Kansas City Star

(Roger Miller) - played 36 times

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Jimmy Wilson Group04-28-19994 of 42Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveSquelch the WeaselAsbury Park, NJ, USA
2Jimmy Wilson Group04-28-1999037 of 42Main SetWhere Do the Children Play?There Is a MountainAsbury Park, NJ, USA
3Ween08-16-19992124 of 34Main SetA Tear For EddieMutilated LipsLawrence, KS, USA
4Ween12-09-20021586 of 15Main SetI Don't Want ItChocolate TownBrooklyn, NY, USA
5Gene Ween Band12-10-20082354 of 22Main SetKite Flying ManBoingTeaneck, NJ, USA
6Gene Ween Band12-11-2008110 of 24Main SetBoingMr. SandmanTowson, MD, USA
7Gene Ween Band12-12-2008112 of 25Main SetMr. SandmanBaby Don't Be AfraidWashington, DC, USA
8Gene Ween Band12-13-2008114 of 24Main SetMr. SandmanFinders KeepersAsbury Park, NJ, USA
9Gene Ween Band02-07-200935 of 17Main SetIt Freaks Me OutMr. SandmanBrooklyn, NY, USA
10Gene Ween Band02-12-2009114 of 20Main SetI Fell in Love TodayDC Won't Do You No GoodPhiladelphia, PA, USA
11Gene Ween Band03-20-200914 of 21Main SetDC Won't Do You No GoodBaby Don't Be AfraidCarrboro, NC, USA
12Gene Ween Band03-21-2009122 of 23EncoreThe Stallion pt 4The Chancy BoysCharlotte, NC, USA
13Gene Ween Band03-22-2009110 of 22Main SetI Fell in Love TodayMr. SandmanAtlanta, GA, USA
14Gene Ween Band03-24-200911 of 22Main SetMountains and BuffaloNashville, TN, USA
15Gene Ween Band03-25-2009120 of 22Main SetIt's Not CoolSledgehammerAthens, GA, USA
16Gene Ween Band03-26-2009116 of 23Main SetI Fell in Love TodayFriendsAsheville, NC, USA
17Gene Ween Band04-09-2009312 of 21Main SetI Fell in Love TodayHawakawani SayIthaca, NY, USA
18Gene Ween Band04-11-2009113 of 20Main SetBoingLet's Get DivorcedNew Haven, CT, USA
19Gene Ween Band04-18-2009112 of 19Main SetIt's Not CoolIt Freaks Me OutNorthampton, MA, USA
20Gene Ween Band05-21-2009612 of 21Main SetI Fell in Love TodayIt's Not CoolBrooklyn, NY, USA
21Gene Ween12-11-20106823 of 30Main SetStay ForeverYou Were the FoolCarrboro, NC, USA
22Ween01-24-2011324 of 25Main SetSarahDon't Sweat ItVancouver, BC, Canada
23Gene Ween03-18-2011725 of 25EncoreCaptain FantasyPawtucket, RI, USA
24Gene Ween05-06-201161 of 22Main SetOoh Va LaNew Orleans, LA, USA
25Gene Ween05-07-201119 of 22Main SetDeep CalmDemon SweatNew Orleans, LA, USA
26Gene Ween06-17-201136 of 22Main SetBirthday BoyRight to the Ways and the Rules of the WorldMinneapolis, MN, USA
27Gene Ween09-09-2011722 of 22EncoreOld ManDekalb, IL, USA
28Gene Ween09-10-201119 of 24Main SetSpirit WalkerDemon SweatMilwaukee, WI, USA
29Gene Ween09-17-201115 of 11Main SetThe Stallion pt 3You Were the FoolBaltimore, MD, USA
30Gene Ween09-21-201113 of 6Main SetThe Needle and the Damage DoneOoh Va LaWoodstock, NY, USA
31Gene Ween09-22-201119 of 10Main SetHappy Colored MarblesPolka Dot TailWoodstock, NY, USA
32Gene Ween09-30-201121 of 20Main SetStay ForeverFort Worth, TX, USA
33Gene Ween11-23-201121 of 26Main SetFlutes of the ChiNew Hope, PA, USA
34Gene Ween12-03-201111 of 25Main SetMountains and BuffaloBrooklyn, NY, USA
35Gene Ween04-27-20133217 of 24Main SetSo Long JerryWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutBurlington, VT, USA
36Gene Ween09-06-201339 of 17Main SetObjectOoh Va LaBellevue, NE, USA