Baby Don't Be Afraid

by Ween - played 20 times

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Gene Ween06-25-20062 of 4Main SetGener's GoneSpirit WalkerNew York, NY, USA
2Harford, Freeman & Melchiondo11-29-20061812 of 36Main SetTo Understand YouDragon FlyNew Hope, PA, USA
3Gene Ween Band12-10-20088912 of 22Main SetGener's GoneIt Freaks Me OutTeaneck, NJ, USA
4Gene Ween Band12-11-200814 of 24Main SetGreg the BunnyIt Freaks Me OutTowson, MD, USA
5Gene Ween Band12-12-2008113 of 25Main SetKansas City StarBoingWashington, DC, USA
6Gene Ween Band12-13-200814 of 24Main SetBlue BalloonIt Freaks Me OutAsbury Park, NJ, USA
7Gene Ween Band02-07-200933 of 17Main SetI Fell in Love TodayIt Freaks Me OutBrooklyn, NY, USA
8Gene Ween Band02-12-200914 of 20Main SetI'll Miss YouBoingPhiladelphia, PA, USA
9Gene Ween Band03-20-200915 of 21Main SetKansas City StarIt Freaks Me OutCarrboro, NC, USA
10Gene Ween Band03-21-200913 of 23Main SetBoingIt Freaks Me OutCharlotte, NC, USA
11Gene Ween Band03-22-200913 of 22Main SetThe Stallion pt 4It Freaks Me OutAtlanta, GA, USA
12Gene Ween Band03-24-200915 of 22Main SetOoh Va LaIt Freaks Me OutNashville, TN, USA
13Gene Ween Band03-25-200913 of 22Main SetThe Stallion pt 4It Freaks Me OutAthens, GA, USA
14Gene Ween Band03-26-200913 of 23Main SetMountains and BuffaloMr. SandmanAsheville, NC, USA
15Gene Ween Band04-09-200934 of 21Main SetThanks and PraisesIt Freaks Me OutIthaca, NY, USA
16Gene Ween Band04-11-200915 of 20Main SetMr. SandmanIt Freaks Me OutNew Haven, CT, USA
17Gene Ween Band04-18-200913 of 19Main SetThanks and PraisesHawakawani SayNorthampton, MA, USA
18Gene Ween Band05-21-200965 of 21Main SetMr. SandmanIt Freaks Me OutBrooklyn, NY, USA
19Gene Ween Band05-30-200915 of 15Main SetKite Flying ManIt Freaks Me OutHunter, NY, USA
20Gene Ween12-11-20106716 of 30Main SetBooze Me Up and Get Me HighOoh Va LaCarrboro, NC, USA