With My Own Bare Hands

by Ween - played 149 times

Appears on La Cucaracha

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Ween10-16-200717 of 35Main SetThe HIV SongBaby BitchBloomington, IN, USA
2Ween10-17-2007115 of 28Main SetBooze Me Up and Get Me HighFrankUrbana, IL, USA
3Ween10-19-2007122 of 33Main SetI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotThe MolluskMadison, WI, USA
4Ween10-20-2007113 of 33Main SetSpirit WalkerTouch My TooterChicago, IL, USA
5Ween10-22-2007111 of 31Main SetYour PartyHappy Colored MarblesSt. Louis, MO, USA
6Ween10-23-2007111 of 33Main SetThe Stallion pt 3The Final AlarmColumbus, OH, USA
7Ween10-25-2007124 of 35Main SetDid You See Me?Booze Me Up and Get Me HighCleveland, OH, USA
8Ween10-26-2007124 of 29Main SetPush th' Little DaisiesWoman and ManToronto, ON, Canada
9Ween10-27-2007112 of 33Main SetBuckingham GreenSpirit WalkerDetroit, MI, USA
10Ween11-04-2007115 of 33Main SetBuckingham GreenZoloftTucson, AZ, USA
11Ween11-05-2007113 of 33Main SetBananas and BlowBuckingham GreenSan Diego, CA, USA
12Ween11-06-2007114 of 30Main SetLight Me UpCaptain FantasyVentura, CA, USA
13Ween11-08-2007116 of 31Main SetBaby BitchThe Final AlarmLos Angeles, CA, USA
14Ween11-09-2007117 of 35Main SetBeacon LightA Tear For EddieSanta Cruz, CA, USA
15Ween11-10-2007123 of 35Main SetPush th' Little DaisiesThe MolluskSan Francisco, CA, USA
16Ween11-12-200718 of 34Main SetBack to BasomTransdermal CelebrationPortland, OR, USA
17Ween11-13-2007113 of 32Main SetMutilated LipsTouch My TooterSeattle, WA, USA
18Ween11-14-2007120 of 32Main SetRoses Are FreeThe MolluskVancouver, BC, Canada
19Ween11-16-2007112 of 31Main SetYour PartyBaby BitchCalgary, AB, Canada
20Ween11-17-2007114 of 30Main SetYour PartyObjectEdmonton, AB, Canada
21Ween11-23-2007116 of 32Main SetBeacon LightA Tear For EddieBaltimore, MD, USA
22Ween11-24-2007123 of 35Main SetRoses Are FreeThe MolluskUpper Darby, PA, USA
23Ween11-26-2007115 of 32Main SetYour PartyLearnin' to LoveBurlington, VT, USA
24Ween11-27-2007132 of 34EncoreHomo RainbowSuperstarNorthampton, MA, USA
25Ween11-28-2007116 of 30Main SetBuckingham GreenZoloftBoston, MA, USA
26Ween12-01-200729 of 31Main SetHappy Colored MarblesBuckingham GreenNew York, NY, USA
27Ween01-23-200818 of 32Main SetBack to BasomTake Me AwayWashington, DC, USA
28Ween01-24-2008115 of 30Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Baby BitchRichmond, VA, USA
29Ween01-26-2008214 of 33Main SetLight Me UpCaptain FantasyMyrtle Beach, SC, USA
30Ween01-28-2008115 of 30Main SetBuckingham GreenThe Final AlarmAthens, GA, USA
31Ween01-29-2008114 of 31Main SetBuckingham GreenYour PartyAtlanta, GA, USA
32Ween01-31-2008112 of 30Main SetExactly Where I'm AtDoctor RockOrlando, FL, USA
33Ween02-01-2008114 of 31Main SetYour PartyLearnin' to LoveSt. Petersburg, FL, USA
34Ween02-02-2008111 of 26Main SetBack to BasomThe Final AlarmFort Lauderdale, FL, USA
35Ween02-25-2008117 of 36Main SetYour PartyThe MolluskAuckland, New Zealand
36Ween02-26-2008115 of 32Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Baby BitchWellington, New Zealand
37Ween02-29-2008116 of 30Main SetLearnin' to LoveWaving My Dick in the WindBrisbane, QLD, Australia
38Ween03-01-2008113 of 33Main SetBack to BasomTouch My TooterSydney, NSW, Australia
39Ween03-03-2008115 of 39Main SetYour PartyLearnin' to LoveAdelaide, SAU, Australia
40Ween03-07-200839 of 35Main SetHappy Colored MarblesBuckingham GreenMelbourne, VIC, Australia
41Ween03-08-2008113 of 26Main SetZoloftCaptain FantasyMeredith, VIC, Australia
42Ween03-10-2008116 of 44Main SetBananas and BlowDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Honolulu, HI, USA
43Ween05-08-2008127 of 29EncoreThe HIV SongYou Fucked UpLondon, England
44Ween05-12-200838 of 32Main SetPiss Up a RopeTake Me AwayKoln, Germany
45Ween05-14-2008128 of 33Main SetFiestaRoses Are FreeZurich, Switzerland
46Ween05-15-2008115 of 33Main SetLight Me UpThe Stallion pt 5Amsterdam, Netherlands
47Ween05-17-2008125 of 33Main SetPandy FacklerThe Final AlarmDublin, Ireland
48Ween07-07-2008112 of 35Main SetBuckingham GreenVoodoo LadyMillvale, PA, USA
49Ween07-08-200817 of 31Main SetVoodoo LadyMutilated LipsLouisville, KY, USA
50Ween07-09-2008118 of 30Main SetBuckingham GreenLight Me UpNashville, TN, USA
51Ween07-12-2008212 of 31Main SetBuckingham GreenHappy Colored MarblesTulsa, OK, USA
52Ween07-13-2008115 of 30Main SetYour PartyLearnin' to LoveKansas City, MO, USA
53Ween07-15-2008220 of 38Main SetBuckingham GreenBooze Me Up and Get Me HighFort Collins, CO, USA
54Ween07-17-2008211 of 33Main SetHappy Colored MarblesRoses Are FreeDenver, CO, USA
55Ween07-19-2008115 of 31Main SetBananas and BlowNanSt. Paul, MN, USA
56Ween07-25-200828 of 34Main SetVoodoo LadyMutilated LipsBrooklyn, NY, USA
57Ween07-09-20093123 of 34Main SetStroker AceObjectProvidence, RI, USA
58Ween07-17-2009428 of 34Main SetMutilated LipsThe Blarney StoneDewey Beach, DE, USA
59Ween08-29-2009721 of 28Main SetThe Goin' Gets Tough From the GetgoNanEureka, CA, USA
60Ween09-02-2009318 of 34Main SetSpringthemeBooze Me Up and Get Me HighAnaheim, CA, USA
61Ween09-04-200919 of 33Main SetYour PartyBaby BitchFlagstaff, AZ, USA
62Ween09-05-200914 of 31Main SetThe Stallion pt 3Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Albuquerque, NM, USA
63Ween09-06-200915 of 28Main SetLearnin' to LoveDid You See Me?Morrison, CO, USA
64Ween10-28-2009418 of 31Main SetLearnin' to LoveWaving My Dick in the WindKnoxville, TN, USA
65Ween10-29-200917 of 29Main SetHappy Colored MarblesBaby BitchOxford, MS, USA
66Ween04-06-2010147 of 28Main SetBananas and BlowLearnin' to LoveRichmond, VA, USA
67Ween04-07-2010114 of 28Main SetLearnin' to LoveBuckingham GreenWinston-Salem, NC, USA
68Ween04-09-2010115 of 27Main SetBaby BitchYour PartyAsheville, NC, USA
69Ween04-10-2010111 of 28Main SetDid You See Me?Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Atlanta, GA, USA
70Ween05-20-2010211 of 34Main SetTouch My TooterDid You See Me?Sayreville, NJ, USA
71Ween05-30-201019 of 30Main SetPiss Up a RopeVoodoo LadyMissoula, MT, USA
72Ween05-31-201018 of 25Main SetLearnin' to LoveBuckingham GreenGeorge, WA, USA
73Ween06-13-201016 of 20Main SetBananas and BlowLearnin' to LoveManchester, TN, USA
74Ween06-24-201017 of 33Main SetMutilated LipsLearnin' to LoveIndianapolis, IN, USA
75Ween06-25-201016 of 29Main SetBananas and BlowLearnin' to LoveChicago, IL, USA
76Ween06-26-2010112 of 28Main SetFlutes of the ChiBananas and BlowSt. Paul, MN, USA
77Ween07-16-2010112 of 31Main SetTouch My TooterDid You See Me?Portland, ME, USA
78Ween07-17-2010110 of 21Main SetBananas and BlowVoodoo LadyMariaville, NY, USA
79Ween07-29-2010113 of 32Main SetThe Stallion pt 3Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Toronto, ON, Canada
80Ween07-30-2010123 of 32Main SetBuckingham GreenLet's DanceDetroit, MI, USA
81Ween07-31-2010120 of 33Main SetLearnin' to LoveYour PartyColumbus, OH, USA
82Ween08-26-2010115 of 30Main SetThe Final AlarmYour PartyTulsa, OK, USA
83Ween08-27-2010120 of 30Main SetLearnin' to LoveYour PartyDallas, TX, USA
84Ween08-28-201017 of 30Main SetLearnin' to LoveTake Me AwayAustin, TX, USA
85Ween09-17-2010117 of 34Main SetThe Final AlarmYour PartyNew York, NY, USA
86Ween10-31-2010112 of 35Main SetYour PartyHappy Colored MarblesBroomfield, CO, USA
87Ween01-24-2011813 of 25Main SetMutilated LipsSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Vancouver, BC, Canada
88Ween01-25-2011119 of 31Main SetLearnin' to LoveYour PartySeattle, WA, USA
89Ween01-26-201117 of 31Main SetLearnin' to LoveUp on the HillPortland, OR, USA
90Ween01-28-201118 of 37Main SetLearnin' to LoveBaby BitchOakland, CA, USA
91Ween01-29-2011110 of 31Main SetLearnin' to LoveThe ArgusLos Angeles, CA, USA
92Ween04-14-201153 of 33Main SetBananas and BlowSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Nashville, TN, USA
93Ween04-15-201115 of 29Main SetEven If You Don'tBananas and BlowAthens, GA, USA
94Ween04-16-201114 of 17Main SetBeacon LightTransdermal CelebrationLive Oak, FL, USA
95Ween05-22-2011410 of 21Main SetLearnin' to LoveBuckingham GreenGulf Shores, AL, USA
96Ween07-02-201145 of 32Main SetEven If You Don'tBananas and BlowBend, OR, USA
97Ween07-03-201114 of 23Main SetBeacon LightTransdermal CelebrationQuincy, CA, USA
98Ween08-05-201117 of 13Main SetDid You See Me?Learnin' to LoveKansas City, KS, USA
99Ween08-06-201115 of 14Main SetBananas and BlowLearnin' to LoveChicago, IL, USA
100Ween10-31-2011913 of 35Main SetDid You See Me?Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)New York, NY, USA
101Ween12-29-201134 of 31Main SetThe Stallion pt 3Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Denver, CO, USA
102Dean Ween and Friends11-28-20122418 of 26Main SetFiestaPandy FacklerAsbury Park, NJ, USA
103Dean Ween and Friends04-14-201355 of 16Main SetA Tear For EddiePandy FacklerNew Hope, PA, USA
104Dean Ween Group03-19-2014204 of 13Main SetPiss Up a RopeThe Width of a CircleNew Hope, PA, USA
105Dean Ween Group03-22-2014113 of 17Main SetMy Time to DieCracked ActorBaltimore, MD, USA
106Dean Ween Group04-11-2014714 of 18Main SetMy Time to DieCracked ActorAsheville, NC, USA
107Dean Ween Group04-12-2014114 of 18Main SetMy Time to DieCracked ActorRaleigh, NC, USA
108Dean Ween Group06-26-2014114 of 19Main SetPiss Up a RopeSweet JaneLancaster, PA, USA
109Dean Ween Group07-17-201445 of 18Main SetThe Width of a CircleDickie BettsHamden, CT, USA
110Dean Ween Group10-30-20142714 of 18Main SetGabrielleDickie BettsAsbury Park, NJ, USA
111Dean Ween Group11-01-201435 of 8Main SetGabrielleI Got to Put the Hammer DownBrooklyn, NY, USA
112Dean Ween Group03-19-2015237 of 25Main SetPink Eye (On My Leg)She Fucks MeCharlotte, NC, USA
113Dean Ween Group03-20-201528 of 24Main SetPink Eye (On My Leg)Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My BrainAtlanta, GA, USA
114Dean Ween Group03-21-2015b35 of 22Main SetSuperstarDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Asheville, NC, USA
115Dean Ween Group06-15-2015919 of 24Main SetBananas and BlowThe MolluskNew York, NY, USA
116Dean Ween Group07-30-201585 of 23Main SetPiss Up a RopeDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Millvale, PA, USA
117Dean Ween Group07-31-201512 of 22Main SetBuckingham GreenA Tear For EddiePhiladelphia, PA, USA
118Dean Ween Group08-05-201535 of 24Main SetPiss Up a RopeIce CastlesBurlington, VT, USA
119Dean Ween Group08-06-201518 of 22Main SetTried and TrueSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Portland, ME, USA
120Dean Ween Group08-07-2015117 of 21Main SetShe Fucks MeIt's Gonna Be a Long NightBoston, MA, USA
121Dean Ween Group08-27-201516 of 23Main SetChuggin'GarryWashington, DC, USA
122Dean Ween Group08-28-201515 of 23Main SetBig JilmChuggin'Greensboro, NC, USA
123Dean Ween Group08-29-2015112 of 18Main SetChuggin'Did You See Me?Charlotte, NC, USA
124Dean Ween Group10-07-2015157 of 21Main SetThe HIV SongDid You See Me?Los Angeles, CA, USA
125Dean Ween Group10-08-201516 of 18Main SetThe Golden EelThe HIV SongSan Francisco, CA, USA
126Dean Ween Group10-09-2015119 of 23Main SetSorry CharlieChuggin'Mill Valley, CA, USA
127Dean Ween Group10-10-201513 of 23Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Dickie BettsLake Tahoe, CA, USA
128Dean Ween Group10-12-201519 of 22Main SetBig JilmI Saw Gener Cryin' in His SleepEugene, OR, USA
129Dean Ween Group10-14-201528 of 24Main SetBuckingham GreenSuperstarPortland, OR, USA
130Dean Ween Group10-16-201519 of 27Main SetI Saw Gener Cryin' in His SleepBig JilmDenver, CO, USA
131Dean Ween Group10-17-201514 of 23Main SetDon't Shit Where You EatDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Denver, CO, USA
132Ween02-12-2016428 of 33Main SetSorry CharlieDon't Laugh (I Love You)Broomfield, CO, USA
133Ween04-16-201665 of 29Main SetNow I'm Freaking OutFat LennyNew York, NY, USA
134Ween08-23-201668 of 31Main SetPiss Up a RopeObjectBoston, MA, USA
135Ween09-16-201669 of 20Main SetObjectMarble Tulip Juicy TreeChicago, IL, USA
136Ween10-15-201659 of 28Main SetThe GrobeBuckingham GreenSan Francisco, CA, USA
137Dean Ween Group10-25-201675 of 14Main SetPink Eye (On My Leg)Dickie BettsSt. Louis, MO, USA
138Dean Ween Group10-28-2016216 of 16EncorePandy FacklerAspen, CO, USA
139Ween11-25-2016310 of 26Main SetTickSorry CharliePort Chester, NY, USA
140Dean Ween Group01-17-201763 of 15Main SetMercedes BenzP.E. Squad (The Doo-Doo Chasers)Cambridge, MA, USA
141Dean Ween Group01-20-201736 of 14Main SetGarryThe Ritz CarltonNew Haven, CT, USA
142Dean Ween Group01-22-201724 of 8Main SetI Saw Gener Cryin' in His SleepThe Ritz CarltonMillvale, PA, USA
143Ween02-19-2017716 of 23Main SetLauraHey There Fancypants (tease)Las Vegas, NV, USA
144Ween03-16-201718 of 25Main SetRoses Are FreeMutilated LipsChicago, IL, USA
145Ween04-20-201727 of 28Main SetThe Stallion pt 3Push th' Little DaisiesCharlottesville, VA, USA
146Ween06-04-201753 of 25Main SetBuckingham GreenLet's DanceBaltimore, MD, USA
147Ween06-07-2017212 of 28Main SetBananas and BlowA Tear For EddieBrooklyn, NY, USA
148Ween06-30-2017415 of 23Main SetYour PartyBig JilmQuincy, CA, USA
149Ween07-16-201764 of 30Main SetBuckingham GreenThe Stallion pt 2Missoula, MT, USA