Drifter in the Dark

by Ween - played 57 times

Appears on Chocolate and Cheese

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Ween09-29-199318 of 21Main SetLMLYPFat LennyNew Brunswick, NJ, USA
2Ween09-01-1994163 of 19Main SetDon't Shit Where You EatPork Roll Egg and CheeseNew Brunswick, NJ, USA
3Ween12-28-19941518 of 26Set IIThe Stallion pt 3Touch My TooterNew Hope, PA, USA
4Ween01-22-199543 of 18Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Big JilmBuffalo, NY, USA
5Ween01-24-1995a15 of 5Main SetVoodoo LadyNew York, NY, USA
6Ween01-24-1995b15 of 31Main SetBaby BitchDon't Shit Where You EatNew York, NY, USA
7Ween02-05-1995511 of 28Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Doctor RockSt. Petersburg, FL, USA
8Ween04-20-1995b518 of 21Main SetDon't Shit Where You EatThe Stallion pt 3Melbourne, VIC, Australia
9Ween06-03-199519 of 26Main SetPuerto Rican PowerThe Stallion pt 3New Hope, PA, USA
10Ween06-04-1995112 of 21Main SetA Tear For EddieBaby BitchWarrington, PA, USA
11Ween06-16-1995116 of 23Main SetA Tear For EddieWeed WhorePhiladelphia, PA, USA
12Ween04-18-1996316 of 23Main SetKokoBuckingham GreenNew Brunswick, NJ, USA
13Ween07-24-19973340 of 412nd EncoreVoodoo LadyPork Roll Egg and CheeseLawrence, KS, USA
14Ween11-02-19999930 of 35EncorePiss Up a RopeSorry CharliePittsburgh, PA, USA
15Ween11-07-1999532 of 34EncorePuffy CloudRiders on the StormSomerville, MA, USA
16Ween06-30-2000a3916 of 21Main SetSketches of WinkleRight to the Ways and the Rules of the WorldVenice, CA, USA
17Ween06-30-2000b128 of 29EncoreBig JilmFluffyPomona, CA, USA
18Ween07-08-2000722 of 34Main SetBig JilmLittle BirdyAustin, TX, USA
19Ween07-10-2000115 of 34Main SetPiss Up a RopeWaving My Dick in the WindNew Orleans, LA, USA
20Ween07-12-2000120 of 28Main SetIce CastlesOcean ManBirmingham, AL, USA
21Ween07-15-2000224 of 31Main SetVoodoo LadyWaving My Dick in the WindSt. Petersburg, FL, USA
22Ween07-19-2000323 of 34Main SetExactly Where I'm AtI Saw Gener Cryin' in His SleepAthens, GA, USA
23Ween07-21-2000229 of 29EncoreThe EnablerPittsburgh, PA, USA
24Ween08-23-2000522 of 27Main SetVoodoo LadyMister Richard SmokerMalmo, Sweden
25Ween08-30-2000522 of 35Main SetVoodoo LadyMister Richard SmokerAmsterdam, Netherlands
26Ween09-02-2000229 of 34EncoreExactly Where I'm AtMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Munich, Germany
27Ween09-06-2000224 of 36Main SetPandy FacklerI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotParis, France
28Ween09-07-2000122 of 35Main SetVoodoo LadyMister Richard SmokerLondon, England
29Ween03-23-2001432 of 36EncoreTender SituationStroker AceSeabright, NJ, USA
30Ween03-25-2001132 of 36EncoreStroker AceHelp Me Scrape the Mucus Off My BrainWinooski, VT, USA
31Ween03-26-2001135 of 36EncoreReggaejunkiejewBuenas Tardes AmigoNorthampton, MA, USA
32Ween03-27-2001134 of 371st EncoreFat LennyHomo RainbowBoston, MA, USA
33Ween03-29-2001122 of 31Main SetReggaejunkiejewBaby BitchBuffalo, NY, USA
34Ween03-30-2001133 of 34EncoreOhioLMLYPColumbus, OH, USA
35Ween04-02-2001234 of 38EncorePut the Coke on My DickHomo RainbowAthens, GA, USA
36Ween04-05-2001328 of 34EncoreThe Blarney StoneHomo RainbowWashington, DC, USA
37Gene Ween09-14-20041429 of 24Main SetSquelch the WeaselDon't Shit Where You EatNew York, NY, USA
38Ween12-01-20052922 of 31Main SetReggaejunkiejewTried and TrueBoulder, CO, USA
39Ween07-25-20061917 of 32Main SetHelp Me Scrape the Mucus Off My BrainDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Bend, OR, USA
40Ween08-01-2006531 of 35EncoreHelp Me Scrape the Mucus Off My BrainMutilated LipsMinneapolis, MN, USA
41Ween11-13-20074630 of 32EncoreLullabyHelp Me Scrape the Mucus Off My BrainSeattle, WA, USA
42Ween11-26-2007629 of 32EncoreFiestaBooze Me Up and Get Me HighBurlington, VT, USA
43Ween02-01-20081228 of 31EncoreFiestaPiss Up a RopeSt. Petersburg, FL, USA
44Ween03-10-20081138 of 441st EncoreTickPut the Coke on My DickHonolulu, HI, USA
45Ween07-13-20081327 of 30EncoreSomedayBooze Me Up and Get Me HighKansas City, MO, USA
46Ween09-02-20095228 of 34Main SetThe Goin' Gets Tough From the GetgoBuckingham GreenAnaheim, CA, USA
47Gene Ween06-18-20116925 of 26EncoreThe ArgusBuenas Tardes AmigoSt. Paul, MN, USA
48Ween12-30-20111713 of 30Main SetFlutes of the ChiSquelch the WeaselDenver, CO, USA
49Gene Ween05-09-2012216 of 182nd EncoreSeasons in the SunBirthday BoyNew York, NY, USA
50Gene Ween06-21-2012216 of 19EncoreSeasons in the SunI Fell in Love TodayPhiladelphia, PA, USA
51Gene Ween07-28-2012418 of 21Main SetRight to the Ways and the Rules of the WorldThe GrobeWellfleet, MA, USA
52Ween02-14-201616715 of 32Main SetChocolate TownThe MolluskBroomfield, CO, USA
53Ween04-16-2016423 of 29Main SetSorry CharlieShe Fucks MeNew York, NY, USA
54Ween09-15-20161118 of 30Main SetMister Would You Please Help My Pony?The MolluskSt. Paul, MN, USA
55Ween11-26-20161926 of 28EncoreFiestaSomedayPort Chester, NY, USA
56Ween06-07-20172724 of 28Main SetOver the Hills and Far Away (tease)Powder BlueBrooklyn, NY, USA
57Ween07-14-201799 of 29Main SetKim SmoltzI Don't Want ItDenver, CO, USA