Chocolate Town

by Ween - played 106 times

Appears on Quebec

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Ween02-07-20024 of 31Set IBack to BasomShe's Your BabyTrenton, NJ, USA
2Ween02-21-200213 of 28Set IWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Bryn Mawr, PA, USA
3Ween12-09-2002307 of 15Main SetKansas City StarYou Were the FoolBrooklyn, NY, USA
4Ween04-09-200356 of 23Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Roses Are FreeNew Hope, PA, USA
5Ween05-08-200383 of 33Main SetDon't Shit Where You EatMutilated LipsUrbana, IL, USA
6Ween08-08-2003174 of 29Main SetYou Were the FoolJoppa RoadMartha's Vineyard, MA, USA
7Ween08-09-200312 of 30Main SetBirthday BoyMutilated LipsPhiladelphia, PA, USA
8Ween10-08-2003192 of 31Main SetBirthday BoyMutilated LipsMissoula, MT, USA
9Ween10-10-2003a12 of 8Main SetDon't Shit Where You EatTried and TrueDenver, CO, USA
10Ween11-03-2003a62 of 5Main SetDon't Shit Where You EatTried and TrueToronto, ON, Canada
11Ween11-08-200342 of 33Main SetBirthday BoyTried and TrueChicago, IL, USA
12Ween10-03-20042719 of 40Main SetStroker AceTried and TrueTrenton, NJ, USA
13Ween10-14-2004523 of 38Main SetMutilated LipsBirthday BoySanta Cruz, CA, USA
14Ween10-16-2004220 of 39Main SetI'm Holding YouI Don't Want ItLos Angeles, CA, USA
15Ween10-03-20051122 of 33Main SetShe's Your BabyI Don't Want ItBurlington, VT, USA
16Ween10-26-2005219 of 36Main SetPuerto Rican PowerHelp Me Scrape the Mucus Off My BrainAtlantic City, NJ, USA
17Ween12-03-200592 of 40Main SetBirthday BoyHelp Me Scrape the Mucus Off My BrainBoulder, CO, USA
18Ween07-21-2006142 of 36Main SetBirthday BoyTried and TrueSan Francisco, CA, USA
19Ween07-23-200622 of 30Main SetDon't Shit Where You EatMutilated LipsReno, NV, USA
20Ween07-29-2006417 of 27Main SetThe MolluskTried and TrueMorrison, CO, USA
21Harford, Freeman & Melchiondo11-29-2006925 of 36Main SetBirthday BoyTender SituationNew Hope, PA, USA
22Ween06-09-2007112 of 28Main SetBirthday BoyTried and TrueMontreal, QC, Canada
23Ween06-10-2007116 of 32Main SetExactly Where I'm AtTried and TrueHampton Beach, NH, USA
24Ween08-10-2007918 of 32Main SetPandy FacklerBirthday BoyAustin, TX, USA
25Ween10-23-2007717 of 33Main SetMutilated LipsTried and TrueColumbus, OH, USA
26Ween11-10-200792 of 35Main SetBirthday BoyMutilated LipsSan Francisco, CA, USA
27Ween11-14-200732 of 32Main SetBirthday BoyMutilated LipsVancouver, BC, Canada
28Ween11-24-200742 of 35Main SetBirthday BoyMutilated LipsUpper Darby, PA, USA
29Ween05-11-20082715 of 31Main SetTried and TrueThe MolluskParis, France
30Ween07-11-2008821 of 34Main SetBoy's Club (unfinished)Tried and TrueFayetteville, AR, USA
31Gene Ween01-30-20091410 of 24Main SetChocolate Town (unfinished)Tried and True (unfinished)Chicago, IL, USA
32Gene Ween01-31-200915 of 16Main SetStay ForeverTried and TrueChicago, IL, USA
33Gene Ween04-02-2009a911 of 24Main SetThe Golden EelPuffy CloudBordentown, NJ, USA
34Gene Ween05-09-2009517 of 23Set IITried and TrueLittle BirdyDenver, CO, USA
35Gene Ween05-11-200923 of 23Set IBirthday BoyHelp Me Scrape the Mucus Off My BrainBoulder, CO, USA
36Gene Ween06-16-200955 of 26Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Your PartySan Francisco, CA, USA
37Gene Ween06-17-2009110 of 26Main SetBananas and BlowYour PartySan Francisco, CA, USA
38Gene Ween06-19-200929 of 23Main SetBaby BitchFreedom of '76Seattle, WA, USA
39Gene Ween08-14-2009714 of 29Set IPush th' Little DaisiesI Don't Want ItToronto, ON, Canada
40Gene Ween08-15-200912 of 29Set ITried and TrueShe's Your BabyBuffalo, NY, USA
41Gene Ween08-16-2009a16 of 20Main SetYour PartyBack to BasomPittsburgh, PA, USA
42Gene Ween01-16-20101612 of 21Main SetStay ForeverOh My Dear (Falling in Love)Philadelphia, PA, USA
43Gene Ween01-29-201018 of 21Main SetThe Chancy BoysSpirit WalkerNew York, NY, USA
44Gene Ween02-12-201012 of 10Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveI Don't Want to Leave You on the FarmDekalb, IL, USA
45Gene Ween02-14-2010215 of 23Main SetRight to the Ways and the Rules of the WorldThe GrobeMadison, WI, USA
46Gene Ween02-24-2010219 of 23EncoreDon't Shit Where You EatNow I'm Freaking OutAustin, TX, USA
47Gene Ween02-26-2010220 of 25EncoreDon't Shit Where You EatBananas and BlowAustin, TX, USA
48Gene Ween03-26-2010120 of 20EncoreDon't Laugh (I Love You)Syracuse, NY, USA
49Gene Ween03-27-2010122 of 25EncoreMutilated LipsObjectRochester, NY, USA
50Gene Ween03-28-2010115 of 22Main SetThe Stallion pt 3Tried and TrueRochester, NY, USA
51Gene Ween05-09-201051 of 24Main SetNow I'm Freaking OutNew Hope, PA, USA
52Ween07-30-20101120 of 32Main SetTried and TrueI Don't Want ItDetroit, MI, USA
53Gene Ween11-12-2010711 of 22Main SetYou Were the FoolOoh Va LaBloomington, IN, USA
54Gene Ween11-13-2010116 of 19Main SetOld ManDon't Shit Where You EatLexington, KY, USA
55Gene Ween12-02-201016 of 26Main SetShe's Your BabyThe GrobeBrooklyn, NY, USA
56Gene Ween12-10-2010120 of 27Main SetTried and TrueDon't Laugh (I Love You)Charlottesville, VA, USA
57Gene Ween12-16-201021 of 27Main SetI Don't Want to Leave You on the FarmTeaneck, NJ, USA
58Gene Ween12-17-201012 of 23Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveTried and TrueWashington, DC, USA
59Ween01-28-2011416 of 37Main SetVoodoo LadyTried and TrueOakland, CA, USA
60Gene Ween02-26-201135 of 24Main SetSpirit WalkerShe Fucks MeHarrisburg, PA, USA
61Gene Ween03-18-201113 of 25Main SetMountains and BuffaloDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Pawtucket, RI, USA
62Gene Ween03-19-2011118 of 27Main SetBirthday BoyNow I'm Freaking OutBoston, MA, USA
63Gene Ween04-23-2011421 of 25EncoreThe ArgusYour PartyPhiladelphia, PA, USA
64Gene Ween05-06-2011114 of 22Main SetThere Is a MountainCaptain FantasyNew Orleans, LA, USA
65Gene Ween06-17-201143 of 22Main SetNow I'm Freaking OutThe Stallion pt 4Minneapolis, MN, USA
66Gene Ween09-10-201182 of 24Main SetThe ArgusThe Chancy BoysMilwaukee, WI, USA
67Gene Ween09-29-201142 of 24Main SetThe Needle and the Damage DoneBaby BitchAustin, TX, USA
68Gene Ween09-30-2011117 of 20Main SetLoop de Loop (tease)The ArgusFort Worth, TX, USA
69Gene Ween11-23-2011212 of 26Main SetDeep CalmRight to the Ways and the Rules of the WorldNew Hope, PA, USA
70Gene Ween12-03-2011114 of 25Main SetHappy Colored MarblesRight to the Ways and the Rules of the WorldBrooklyn, NY, USA
71Ween12-30-2011210 of 30Main SetMonique the FreakJoppa RoadDenver, CO, USA
72Gene Ween07-28-201288 of 21Main SetTried and TrueSo Long JerryWellfleet, MA, USA
73Gene Ween08-11-201237 of 23Main SetMore Than the WorldThe ArgusMillvale, PA, USA
74Gene Ween09-14-201216 of 20Main SetA Man AloneThe Chancy BoysMinneapolis, MN, USA
75Gene Ween09-15-201215 of 20Main SetYour PartyObjectChicago, IL, USA
76Gene Ween09-16-201215 of 21Main SetYour PartyObjectMadison, WI, USA
77Gene Ween10-05-201215 of 20Main SetYour PartyObjectAustin, TX, USA
78Gene Ween10-06-201214 of 20Main SetStay ForeverYour PartyDallas, TX, USA
79Gene Ween10-16-2012118 of 21Main SetNature ManStay ForeverPortland, OR, USA
80Gene Ween10-17-201212 of 6Main SetYour PartyKite Flying ManSeattle, WA, USA
81Gene Ween10-20-201223 of 7Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutDemon SweatLos Angeles, CA, USA
82Gene Ween11-02-201214 of 24Main SetSpirit WalkerYour PartyBoulder, CO, USA
83Gene Ween11-03-201211 of 5Main SetLullabyDenver, CO, USA
84Gene Ween11-30-201225 of 21Main SetYour PartyObjectWashington, DC, USA
85Gene Ween02-21-201335 of 18Main SetYour PartyThe ArgusMiami, FL, USA
86Gene Ween04-26-201328 of 21Main SetObjectThe MolluskFall River, MA, USA
87Gene Ween04-27-201314 of 24Main SetSpirit WalkerYour PartyBurlington, VT, USA
88Gene Ween05-08-201314 of 11Main SetI Don't Want to Leave You on the FarmTried and TrueCollinsville, CT, USA
89Gene Ween09-06-201322 of 17Main SetAs I Love My OwnStay ForeverBellevue, NE, USA
90Gene Ween09-21-201316 of 15Main SetTried and TrueBirthday BoyUtopia, TX, USA
91Gene Ween12-30-2014725 of 19Main SetFlutes of the ChiYour PartyNashville, TN, USA
92Gene Ween01-14-201514 of 19Main SetFlutes of the ChiYour PartyAnnapolis, MD, USA
93Gene Ween01-15-2015b24 of 19Main SetFlutes of the ChiYour PartyAsbury Park, NJ, USA
94Gene Ween01-16-201514 of 20Main SetFlutes of the ChiYour PartyArdmore, PA, USA
95Gene Ween01-29-201524 of 23Main SetFlutes of the ChiYour PartyChicago, IL, USA
96Gene Ween03-20-201544 of 18Main SetFlutes of the ChiYour PartyNew York, NY, USA
97Gene Ween03-21-201534 of 20Main SetFlutes of the ChiYour PartyYork, PA, USA
98Ween02-14-20165614 of 32Main SetBirthday BoyDrifter in the DarkBroomfield, CO, USA
99Ween04-14-2016218 of 31Main SetPandy FacklerLittle BirdyNew York, NY, USA
100Ween08-21-2016721 of 31Main SetKim SmoltzTried and TruePhiladelphia, PA, USA
101Ween10-15-2016122 of 28Main SetBirthday BoyTried and TrueSan Francisco, CA, USA
102Ween03-17-20173214 of 29Main SetZoloftTried and TrueChicago, IL, USA
103Ween06-03-2017517 of 21Main SetBack to BasomIt's Gonna Be a Long NightNelsonville, OH, USA
104Ween06-07-201731 of 28Main SetTried and TrueBrooklyn, NY, USA
105Ween06-09-2017114 of 26Main SetBuckingham GreenShe's Your BabyCooperstown, NY, USA
106Ween09-01-20171512 of 26Main SetOcean ManTried and TrueLincoln, NE, USA

Chocolate Town

- not really played 2 times

#BandDateTypeCity, St/Pr, Country
1Gene Ween01-30-2009unfinishedChicago, IL, USA
2Gene Ween09-14-2012teaseMinneapolis, MN, USA