Captain America

(Moistboyz) - played 24 times

Appears on Moistboyz IV

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Moistboyz08-05-20055 of 14Main SetWhite TrashOfficer PleaseDoylestown, PA, USA
2Moistboyz08-06-200513 of 15Main SetU BlowFive Time LoserNew Brunswick, NJ, USA
3Moistboyz08-26-200524 of 18Main SetThe TweakerWhite TrashNew Hope, PA, USA
4Moistboyz09-10-2005111 of 18Main SetThe Year of the MaggotCrankNew York, NY, USA
5Moistboyz09-16-200516 of 18Main SetThe TweakerIn the Valley of the SunChicago, IL, USA
6Moistboyz09-17-200515 of 17Main SetThe TweakerFive Time LoserCleveland, OH, USA
7Moistboyz11-02-200586 of 18Main SetThe TweakerIn the Valley of the SunPortland, OR, USA
8Moistboyz02-21-200667 of 17Main SetThe TweakerFive Time LoserPhiladelphia, PA, USA
9Moistboyz07-22-20122523 of 9Main SetFive Time LoserThe Year of the MaggotNew Hope, PA, USA
10Dean Ween and Friends11-28-2012188 of 26Main SetPiss Up a Rope1.0 (Fuck No)Asbury Park, NJ, USA
11Moistboyz12-04-2013134 of 10Main SetMedusaOne Cut At a TimeNew Hope, PA, USA
12Moistboyz12-07-201326 of 16Main SetThe SpikeAmerica the Beautiful (tease)New York, NY, USA
13Moistboyz12-09-201316 of 18Main SetThe SpikeDown on the FarmRochester, NY, USA
14Moistboyz12-11-201315 of 14Main SetThe SpikeThe FuryColumbus, OH, USA
15Moistboyz12-13-201312 of 5Main SetU Blow1.0 (Fuck No)Chicago, IL, USA
16Moistboyz12-14-201316 of 18Main SetThe SpikeHanging By a ThreadCleveland, OH, USA
17Moistboyz02-28-201426 of 18Main SetThe SpikeThe Year of the MaggotLos Angeles, CA, USA
18Moistboyz03-01-201416 of 17Main SetThe SpikeThe Year of the MaggotSan Francisco, CA, USA
19Moistboyz03-06-201426 of 18Main SetThe SpikeThe Year of the MaggotPortland, OR, USA
20Moistboyz03-28-201434 of 13Main SetHigh and MightyThat's What Rock and Roll Can DoAustin, TX, USA
21Moistboyz03-29-201416 of 19Main SetThe SpikeThe Year of the MaggotDallas, TX, USA
22Moistboyz04-01-201428 of 10Main SetDown on the FarmPaperboyDenver, CO, USA
23Moistboyz04-05-201426 of 18Main SetThe SpikeThe Year of the MaggotMinneapolis, MN, USA
24Moistboyz10-02-20151019 of 18Main SetMy WarI'm Gonna Kick Your AssPipersville, PA, USA