctor RockBurlington, VT, USA
167Ween11-30-2007332 of 32EncoreBooze Me Up and Get Me HighNew York, NY, USA
168Ween01-28-2008630 of 30EncoreFiestaAthens, GA, USA
169Ween02-26-2008632 of 322nd EncoreHomo RainbowWellington, New Zealand
170Ween03-06-2008532 of 32EncoreBooze Me Up and Get Me HighMelbourne, VIC, Australia
171Ween05-12-2008732 of 32EncoreBooze Me Up and Get Me HighKoln, Germany
172Ween05-17-2008328 of 33Main SetBooze Me Up and Get Me HighThe Stallion pt 3Dublin, Ireland
173Ween07-11-2008432 of 34EncoreMister Would You Please Help My Pony?ShamemakerFayetteville, AR, USA
174Ween07-19-2008726 of 311st EncoreThe Goin' Gets Tough From the GetgoAce of SpadesSt. Paul, MN, USA
175Gene Ween01-30-2009719 of 24EncorePurple RainAdoreChicago, IL, USA
176Gene Ween01-31-2009114 of 16Main SetBuckingham GreenBaby BitchChicago, IL, USA
177Gene Ween05-09-20091423 of 23Set IIWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutDenver, CO, USA
178Ween07-17-20091529 of 34Main SetWith My Own Bare HandsBig JilmDewey Beach, DE, USA
179Gene Ween08-14-2009229 of 29EncoreShe Fucks MeToronto, ON, Canada
180Ween08-30-2009624 of 24EncoreYou Fucked UpSan Francisco, CA, USA
181Ween07-30-20103931 of 321st EncoreFiestaBooze Me Up and Get Me HighDetroit, MI, USA
182Ween10-31-2010631 of 35Main SetDoctor RockMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Broomfield, CO, USA
183Ween01-28-20111133 of 37Main SetSorry CharlieStroker AceOakland, CA, USA
184Ween09-02-20112020 of 20Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Mohawk, NY, USA
185Ween12-31-20111333 of 33EncoreMushroom Festival in HellDenver, CO, USA
186Dean Ween Group08-07-201514219 of 21Main SetIt's Gonna Be a Long NightFiestaBoston, MA, USA
187Gene Ween Band09-23-2015512 of 18Main SetFollow You Follow MeTried and TrueBaltimore, MD, USA
188Dean Ween Group10-10-20151616 of 23Main SetIt's Gonna Be a Long NightBananas and BlowLake Tahoe, CA, USA
189Dean Ween Group10-14-2015321 of 24Main SetPandy FacklerThe HIV SongPortland, OR, USA
190Dean Ween Group10-17-2015218 of 23Main SetIt's Gonna Be a Long NightBooze Me Up and Get Me HighDenver, CO, USA
191Ween02-14-2016632 of 322nd EncoreFat LennyBroomfield, CO, USA
192Ween03-17-2017531 of 29Main SetPork Roll Egg and CheeseChicago, IL, USA
193Ween07-01-2017136 of 30Main SetMutilated LipsIt's Gonna Be (Alright)Bend, OR, USA