Keep the Fire Alive

(Moistboyz) - played 32 times

Appears on Moistboyz II

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Moistboyz09-19-20025 of 14Main SetGreat American Zero1.0 (Fuck No)New York, NY, USA
2Moistboyz09-24-200215 of 14Main SetGreat American Zero1.0 (Fuck No)Hoboken, NJ, USA
3Moistboyz10-16-200256 of 15Main SetShitheel1.0 (Fuck No)New Hope, PA, USA
4Moistboyz11-15-200236 of 14Main SetShitheel1.0 (Fuck No)Philadelphia, PA, USA
5Moistboyz11-19-200216 of 15Main SetShitheel1.0 (Fuck No)Asbury Park, NJ, USA
6Moistboyz01-25-200345 of 11Main SetGreat American ZeroU BlowDoylestown, PA, USA
7Moistboyz02-01-200315 of 13Main SetGreat American ZeroU BlowCambridge, MA, USA
8Moistboyz08-22-2004815 of 13Main SetGreat American ZeroU BlowNew Hope, PA, USA
9Moistboyz09-10-200418 of 15Main Set1.0 (Fuck No)RoyDoylestown, PA, USA
10Moistboyz08-06-20051412 of 15Main Set1.0 (Fuck No)RoyNew Brunswick, NJ, USA
11Moistboyz08-26-2005211 of 18Main SetThat's What Rock and Roll Can DoThe Year of the MaggotNew Hope, PA, USA
12Moistboyz09-10-200519 of 18Main Set1.0 (Fuck No)The Year of the MaggotNew York, NY, USA
13Moistboyz09-16-2005110 of 18Main Set1.0 (Fuck No)CrankChicago, IL, USA
14Moistboyz09-17-2005111 of 17Main Set1.0 (Fuck No)White TrashCleveland, OH, USA
15Moistboyz11-02-2005810 of 18Main Set1.0 (Fuck No)CrankPortland, OR, USA
16Moistboyz02-21-2006610 of 17Main Set1.0 (Fuck No)RoyPhiladelphia, PA, USA
17Moistboyz02-26-200615 of 6Main SetThe SpikeFuck YouBrooklyn, NY, USA
18Moistboyz07-22-20122519 of 9Main SetThe SpikeNew Hope, PA, USA
19Moistboyz07-23-201212 of 4Main SetSupersoaker MD501.0 (Fuck No)Pipersville, PA, USA
20Moistboyz12-04-20133010 of 10Main SetThe FuryNew Hope, PA, USA
21Moistboyz12-07-2013216 of 16Main SetThe FuryNew York, NY, USA
22Moistboyz12-09-2013118 of 18Main SetThe FuryRochester, NY, USA
23Moistboyz12-14-2013317 of 18Main SetThe TweakerGood Morning AmericaCleveland, OH, USA
24Moistboyz02-28-2014218 of 18Main SetGood Morning AmericaLos Angeles, CA, USA
25Moistboyz03-01-2014117 of 17Main SetGood Morning AmericaSan Francisco, CA, USA
26Moistboyz03-06-2014218 of 18Main SetGood Morning AmericaPortland, OR, USA
27Moistboyz03-28-2014313 of 13Main SetGood Morning AmericaAustin, TX, USA
28Moistboyz03-29-2014119 of 19Main SetGood Morning AmericaDallas, TX, USA
29Moistboyz04-01-201426 of 10Main SetGood Morning AmericaDown on the FarmDenver, CO, USA
30Moistboyz04-02-201414 of 4Main SetPaperboyBoulder, CO, USA
31Moistboyz04-05-2014118 of 18Main SetGood Morning AmericaMinneapolis, MN, USA
32Moistboyz10-02-201510118 of 18Main Set1.0 (Fuck No)Pipersville, PA, USA