Gimme One More

(Aaron Freeman) - played 11 times

Appears on Freeman

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Freeman07-22-20142 of 18Main SetThe GrobeCovert DiscretionNew York, NY, USA
2Freeman07-23-2014b22 of 19Main SetEl ShaddaiCovert DiscretionBrooklyn, NY, USA
3Freeman09-17-2014413 of 17Main SetFreedom of '76Delicate GreenCambridge, MA, USA
4Freeman10-23-20141612 of 18Main SetHappy Colored MarblesFreedom of '76Houston, TX, USA
5Freeman10-24-2014112 of 19Main SetHappy Colored MarblesFreedom of '76Dallas, TX, USA
6Freeman10-25-2014111 of 16Main SetHappy Colored MarblesFreedom of '76Austin, TX, USA
7Freeman10-30-2014312 of 18Main SetStay ForeverFreedom of '76Los Angeles, CA, USA
8Freeman11-01-201431 of 18Main SetThe English and Western StallionPortland, OR, USA
9Freeman11-05-2014315 of 19Main SetEl ShaddaiGolden MonkeySalt Lake City, UT, USA
10Freeman11-06-2014114 of 18Main SetFreedom of '76Golden MonkeyDenver, CO, USA
11Freeman11-07-2014114 of 18Main SetFreedom of '76Golden MonkeyKansas City, MO, USA