Exactly Where I'm At

by Ween - played 207 times

Appears on White Pepper

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Jimmy Wilson Group04-28-199911 of 42Main SetMutilated LipsBroke Down Ragged FordAsbury Park, NJ, USA
2Ween06-30-2000b789 of 29Main SetVoodoo LadyMutilated LipsPomona, CA, USA
3Ween07-01-2000114 of 32Main SetRoses Are FreeThe EnablerLas Vegas, NV, USA
4Ween07-02-2000110 of 32Main SetVoodoo LadyBaby BitchPhoenix, AZ, USA
5Ween07-03-2000115 of 31Main SetA Tear For EddieRoses Are FreeAlbuquerque, NM, USA
6Ween07-05-2000112 of 31Main SetFrankRoses Are FreeOklahoma City, OK, USA
7Ween07-06-2000129 of 33EncoreI Can't Put My Finger on ItWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutDallas, TX, USA
8Ween07-07-2000120 of 34Main SetOcean ManRoses Are FreeAustin, TX, USA
9Ween07-10-2000212 of 34Main SetMutilated LipsRoses Are FreeNew Orleans, LA, USA
10Ween07-12-2000112 of 28Main SetVoodoo LadyWaving My Dick in the WindBirmingham, AL, USA
11Ween07-14-2000133 of 35EncoreBuckingham GreenHomo RainbowTallahassee, FL, USA
12Ween07-15-2000118 of 31Main SetA Tear For EddieThe MolluskSt. Petersburg, FL, USA
13Ween07-16-2000120 of 35Main SetVoodoo LadyRight to the Ways and the Rules of the WorldOrlando, FL, USA
14Ween07-17-2000131 of 34EncoreBand on the RunI'm Dancing in the Show TonightFort Lauderdale, FL, USA
15Ween07-19-2000122 of 34Main SetVoodoo LadyDrifter in the DarkAthens, GA, USA
16Ween07-20-2000117 of 34Main SetRoses Are FreeOcean ManKnoxville, TN, USA
17Ween07-23-2000221 of 32Main SetRoses Are FreeThe MolluskWellfleet, MA, USA
18Ween07-25-200011 of 1Main SetNew York, NY, USA
19Ween08-22-200024 of 9Main SetEven If You Don'tWaving My Dick in the WindBerlin, Germany
20Ween08-30-2000629 of 351st EncorePoopship DestroyerBaby BitchAmsterdam, Netherlands
21Ween09-02-2000228 of 34EncoreI Can't Put My Finger on ItDrifter in the DarkMunich, Germany
22Ween09-05-2000125 of 35Main SetMister Would You Please Help My Pony?The MolluskStuttgart, Germany
23Ween09-06-2000122 of 36Main SetPolka Dot TailPandy FacklerParis, France
24Ween09-07-2000127 of 35Main SetBuckingham GreenBaby BitchLondon, England
25Ween01-02-200129 of 37Main SetI Wuz NothinBananas and BlowAsbury Park, NJ, USA
26Ween03-21-200119 of 29Main SetBack to BasomVoodoo LadyOttsville, PA, USA
27Ween03-23-200111 of 36Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveSeabright, NJ, USA
28Ween03-25-200111 of 36Main SetFreedom of '76Winooski, VT, USA
29Ween03-26-200111 of 36Main SetPork Roll Egg and CheeseNorthampton, MA, USA
30Ween03-27-2001121 of 37Main SetBuckingham GreenSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Boston, MA, USA
31Ween03-29-2001129 of 31EncoreEnter SandmanHomo RainbowBuffalo, NY, USA
32Ween03-30-200111 of 34Main SetThe GrobeColumbus, OH, USA
33Ween03-31-200114 of 35Main SetTake Me AwayThe GrobeCincinnati, OH, USA
34Ween04-02-200111 of 38Main SetThe GrobeAthens, GA, USA
35Ween04-03-2001114 of 36Main SetMutilated LipsMarble Tulip Juicy TreeCharleston, SC, USA
36Ween04-04-2001126 of 34EncoreBuckingham GreenPush th' Little Daisies (unfinished)Winston-Salem, NC, USA
37Ween04-05-200111 of 34Main SetThe GrobeWashington, DC, USA
38Ween07-28-2001418 of 25Main SetMister Richard SmokerVoodoo LadyKintnersville, PA, USA
39Ween08-03-2001124 of 29Main SetTickIce CastlesWellfleet, MA, USA
40Ween08-17-200121 of 32Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveGirdwood, AK, USA
41Ween08-20-200128 of 31Main SetVoodoo LadyMutilated LipsTucson, AZ, USA
42Ween08-21-2001127 of 32EncoreDoctor RockSarahScottsdale, AZ, USA
43Ween08-22-2001126 of 31EncoreBand on the RunMutilated LipsLas Vegas, NV, USA
44Ween08-24-2001121 of 24EncoreBuenas Tardes AmigoI'm in the Mood to MoveMorrison, CO, USA
45Ween08-27-2001130 of 34EncoreRoses Are FreeSorry CharlieSanta Cruz, CA, USA
46Ween08-31-2001331 of 35EncoreI Can't Put My Finger on ItOhioPortland, OR, USA
47Ween09-02-200121 of 32Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveVancouver, BC, Canada
48Ween10-28-200141 of 28Main SetShe Wanted to LeavePortland, ME, USA
49Ween03-21-2002531 of 32EncoreSomedayVoodoo LadyAllentown, PA, USA
50Ween04-19-2002111 of 32Main SetMutilated LipsRoses Are FreeAsheville, NC, USA
51Ween04-21-200221 of 31Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveNorth Charleston, SC, USA
52Ween04-23-2002118 of 30Main SetJoppa RoadThe HIV SongLexington, KY, USA
53Ween04-24-200217 of 26Main SetVoodoo LadyMutilated LipsBloomington, IN, USA
54Ween04-25-200211 of 31Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveIowa City, IA, USA
55Ween04-26-2002128 of 32EncoreHomo RainbowSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Columbia, MO, USA
56Ween04-27-2002112 of 34Main SetFreedom of '76Mutilated LipsCarbondale, IL, USA
57Ween05-03-2002112 of 28Main SetFreedom of '76Mutilated LipsHaverford, PA, USA
58Ween05-05-2002118 of 26Main SetVoodoo LadyThe MolluskPrinceton, NJ, USA
59Ween10-06-2002b1014 of 26Main SetSpringthemeWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutNew Hope, PA, USA
60Ween10-08-2002218 of 24Main SetSpringthemeYou Fucked UpNew York, NY, USA
61Ween04-09-2003129 of 23Main SetShe's Your BabyMutilated LipsNew Hope, PA, USA
62Ween04-30-2003220 of 27Main SetCaptainMutilated LipsKnoxville, TN, USA
63Ween05-03-2003211 of 25Main SetRoses Are FreeThe MolluskNew Orleans, LA, USA
64Ween05-07-200331 of 30Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveSt. Louis, MO, USA
65Ween07-27-200399 of 27Main SetAlbino Sunburned GirlMutilated LipsMilwaukee, WI, USA
66Ween07-30-2003310 of 28Main SetAlbino Sunburned GirlMutilated LipsMinneapolis, MN, USA
67Ween08-02-200329 of 31Main SetVoodoo LadyMutilated LipsRochester, NY, USA
68Ween08-04-2003110 of 27Main SetVoodoo LadyMutilated LipsPortland, ME, USA
69Ween08-05-2003128 of 301st EncoreIf You Could Save Yourself (You'd Save Us All)The Blarney StoneHampton Beach, NH, USA
70Ween08-06-200312 of 33Main SetI'm Dancing in the Show TonightWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutWellfleet, MA, USA
71Ween08-09-2003217 of 30Main SetBananas and BlowRoses Are FreePhiladelphia, PA, USA
72Ween09-13-200328 of 34Main SetVoodoo LadyMutilated LipsAtlanta, GA, USA
73Ween09-17-200338 of 21Main SetVoodoo LadyMutilated LipsFayetteville, AR, USA
74Ween09-23-2003415 of 29Main SetZoloftRoses Are FreeTempe, AZ, USA
75Ween09-24-2003126 of 28EncoreIf You Could Save Yourself (You'd Save Us All)Mutilated LipsLos Angeles, CA, USA
76Ween09-26-2003127 of 29EncoreBuenas Tardes AmigoMutilated LipsBerkeley, CA, USA
77Ween09-30-2003323 of 29Main SetVoodoo LadyMutilated LipsPortland, OR, USA
78Ween10-03-2003215 of 32Main SetZoloftMutilated LipsVancouver, BC, Canada
79Ween10-06-2003111 of 27Main SetVoodoo LadyHappy Colored MarblesEdmonton, AB, Canada
80Ween10-07-2003110 of 33Main SetAlbino Sunburned GirlMutilated LipsCalgary, AB, Canada
81Ween10-08-2003114 of 31Main SetBananas and BlowRoses Are FreeMissoula, MT, USA
82Ween10-10-2003b231 of 33EncoreIf You Could Save Yourself (You'd Save Us All)The Blarney StoneDenver, CO, USA
83Ween10-28-2003113 of 30Main SetRoses Are FreeMutilated LipsNorthampton, MA, USA
84Ween10-29-200319 of 33Main SetVoodoo LadyMutilated LipsBoston, MA, USA
85Ween11-01-200329 of 34Main SetVoodoo LadyMutilated LipsNew York, NY, USA
86Ween11-04-200331 of 30Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveCleveland, OH, USA
87Ween11-07-200319 of 34Main SetVoodoo LadyMutilated LipsChicago, IL, USA
88Ween11-08-2003113 of 33Main SetVoodoo LadyBananas and BlowChicago, IL, USA
89Ween11-27-200338 of 29Main SetVoodoo LadyBananas and BlowStockholm, Sweden
90Ween12-05-2003519 of 32Main SetBuckingham GreenMutilated LipsMunich, Germany
91Ween12-09-2003211 of 31Main SetThe MolluskZoloftAmsterdam, Netherlands
92Ween12-13-200318 of 35Main SetPiss Up a RopeMutilated LipsParis, France
93Ween12-15-200311 of 29Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveLondon, England
94Ween05-01-200449 of 17Main SetVoodoo LadyMutilated LipsNashville, TN, USA
95Ween05-30-200421 of 30Main SetFreedom of '76Philadelphia, PA, USA
96Ween10-03-200491 of 40Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveTrenton, NJ, USA
97Ween10-10-200421 of 37Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveBellingham, WA, USA
98Ween10-12-200429 of 33Main SetVoodoo LadyMutilated LipsEugene, OR, USA
99Ween10-16-200431 of 39Main SetPork Roll Egg and CheeseLos Angeles, CA, USA
100Ween10-02-20051024 of 32Main SetMutilated LipsOcean ManBurlington, VT, USA
101Ween10-25-200521 of 33Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveClifton Park, NY, USA
102Ween10-26-200511 of 36Main SetPork Roll Egg and CheeseAtlantic City, NJ, USA
103Ween12-01-2005711 of 31Main SetLeave Deaner AloneMutilated LipsBoulder, CO, USA
104Ween04-08-200661 of 37Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveSt. Petersburg, FL, USA
105Ween04-10-2006212 of 36Main SetLight Me UpLeave Deaner AloneAtlanta, GA, USA
106Ween04-12-200617 of 32Main SetVoodoo LadyMutilated LipsRaleigh, NC, USA
107Ween04-13-200611 of 32Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveCharlottesville, VA, USA
108Ween05-26-2006116 of 30Main SetRoses Are FreeShe's Your BabyTeaneck, NJ, USA
109Ween05-28-200611 of 22Main SetShe Wanted to LeavePhiladelphia, PA, USA
110Ween07-14-200631 of 20Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveMasontown, WV, USA
111Ween07-22-200621 of 21Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutBerkeley, CA, USA
112Ween07-26-2006311 of 34Main SetBuckingham GreenMutilated LipsBoise, ID, USA
113Ween07-27-2006121 of 34Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutLeave Deaner AloneSalt Lake City, UT, USA
114Ween07-29-2006111 of 27Main SetVoodoo LadyBananas and BlowMorrison, CO, USA
115Ween07-31-200611 of 30Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutDes Moines, IA, USA
116Ween08-04-200631 of 21Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutChicago, IL, USA
117Ween09-15-2006316 of 33Main SetBuckingham GreenLeave Deaner AloneTulsa, OK, USA
118Ween09-17-200611 of 16Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutAustin, TX, USA
119Ween04-26-2007616 of 30Main SetEven If You Don'tPiss Up a RopeAllentown, PA, USA
120Ween04-30-200711 of 29Main SetThe Golden EelAsheville, NC, USA
121Ween05-04-200731 of 28Main SetThe Golden EelNew Orleans, LA, USA
122Ween06-10-2007315 of 32Main SetBack to BasomChocolate TownHampton Beach, NH, USA
123Ween06-12-200711 of 31Main SetTake Me AwayAlbany, NY, USA
124Ween06-14-2007212 of 31Main SetMutilated LipsBuckingham GreenMillvale, PA, USA
125Ween06-16-200711 of 24Main SetThe Golden EelManchester, TN, USA
126Ween06-23-2007114 of 30Main SetBuckingham GreenI Don't Want ItAsbury Park, NJ, USA
127Ween07-25-2007110 of 22Main SetYour PartyBack to BasomPrinceton, NJ, USA
128Ween08-09-2007212 of 31Main SetZoloftPush th' Little DaisiesAustin, TX, USA
129Ween10-17-200741 of 28Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveUrbana, IL, USA
130Ween10-19-200712 of 33Main SetPork Roll Egg and CheeseBananas and BlowMadison, WI, USA
131Ween10-20-2007131 of 33EncoreFreedom of '76The HIV SongChicago, IL, USA
132Ween10-23-200721 of 33Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Columbus, OH, USA
133Ween10-26-200729 of 29Main SetVoodoo LadyYour PartyToronto, ON, Canada
134Ween11-04-200721 of 33Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveTucson, AZ, USA
135Ween11-12-200761 of 34Main SetPork Roll Egg and CheesePortland, OR, USA
136Ween11-16-200731 of 31Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Calgary, AB, Canada
137Ween11-26-200743 of 32Main SetThe HIV SongBananas and BlowBurlington, VT, USA
138Ween11-30-200731 of 32Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveNew York, NY, USA
139Ween01-23-200821 of 32Main SetPork Roll Egg and CheeseWashington, DC, USA
140Ween01-28-200841 of 30Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveAthens, GA, USA
141Ween01-31-2008211 of 30Main SetLight Me UpWith My Own Bare HandsOrlando, FL, USA
142Ween02-01-200813 of 31Main SetThe HIV SongBananas and BlowSt. Petersburg, FL, USA
143Ween02-02-200811 of 26Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
144Ween02-25-200811 of 36Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Auckland, New Zealand
145Ween02-29-2008212 of 30Main SetObjectMutilated LipsBrisbane, QLD, Australia
146Ween03-03-200823 of 39Main SetThe HIV SongBananas and BlowAdelaide, SAU, Australia
147Ween03-06-200821 of 32Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveMelbourne, VIC, Australia
148Ween05-12-200871 of 32Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveKoln, Germany
149Ween05-14-200813 of 33Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)The Golden EelZurich, Switzerland
150Ween05-15-200811 of 33Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Amsterdam, Netherlands
151Ween07-08-200831 of 31Main SetTake Me AwayLouisville, KY, USA
152Ween07-12-2008316 of 31Main SetYour PartyRoses Are FreeTulsa, OK, USA
153Ween07-13-200811 of 30Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveKansas City, MO, USA
154Ween07-16-200831 of 31Main SetThe HIV SongDenver, CO, USA
155Ween07-25-200841 of 34Main SetTake Me AwayBrooklyn, NY, USA
156Gene Ween05-13-20092318 of 25Set IIFriendsMutilated LipsMinneapolis, MN, USA
157Gene Ween06-17-200955 of 26Main SetMutilated LipsShe Wanted to LeaveSan Francisco, CA, USA
158Ween07-18-200985 of 28Main SetNow I'm Freaking OutMutilated LipsAsbury Park, NJ, USA
159Ween08-30-200971 of 24Main SetBananas and BlowSan Francisco, CA, USA
160Ween10-28-2009913 of 31Main SetObjectMutilated LipsKnoxville, TN, USA
161Ween04-07-2010161 of 28Main SetMarble Tulip Juicy TreeWinston-Salem, NC, USA
162Ween06-13-201071 of 20Main SetTransdermal CelebrationManchester, TN, USA
163Ween07-31-201082 of 33Main SetShe Wanted to LeaveSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Columbus, OH, USA
164Ween08-27-201022 of 30Main SetPork Roll Egg and CheeseSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Dallas, TX, USA
165Gene Ween12-11-201084 of 30Main SetMutilated LipsPiss Up a RopeCarrboro, NC, USA
166Ween01-25-201142 of 31Main SetPork Roll Egg and CheeseSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Seattle, WA, USA
167Ween01-29-201131 of 31Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Los Angeles, CA, USA
168Ween09-02-2011199 of 20Main SetBuckingham GreenHappy Colored MarblesMohawk, NY, USA
169Gene Ween09-29-2011610 of 24Main SetMutilated LipsThe Stallion pt 3Austin, TX, USA
170Ween12-30-201161 of 30Main SetMarble Tulip Juicy TreeDenver, CO, USA
171Freeman07-22-20146310 of 18Main SetPollo AsadoAll the Way to ChinaNew York, NY, USA
172Freeman09-05-201441 of 2Main SetTransitionsRaleigh, NC, USA
173Freeman09-06-201415 of 11Main SetTransitionsBlack BushArrington, VA, USA
174Freeman09-17-201419 of 17Main SetMore Than the WorldMollyCambridge, MA, USA
175Freeman09-18-201415 of 13Main SetTransitionsBlack BushBurlington, VT, USA
176Freeman09-19-201412 of 5Main SetTransdermal CelebrationKing BillyRochester, NY, USA
177Freeman09-24-201434 of 16Main SetTransitionsDelicate GreenChicago, IL, USA
178Freeman09-25-201414 of 16Main SetTransitionsDelicate GreenMilwaukee, WI, USA
179Freeman09-27-201424 of 16Main SetTransitionsBlack BushOmaha, NE, USA
180Freeman09-30-201414 of 17Main SetTransitionsMore Than the WorldColumbus, OH, USA
181Freeman10-01-201414 of 17Main SetTransitionsDelicate GreenPittsburgh, PA, USA
182Freeman10-02-201414 of 17Main SetTransitionsMore Than the WorldWashington, DC, USA
183Freeman10-03-201414 of 17Main SetTransitionsMore Than the WorldPhiladelphia, PA, USA
184Freeman10-04-201414 of 16Main SetTransitionsDelicate GreenNew York, NY, USA
185Freeman10-23-201435 of 18Main SetTransitionsDelicate GreenHouston, TX, USA
186Freeman10-24-201415 of 19Main SetTransitionsDelicate GreenDallas, TX, USA
187Freeman10-25-201415 of 16Main SetTransitionsBlack BushAustin, TX, USA
188Freeman10-28-201415 of 17Main SetTransitionsMore Than the WorldSan Diego, CA, USA
189Freeman10-30-201425 of 18Main SetTransitionsDelicate GreenLos Angeles, CA, USA
190Freeman10-31-201415 of 18Main SetTransitionsMollySan Francisco, CA, USA
191Freeman11-01-201425 of 18Main SetTransitionsMollyPortland, OR, USA
192Freeman11-02-201425 of 19Main SetTransitionsThe Stallion pt 1Seattle, WA, USA
193Freeman11-05-201413 of 19Main SetTransitionsDemon SweatSalt Lake City, UT, USA
194Freeman11-06-201414 of 18Main SetTransitionsMollyDenver, CO, USA
195Freeman11-07-201414 of 18Main SetMountains and BuffaloThe Stallion pt 1Kansas City, MO, USA
196Ween02-14-2016771 of 32Main SetMutilated LipsBroomfield, CO, USA
197Ween04-16-2016416 of 29Main SetI Got to Put the Hammer DownBack to BasomNew York, NY, USA
198Ween08-23-201661 of 31Main SetTake Me AwayBoston, MA, USA
199Ween09-15-201657 of 30Main SetThe Stallion pt 1Mutilated LipsSt. Paul, MN, USA
200Ween10-13-201644 of 29Main SetMutilated LipsPush th' Little DaisiesLos Angeles, CA, USA
201Ween11-25-2016141 of 26Main SetFlutes of the ChiPort Chester, NY, USA
202Ween02-18-2017172 of 26Main SetDid You See Me?Mutilated LipsLas Vegas, NV, USA
203Ween04-21-2017514 of 28Main SetFreedom of '76Mutilated LipsAsheville, NC, USA
204Ween06-03-2017315 of 21Main SetOoh Va LaBack to BasomNelsonville, OH, USA
205Ween06-06-2017211 of 29Main SetDid You See Me?Mutilated LipsBrooklyn, NY, USA
206Ween07-02-2017720 of 29Main SetA Tear For EddieLet's DanceSeattle, WA, USA
207Ween07-13-201721 of 29Main SetUp on the HillDenver, CO, USA