(Claude Coleman Jr) - played 49 times

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Ween01-25-199520 of 25Main SetVallejoVallejoNew York, NY, USA
2Ween08-27-199914330 of 35Main SetNever SquealNever SquealPlainview, NY, USA
3Ween04-03-20019230 of 36EncoreNever SquealNever SquealCharleston, SC, USA
4Ween08-28-20011632 of 33EncoreNever SquealNever SquealSan Francisco, CA, USA
5Ween08-31-2001226 of 35Main SetNever SquealNever SquealPortland, OR, USA
6Ween04-19-20021231 of 32EncoreNever SquealNever SquealAsheville, NC, USA
7Ween04-21-2002230 of 31EncoreNever SquealNever SquealNorth Charleston, SC, USA
8Ween04-26-2002432 of 32EncoreNever SquealNever SquealColumbia, MO, USA
9Ween05-03-2002225 of 28Main SetNever SquealImprov/JamHaverford, PA, USA
10Ween10-11-200411132 of 34EncoreNever SquealNever SquealSeattle, WA, USA
11Ween10-15-2004327 of 32Main SetNever SquealNever SquealVentura, CA, USA
12Ween10-17-2004229 of 33Main SetNever SquealNever SquealSan Diego, CA, USA
13Ween10-03-20051028 of 33Main SetNever SquealNever SquealBurlington, VT, USA
14Ween10-27-2005337 of 37EncoreNever SquealNever SquealWashington, DC, USA
15Ween10-31-2005232 of 35EncoreNever SquealNever SquealLas Vegas, NV, USA
16Ween12-02-2005524 of 36Main SetNever SquealNever SquealBoulder, CO, USA
17Ween04-08-2006537 of 37EncoreNever SquealNever SquealSt. Petersburg, FL, USA
18Ween07-21-20061027 of 36Main SetNever SquealNever SquealSan Francisco, CA, USA
19Ween05-03-20072316 of 32Main SetNever SquealNever SquealOxford, MS, USA
20Ween06-23-2007930 of 30EncoreNever SquealNever SquealAsbury Park, NJ, USA
21Ween08-10-2007431 of 32EncoreNever SquealNever SquealAustin, TX, USA
22Ween10-22-2007630 of 311st EncoreNever SquealNever SquealSt. Louis, MO, USA
23Ween11-08-2007831 of 31EncoreNever SquealNever SquealLos Angeles, CA, USA
24Ween12-01-20071430 of 31EncoreNever SquealNever SquealNew York, NY, USA
25Ween01-29-2008619 of 31Main SetNever SquealNever SquealAtlanta, GA, USA
26Ween03-07-20081130 of 35Main SetNever SquealNever SquealMelbourne, VIC, Australia
27Ween03-07-2008035 of 352nd EncoreImprov/JamMelbourne, VIC, Australia
28Ween03-10-2008241 of 441st EncoreI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotImprov/JamHonolulu, HI, USA
29Ween07-12-20081229 of 31Main SetNever SquealNever SquealTulsa, OK, USA
30Ween07-17-2008533 of 33EncoreNever SquealDenver, CO, USA
31Ween07-17-20093818 of 34Main SetNever SquealNever SquealDewey Beach, DE, USA
32Ween09-04-20091133 of 33EncoreNever SquealNever SquealFlagstaff, AZ, USA
33Ween06-25-20103129 of 29EncoreNever SquealNever SquealChicago, IL, USA
34Ween07-30-2010528 of 32Main SetNever SquealNever SquealDetroit, MI, USA
35Ween01-28-20111737 of 37EncoreNever SquealNever SquealOakland, CA, USA
36Ween09-02-20112013 of 20Main SetNever SquealNever SquealMohawk, NY, USA
37Ween12-30-20111227 of 30Main SetNever SquealNever SquealDenver, CO, USA
38Dean Ween Group06-16-201513018 of 24Main SetNever SquealNever SquealNew York, NY, USA
39Dean Ween Group08-28-20151520 of 23Main SetNever SquealNever SquealGreensboro, NC, USA
40Gene Ween Band09-26-2015615 of 20Main SetVoodoo LadyVoodoo LadyAtlanta, GA, USA
41Gene Ween Band10-07-2015917 of 19Main SetVoodoo LadyVoodoo LadyRochester, NY, USA
42Dean Ween Group10-12-2015522 of 22Main SetDickie BettsDickie BettsEugene, OR, USA
43Ween02-14-20161027 of 32Main SetNever SquealNever SquealBroomfield, CO, USA
44Ween04-15-2016333 of 35Main SetNever SquealImprov/JamNew York, NY, USA
45Ween08-28-20161017 of 18Main SetNever SquealNever SquealPortland, OR, USA
46Dean Ween Group01-17-20172615 of 15Main SetPandy FacklerCambridge, MA, USA
47Dean Ween Group02-04-2017915 of 16Main SetFingerbangin'Fingerbangin'Dallas, TX, USA
48Ween03-17-201758 of 29Main SetNever SquealNever SquealChicago, IL, USA
49Ween04-21-2017212 of 28Main SetNever SquealNever SquealAsheville, NC, USA