All the Way to China

(Aaron Freeman) - played 26 times

Appears on Freeman

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Freeman07-22-201411 of 18Main SetExactly Where I'm AtGolden MonkeyNew York, NY, USA
2Freeman07-23-2014a11 of 3Main SetBlack BushBronx, NY, USA
3Freeman07-23-2014b14 of 19Main SetCovert DiscretionTransitionsBrooklyn, NY, USA
4Freeman09-06-201432 of 11Main SetCops Are ComingCovert DiscretionArrington, VA, USA
5Freeman09-17-201412 of 17Main SetEl ShaddaiGolden MonkeyCambridge, MA, USA
6Freeman09-18-201412 of 13Main SetCops Are ComingCovert DiscretionBurlington, VT, USA
7Freeman09-24-201442 of 16Main SetCops Are ComingTransitionsChicago, IL, USA
8Freeman09-25-201412 of 16Main SetCops Are ComingTransitionsMilwaukee, WI, USA
9Freeman09-27-201422 of 16Main SetCops Are ComingTransitionsOmaha, NE, USA
10Freeman09-30-201412 of 17Main SetMountains and BuffaloTransitionsColumbus, OH, USA
11Freeman10-01-201412 of 17Main SetCops Are ComingTransitionsPittsburgh, PA, USA
12Freeman10-02-201412 of 17Main SetCops Are ComingTransitionsWashington, DC, USA
13Freeman10-03-201412 of 17Main SetCops Are ComingTransitionsPhiladelphia, PA, USA
14Freeman10-04-201412 of 16Main SetCops Are ComingTransitionsNew York, NY, USA
15Freeman10-23-201433 of 18Main SetThe English and Western StallionTransitionsHouston, TX, USA
16Freeman10-24-201413 of 19Main SetThe English and Western StallionTransitionsDallas, TX, USA
17Freeman10-25-201413 of 16Main SetThe English and Western StallionTransitionsAustin, TX, USA
18Freeman10-28-201413 of 17Main SetThe English and Western StallionTransitionsSan Diego, CA, USA
19Freeman10-30-201423 of 18Main SetThe English and Western StallionTransitionsLos Angeles, CA, USA
20Freeman10-31-201413 of 18Main SetCops Are ComingTransitionsSan Francisco, CA, USA
21Freeman11-01-201423 of 18Main SetThe English and Western StallionTransitionsPortland, OR, USA
22Freeman11-02-201423 of 19Main SetThe English and Western StallionTransitionsSeattle, WA, USA
23Freeman11-05-201419 of 19Main SetStay ForeverBaby BitchSalt Lake City, UT, USA
24Freeman11-06-201412 of 18Main SetCops Are ComingTransitionsDenver, CO, USA
25Freeman11-07-201412 of 18Main SetCops Are ComingMountains and BuffaloKansas City, MO, USA
26Gene Ween01-29-20151420 of 23EncoreNature ManBananas and BlowChicago, IL, USA