(Dean Ween Group) - played 54 times

Appears on The Deaner Album

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Dean Ween Group03-19-20148 of 13Main SetBumsGabrielleNew Hope, PA, USA
2Dean Ween Group03-22-201417 of 17Main SetBumsPussy on My PillowBaltimore, MD, USA
3Dean Ween Group04-11-201478 of 18Main SetBumsPussy on My PillowAsheville, NC, USA
4Dean Ween Group04-12-201417 of 18Main SetBumsPussy on My PillowRaleigh, NC, USA
5Dean Ween Group06-26-201416 of 19Main SetNightcrawlerBumsLancaster, PA, USA
6Dean Ween Group06-27-201416 of 10Main SetNightcrawlerBumsBig Flats, NY, USA
7Dean Ween Group06-28-201415 of 12Main SetIt's Gonna Be a Long NightBumsAsbury Park, NJ, USA
8Dean Ween Group07-17-2014213 of 18Main SetDead Man WalkingI'll Take It and Break ItHamden, CT, USA
9Dean Ween Group08-23-201449 of 11Main SetBumsTransdermal CelebrationChicago, IL, USA
10Dean Ween Group10-30-2014236 of 18Main SetI Got to Put the Hammer DownIt's Gonna Be a Long NightAsbury Park, NJ, USA
11Dean Ween Group11-02-201454 of 8Main SetThe Width of a CircleNightcrawlerLive Oak, FL, USA
12Dean Ween Group11-22-201465 of 19Main SetNightcrawlerBumsBaltimore, MD, USA
13Dean Ween Group12-04-2014116 of 18Main SetDickie BettsThe RiftBethlehem, PA, USA
14Dean Ween Group01-18-2015101 of 13Main SetBumsNew Hope, PA, USA
15Dean Ween Group02-18-201534 of 17Main SetGabrielleI Got to Put the Hammer DownPort Chester, NY, USA
16Dean Ween Group03-19-2015118 of 25Main SetThe Final AlarmLMLYPCharlotte, NC, USA
17Dean Ween Group03-20-2015213 of 24Main SetBooze Me Up and Get Me HighPut the Coke on My DickAtlanta, GA, USA
18Dean Ween Group04-12-201571 of 14Main SetIce CastlesNew Hope, PA, USA
19Dean Ween Group06-15-2015516 of 24Main SetDid You See Me?She Fucks MeNew York, NY, USA
20Dean Ween Group08-01-2015103 of 22Main SetBooze Me Up and Get Me HighIce CastlesAsbury Park, NJ, USA
21Dean Ween Group08-04-201515 of 23Main SetBooze Me Up and Get Me HighDid You See Me?Northampton, MA, USA
22Dean Ween Group08-07-2015315 of 21Main SetDid You See Me?She Fucks MeBoston, MA, USA
23Dean Ween Group08-27-201517 of 23Main SetWith My Own Bare HandsIt's Gonna Be a Long NightWashington, DC, USA
24Dean Ween Group09-26-201562 of 9Main SetIt's Gonna Be a Long NightSorry CharlieTrenton, NJ, USA
25Dean Ween Group10-07-20151115 of 21Main SetI Saw Gener Cryin' in His SleepPandy FacklerLos Angeles, CA, USA
26Dean Ween Group10-08-2015110 of 18Main SetIt's Gonna Be a Long NightI Saw Gener Cryin' in His SleepSan Francisco, CA, USA
27Dean Ween Group10-09-201519 of 23Main SetBig JilmRoses Are FreeMill Valley, CA, USA
28Dean Ween Group10-13-201533 of 25Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)The HIV SongSeattle, WA, USA
29Dean Ween Group10-17-201538 of 23Main SetBuckingham GreenBoy's ClubDenver, CO, USA
30Dean Ween Group04-27-2016115 of 10Main SetMercedes BenzAre You Experienced?New Orleans, LA, USA
31Dean Ween Group06-17-201623 of 7Main SetPandy FacklerThe MolluskGarrettsville, OH, USA
32Dean Ween Group06-18-201613 of 9Main SetIt's Gonna Be a Long NightStella BluePort Chester, NY, USA
33Dean Ween Group09-24-2016102 of 12Main SetBooze Me Up and Get Me HighI Saw Gener Cryin' in His SleepAsbury Park, NJ, USA
34Dean Ween Group10-18-201644 of 13Main SetIt's Gonna Be a Long NightMercedes BenzOmaha, NE, USA
35Dean Ween Group10-19-201612 of 12Main SetAre You Experienced?Dickie BettsMinneapolis, MN, USA
36Dean Ween Group10-20-2016110 of 14Main SetPink Eye (On My Leg)It's Gonna Be a Long NightMilwaukee, WI, USA
37Dean Ween Group10-21-2016110 of 15Main SetPink Eye (On My Leg)It's Gonna Be a Long NightDetroit, MI, USA
38Dean Ween Group10-22-201613 of 13Main SetExercise ManFingerbangin'Cleveland, OH, USA
39Dean Ween Group10-25-2016210 of 14Main SetPumpin' 4 the ManIt's Gonna Be a Long NightSt. Louis, MO, USA
40Dean Ween Group10-26-201611 of 15Main SetMercedes BenzKansas City, MO, USA
41Dean Ween Group10-28-201611 of 16Main SetMercedes BenzAspen, CO, USA
42Dean Ween Group10-29-201617 of 12Main SetPiss Up a RopeIt's Gonna Be a Long NightJackson Hole, WY, USA
43Dean Ween Group10-31-201615 of 7Main SetMercedes BenzPink Eye (On My Leg)Missoula, MT, USA
44Dean Ween and Bill Fowler01-14-201767 of 10Main SetIt's Not About the MoneyDon't Sweat ItBaltimore, MD, USA
45Dean Ween Group01-17-201711 of 15Main SetMercedes BenzCambridge, MA, USA
46Dean Ween Group01-18-201714 of 13Main SetExercise ManDo That StuffPawtucket, RI, USA
47Dean Ween Group01-19-201716 of 15Main SetIt's Gonna Be a Long NightDo That StuffBrooklyn, NY, USA
48Dean Ween Group01-20-201715 of 14Main SetBundle of JoyWith My Own Bare HandsNew Haven, CT, USA
49Dean Ween Group01-21-201716 of 14Main SetPussy on My PillowThe Ritz CarltonBaltimore, MD, USA
50Dean Ween Group01-22-201711 of 8Main SetBundle of JoyMillvale, PA, USA
51Dean Ween Group02-01-201713 of 14Main SetShow StopperExercise ManNew Orleans, LA, USA
52Dean Ween Group02-02-201713 of 14Main SetShow StopperExercise ManHouston, TX, USA
53Dean Ween Group02-03-201713 of 15Main SetShow StopperExercise ManAustin, TX, USA
54Dean Ween Group02-04-201713 of 16Main SetShow StopperExercise ManDallas, TX, USA