The Stallion pt 4

by Ween - played 43 times

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Jimmy Wilson Group04-28-19997 of 42Main SetShe's Your BabyBe My EyesAsbury Park, NJ, USA
2Gene Ween07-27-20021652 of 11Main SetThe ArgusI Don't Want ItHoboken, NJ, USA
3Ween12-09-2002143 of 15Main SetThe Stallion pt 3She's Your BabyBrooklyn, NY, USA
4Ween02-22-2003410 of 12Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutJoppa RoadNew Hope, PA, USA
5Ween07-22-2003145 of 16Main SetThe Stallion pt 3The Stallion pt 5Ringoes, NJ, USA
6Gene Ween03-23-20071311 of 23Main SetPork Roll Egg and CheeseNew York, NY, USA
7Gene Ween03-29-200711 of 23Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutFalls Church, VA, USA
8Gene Ween Band12-10-2008852 of 22Main SetMountains and BuffaloKite Flying ManTeaneck, NJ, USA
9Gene Ween Band12-11-2008122 of 24EncoreHang on to YourselfMountains and BuffaloTowson, MD, USA
10Gene Ween Band12-12-200815 of 25Main SetKite Flying ManDC Won't Do You No GoodWashington, DC, USA
11Gene Ween Band12-13-2008119 of 24EncoreHang on to YourselfThanks and PraisesAsbury Park, NJ, USA
12Gene Ween Band02-07-200931 of 17Main SetI Fell in Love TodayBrooklyn, NY, USA
13Gene Ween Band02-12-2009119 of 20EncoreMr. SandmanFriendsPhiladelphia, PA, USA
14Gene Ween Band03-20-200911 of 21Main SetI Fell in Love TodayCarrboro, NC, USA
15Gene Ween Band03-21-2009121 of 23EncoreIt's Not CoolKansas City StarCharlotte, NC, USA
16Gene Ween Band03-22-200912 of 22Main SetGreg the BunnyBaby Don't Be AfraidAtlanta, GA, USA
17Gene Ween Band03-24-2009122 of 22EncoreSledgehammerNashville, TN, USA
18Gene Ween Band03-25-200912 of 22Main SetKite Flying ManBaby Don't Be AfraidAthens, GA, USA
19Gene Ween Band03-26-2009123 of 23EncoreThe Chancy BoysAsheville, NC, USA
20Gene Ween04-02-2009b25 of 25Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveFlutes of the ChiBordentown, NJ, USA
21Gene Ween Band04-09-2009118 of 21Main SetIt's Not CoolKite Flying ManIthaca, NY, USA
22Gene Ween Band04-11-200912 of 20Main SetGreg the BunnyI'll Miss YouNew Haven, CT, USA
23Gene Ween Band04-18-200919 of 19Main SetGreg the BunnyI Fell in Love TodayNorthampton, MA, USA
24Gene Ween Band05-21-2009617 of 21Main SetBlue BalloonSo Long JerryBrooklyn, NY, USA
25Gene Ween Band05-30-200911 of 15Main SetMountains and BuffaloHunter, NY, USA
26Gene Ween01-29-20103016 of 21EncoreYou Were the FoolThe Stallion pt 3New York, NY, USA
27Gene Ween02-12-201016 of 10Main SetThe Stallion pt 3The ArgusDekalb, IL, USA
28Gene Ween02-24-2010414 of 23Main SetTransdermal CelebrationSpirit WalkerAustin, TX, USA
29Gene Ween02-26-201022 of 25Main SetThe Stallion pt 3The GrobeAustin, TX, USA
30Gene Ween03-26-2010112 of 20Main SetYou Were the FoolBuenas Tardes AmigoSyracuse, NY, USA
31Gene Ween05-09-201076 of 24Main SetStay ForeverLight Me UpNew Hope, PA, USA
32Gene Ween11-12-2010184 of 22Main SetThe Golden EelThe Stallion pt 3Bloomington, IN, USA
33Gene Ween11-13-201019 of 19Main SetSpirit WalkerTender SituationLexington, KY, USA
34Gene Ween03-18-2011139 of 25Main SetThe Stallion pt 3You Were the FoolPawtucket, RI, USA
35Gene Ween04-23-201155 of 25Main SetThe Stallion pt 3I Don't Want to Leave You on the FarmPhiladelphia, PA, USA
36Gene Ween05-06-201116 of 22Main SetThe Stallion pt 3Mountains and BuffaloNew Orleans, LA, USA
37Gene Ween06-17-201144 of 22Main SetChocolate TownBirthday BoyMinneapolis, MN, USA
38Gene Ween09-09-201174 of 22Main SetKite Flying ManOh My Dear (Falling in Love)Dekalb, IL, USA
39Gene Ween09-10-201115 of 24Main SetThe Stallion pt 3Birthday BoyMilwaukee, WI, USA
40Gene Ween09-29-2011412 of 24Main SetThe Stallion pt 3The EnablerAustin, TX, USA
41Gene Ween11-23-201139 of 26Main SetMountains and BuffaloKite Flying ManNew Hope, PA, USA
42Gene Ween12-03-201118 of 25Main SetHawakawani SayStay ForeverBrooklyn, NY, USA
43Ween07-14-201724724 of 29Main SetThe EnablerPut the Coke on My DickDenver, CO, USA