Thanks and Praises

(Gene Ween Band) - played 15 times

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Gene Ween Band12-11-200820 of 24EncoreSledgehammerHang on to YourselfTowson, MD, USA
2Gene Ween Band12-12-200812 of 25Main SetIt's Not CoolBlue BalloonWashington, DC, USA
3Gene Ween Band12-13-2008120 of 24EncoreThe Stallion pt 4I Fell in Love TodayAsbury Park, NJ, USA
4Gene Ween Band02-07-2009311 of 17Main SetOoh Va LaGener's GoneBrooklyn, NY, USA
5Gene Ween Band02-12-200919 of 20Main SetGreg the BunnyKite Flying ManPhiladelphia, PA, USA
6Gene Ween Band03-20-2009114 of 21Main SetWho Say YouOoh Va LaCarrboro, NC, USA
7Gene Ween Band03-21-2009114 of 23Main SetSo Long JerryLet's Get DivorcedCharlotte, NC, USA
8Gene Ween Band03-22-200916 of 22Main SetI'll Miss YouKite Flying ManAtlanta, GA, USA
9Gene Ween Band03-24-2009110 of 22Main SetBlue BalloonI Fell in Love TodayNashville, TN, USA
10Gene Ween Band03-25-2009113 of 22Main SetSo Long JerryLet's Get DivorcedAthens, GA, USA
11Gene Ween Band03-26-2009111 of 23Main SetBlue BalloonHawakawani SayAsheville, NC, USA
12Gene Ween Band04-09-200933 of 21Main SetDeep CalmBaby Don't Be AfraidIthaca, NY, USA
13Gene Ween Band04-18-200922 of 19Main SetMountains and BuffaloBaby Don't Be AfraidNorthampton, MA, USA
14Gene Ween Band05-21-200968 of 21Main SetHawakawani SayBoingBrooklyn, NY, USA
15Gene Ween Band05-30-200919 of 15Main SetHawakawani SayOoh Va LaHunter, NY, USA