Freedom of '76

by Ween - played 247 times

Appears on Chocolate and Cheese

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Ween10-29-199211 of 15Main SetLMLYPPork Roll Egg and CheeseNew York, NY, USA
2Ween11-12-199217 of 12Main SetSweet Texas FireEl CaminoHoboken, NJ, USA
3Ween11-20-199216 of 22Main SetNanMarble Tulip Juicy TreeChicago, IL, USA
4Ween01-27-199341 of 15Main SetPuerto Rican PowerNew York, NY, USA
5Ween02-13-199316 of 20Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)The Stallion pt 3Long Beach, CA, USA
6Ween03-10-199321 of 10Main SetTake Me AwayNew Brunswick, NJ, USA
7Ween03-31-199321 of 1Main SetNew York, NY, USA
8Ween05-05-199333 of 19Main SetPoopship DestroyerTickToronto, ON, Canada
9Ween05-07-1993121 of 23EncoreTickSweet Texas FireChicago, IL, USA
10Ween05-09-199312 of 19Main SetThe Stallion pt 3SecondsMinneapolis, MN, USA
11Ween09-27-199313 of 12Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Junkie BoyNew Hope, PA, USA
12Ween09-29-199313 of 21Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Junkie BoyNew Brunswick, NJ, USA
13Ween10-08-199315 of 18Main SetTickVallejoSydney, NSW, Australia
14Ween03-04-1994312 of 22Main SetGet a Little Taste of YouI Can't Put My Finger on ItAsbury Park, NJ, USA
15Ween03-05-1994111 of 17Main SetVallejoIf You Love MeLong Branch, NJ, USA
16Ween04-14-199411 of 12Main SetCaptain FantasyTrenton, NJ, USA
17Ween05-07-1994110 of 10Main SetGet a Little Taste of YouMorrisville, PA, USA
18Ween06-24-199425 of 21Main SetYou Fucked UpCaptain FantasyPittsburgh, PA, USA
19Ween09-01-199479 of 19Main SetTender SituationBuenas Tardes AmigoNew Brunswick, NJ, USA
20Ween10-21-199421 of 15Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Philadelphia, PA, USA
21Ween10-24-199427 of 18Main SetMister Would You Please Help My Pony?NanBuffalo, NY, USA
22Ween11-13-199443 of 20Main SetGet a Little Taste of YouDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Los Angeles, CA, USA
23Ween11-19-1994316 of 21Main SetReggaejunkiejewFat LennyDallas, TX, USA
24Ween12-02-199432 of 11Main SetPapa ZitCaptain FantasyTrenton, NJ, USA
25Ween12-28-199412 of 26Set IBaby BitchEl CaminoNew Hope, PA, USA
26Ween01-10-199511 of 2Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutNew York, NY, USA
27Ween01-24-1995b52 of 31Main SetKokoSuperstition (tease)New York, NY, USA
28Ween02-01-199535 of 21Main SetMarble Tulip Juicy TreeNanSt. Louis, MO, USA
29Ween03-15-199541 of 6Main SetTake Me AwayLondon, England
30Ween06-03-199542 of 26Main SetKokoThe HIV SongNew Hope, PA, USA
31Ween04-18-1996511 of 23Main SetI Can't Put My Finger on ItThe HIV SongNew Brunswick, NJ, USA
32Ween04-26-199611 of 8Main SetVoodoo LadyPullman, WA, USA
33Ween05-02-1996310 of 10EncoreDemon SweatLos Angeles, CA, USA
34Ween07-19-1996217 of 19Main SetI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotPoopship DestroyerNew York, NY, USA
35Ween10-04-1996318 of 21Main SetPoopship DestroyerMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Nashville, TN, USA
36Ween10-05-1996119 of 23Main SetI'm Holding YouMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Atlanta, GA, USA
37Ween10-06-1996112 of 19Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)I Can't Put My Finger on ItNew Orleans, LA, USA
38Ween10-08-1996119 of 22Main SetI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotBuenas Tardes AmigoAustin, TX, USA
39Ween10-10-1996119 of 23Main SetI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotDoctor RockTempe, AZ, USA
40Ween10-11-1996112 of 13Main SetDoctor RockPoopship DestroyerSanta Monica, CA, USA
41Ween10-12-1996118 of 26Main SetI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutSan Francisco, CA, USA
42Ween10-13-1996118 of 23Main SetLike a Rock (tease)Booze Me Up and Get Me HighPortland, OR, USA
43Ween10-17-1996118 of 22Main SetI'm Holding YouThe Blarney StoneBoulder, CO, USA
44Ween10-20-1996117 of 19Main SetI'm Holding YouDoctor RockMinneapolis, MN, USA
45Ween10-22-1996117 of 24Main SetPush th' Little DaisiesThe Stallion pt 3Detroit, MI, USA
46Ween10-23-1996119 of 28Main SetI'm Holding YouBirthday BoyToronto, ON, Canada
47Ween10-25-1996120 of 23Main SetI'm Holding YouBaby BitchCambridge, MA, USA
48Ween10-26-1996117 of 21Main SetPush th' Little DaisiesBirthday BoyNew York, NY, USA
49Ween05-09-199733 of 26Main SetPork Roll Egg and CheeseThe Golden EelBuffalo, NY, USA
50Ween07-04-199743 of 33Set IBooze Me Up and Get Me HighPork Roll Egg and CheeseNew Hope, PA, USA
51Ween07-16-199733 of 29Main SetPork Roll Egg and CheeseThe Golden EelNew York, NY, USA
52Ween07-24-199713 of 41Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutNow I'm Freaking OutLawrence, KS, USA
53Ween07-25-199714 of 37Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutThe Golden EelOklahoma City, OK, USA
54Ween07-27-199714 of 26Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutThe Golden EelAustin, TX, USA
55Ween08-02-199714 of 31Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)The Golden EelAtlanta, GA, USA
56Ween08-03-199713 of 34Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutNow I'm Freaking OutCharleston, SC, USA
57Ween08-06-199726 of 28Main SetNanBooze Me Up and Get Me HighCharlottesville, VA, USA
58Ween08-08-199715 of 9Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)TickMansfield, MA, USA
59Ween08-09-199719 of 10Main SetTickDoctor RockMansfield, MA, USA
60Ween08-10-199714 of 7Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)TickSaratoga Springs, NY, USA
61Ween08-15-199714 of 8Main SetThe Golden EelTickCharlotte, NC, USA
62Ween08-16-199714 of 8Main SetPiss Up a RopeDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Bristow, VA, USA
63Ween08-17-199715 of 9Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)TickCamden, NJ, USA
64Ween09-08-199715 of 26Main SetThe Golden EelTake Me AwayLong Branch, NJ, USA
65Ween09-12-199716 of 23Main SetPiss Up a RopeDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Cleveland, OH, USA
66Ween09-13-199716 of 31Main SetNow I'm Freaking OutDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Detroit, MI, USA
67Ween09-14-199716 of 34Main SetPiss Up a RopeTake Me AwayCincinnati, OH, USA
68Ween09-16-199716 of 30Main SetBaby BitchTickChicago, IL, USA
69Ween09-17-199717 of 29Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Waving My Dick in the WindMinneapolis, MN, USA
70Ween09-19-1997b26 of 30Main SetBaby BitchCaptain FantasyDenver, CO, USA
71Ween09-20-199717 of 25Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Waving My Dick in the WindFort Collins, CO, USA
72Ween09-24-199717 of 30Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Sketches of WinkleSeattle, WA, USA
73Ween09-25-199716 of 26Main SetBaby BitchCaptain FantasyPortland, OR, USA
74Ween09-27-199717 of 34Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)TickSan Francisco, CA, USA
75Ween09-28-199718 of 33Main SetThe Stallion pt 3Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Los Angeles, CA, USA
76Ween11-13-199765 of 28Main SetThe Golden EelCaptain FantasyLondon, England
77Ween11-21-1997117 of 28Main SetI Can't Put My Finger on ItMister Richard SmokerBielefeld, Germany
78Ween01-14-1998325 of 27EncoreThe HIV SongCaptain FantasyProvidence, RI, USA
79Ween01-16-199824 of 31Main SetThe Golden EelWaving My Dick in the WindNew York, NY, USA
80Ween01-23-199846 of 27Main SetThe Stallion pt 3Captain FantasyTampa, FL, USA
81Ween01-27-199833 of 20Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)The Golden EelCharlotte, NC, USA
82Ween01-28-199815 of 26Main SetThe Golden EelWaving My Dick in the WindAsheville, NC, USA
83Ween04-18-1998411 of 21Main SetDoctor RockPuerto Rican PowerNew Brunswick, NJ, USA
84Ween05-07-199814 of 23Main SetThe Golden EelNanPittsburgh, PA, USA
85Ween05-08-199814 of 25Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)TickLouisville, KY, USA
86Ween05-09-1998110 of 33Main SetThe Golden EelNanColumbus, OH, USA
87Ween05-16-199834 of 12Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Waving My Dick in the WindLawrence, KS, USA
88Ween05-17-199818 of 35Main SetDoctor RockThe Golden EelDenver, CO, USA
89Ween12-31-1998514 of 32Main SetDoctor RockPandy FacklerNew York, NY, USA
90Ween01-01-199918 of 32Main SetDoctor RockPandy FacklerPhiladelphia, PA, USA
91Ween01-02-199916 of 33Main SetWaving My Dick in the WindPandy FacklerWashington, DC, USA
92Ween01-20-199913 of 26Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Waving My Dick in the WindLos Angeles, CA, USA
93Ween01-21-199914 of 12Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Waving My Dick in the WindLos Angeles, CA, USA
94Ween07-24-199955 of 26Main SetThe Stallion pt 3Take Me AwayMontreal, QC, Canada
95Ween07-25-199915 of 35Main SetThe Golden EelMister Richard SmokerToronto, ON, Canada
96Ween07-28-199925 of 31Main SetThe Golden EelMister Richard SmokerApple Valley, MN, USA
97Ween07-30-199924 of 37Main SetThe Golden EelMister Richard SmokerLincoln, NE, USA
98Ween08-02-199925 of 33Main SetThe Golden EelMister Richard SmokerVancouver, BC, Canada
99Ween08-03-1999117 of 31Main SetPowder BlueCaptain FantasySeattle, WA, USA
100Ween08-06-1999217 of 31Main SetFat LennyPandy FacklerSan Francisco, CA, USA
101Ween08-10-199932 of 29Main SetCaptain FantasyNow I'm Freaking OutPhoenix, AZ, USA
102Ween08-14-199925 of 31Main SetPiss Up a RopeDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Dallas, TX, USA
103Ween11-03-19991522 of 33Main SetPandy FacklerBig JilmColumbus, OH, USA
104Ween11-06-199935 of 32Main SetPiss Up a RopeThe GrobeNorthampton, MA, USA
105Ween04-15-2000316 of 36Main SetSpringthemeBack to BasomAllentown, PA, USA
106Ween04-20-200021 of 32Main SetNanNew Brunswick, NJ, USA
107Ween05-01-2000217 of 36Main SetPandy FacklerRoses Are FreeNew Haven, CT, USA
108Ween05-02-2000113 of 31Main SetEven If You Don'tPumpin' 4 the ManSomerville, MA, USA
109Ween05-04-200017 of 31Main SetWaving My Dick in the WindEven If You Don'tWinooski, VT, USA
110Ween05-07-200023 of 29Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Even If You Don'tMontreal, QC, Canada
111Ween05-11-200036 of 42Main SetDoctor RockEven If You Don'tPontiac, MI, USA
112Ween05-17-2000520 of 33Main SetOcean ManI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotNashville, TN, USA
113Ween05-20-200031 of 30Main SetTake Me AwayRaleigh, NC, USA
114Ween05-22-2000131 of 34EncoreThe Blarney StoneMister Richard SmokerWashington, DC, USA
115Ween06-10-200056 of 11Main SetGabrielleStroker AceNew Hope, PA, USA
116Ween06-16-200011 of 35Main SetNanKansas City, MO, USA
117Ween06-17-200015 of 34Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Even If You Don'tOmaha, NE, USA
118Ween06-18-200016 of 35Main SetEven If You Don'tWaving My Dick in the WindDenver, CO, USA
119Ween06-22-200021 of 39Main SetTake Me AwayVancouver, BC, Canada
120Ween07-05-20001221 of 31Main SetOcean ManBuckingham GreenOklahoma City, OK, USA
121Ween01-02-2001291 of 37Main SetCaptain FantasyAsbury Park, NJ, USA
122Ween03-25-200132 of 36Main SetExactly Where I'm AtCaptain FantasyWinooski, VT, USA
123Ween03-26-200114 of 36Main SetThe GrobeTake Me AwayNorthampton, MA, USA
124Ween04-02-2001538 of 38EncoreSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Athens, GA, USA
125Ween07-28-200175 of 25Main SetThe MolluskTake Me AwayKintnersville, PA, USA
126Ween08-03-2001110 of 29Main SetBananas and BlowThe RiverWellfleet, MA, USA
127Ween08-18-200135 of 31Main SetNow I'm Freaking OutDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Girdwood, AK, USA
128Ween08-20-2001123 of 31Main SetPandy FacklerI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotTucson, AZ, USA
129Ween10-27-2001125 of 31Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Waving My Dick in the WindJohnson, VT, USA
130Ween02-07-200246 of 31Set IShe's Your BabyPandy FacklerTrenton, NJ, USA
131Ween02-21-200217 of 28Set IYou Were the FoolPandy FacklerBryn Mawr, PA, USA
132Ween04-19-200228 of 32Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Voodoo LadyAsheville, NC, USA
133Ween04-27-2002711 of 34Main SetSpringthemeExactly Where I'm AtCarbondale, IL, USA
134Ween05-03-2002111 of 28Main SetSpringthemeExactly Where I'm AtHaverford, PA, USA
135Ween05-05-200216 of 26Main SetTake Me AwayWaving My Dick in the WindPrinceton, NJ, USA
136Ween05-25-200218 of 22Main SetWaving My Dick in the WindVoodoo LadyAngel's Camp, CA, USA
137Ween10-06-2002a86 of 22Main SetTake Me AwayMister Richard SmokerNew Hope, PA, USA
138Ween05-06-2003214 of 29Main SetTake Me AwayThe Golden EelColumbia, MO, USA
139Ween07-27-2003101 of 27Main SetThe GrobeMilwaukee, WI, USA
140Ween09-30-20032421 of 29Main SetDeez NutsVoodoo LadyPortland, OR, USA
141Ween10-10-2003b716 of 33Main SetStay ForeverThe MolluskDenver, CO, USA
142Ween10-31-2003322 of 31Main SetPandy FacklerVoodoo LadyBurlington, VT, USA
143Ween11-01-2003127 of 34Main SetOcean ManPandy FacklerNew York, NY, USA
144Ween11-09-2003624 of 31Main SetPandy FacklerFrankChicago, IL, USA
145Ween12-06-200381 of 34Main SetTake Me AwayZurich, Switzerland
146Ween04-28-2004527 of 28EncorePiss Up a RopeYou Fucked UpLevittown, PA, USA
147Ween04-30-2004125 of 25EncoreThe MolluskNew Orleans, LA, USA
148Ween05-30-200432 of 30Main SetExactly Where I'm AtNanPhiladelphia, PA, USA
149Ween06-12-2004226 of 33Main SetTickOcean ManManchester, TN, USA
150Gene Ween09-14-2004519 of 24Main SetThe ArgusNever SquealNew York, NY, USA
151Ween10-08-200433 of 34Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)NanGirdwood, AK, USA
152Ween10-14-200444 of 38Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Marble Tulip Juicy TreeSanta Cruz, CA, USA
153Ween07-16-200546 of 20Main SetTake Me AwayMister Richard SmokerNew Hope, PA, USA
154Ween08-20-200539 of 28Main SetTransdermal CelebrationMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Brooklyn, NY, USA
155Ween10-02-200559 of 32Main SetMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Leave Deaner AloneBurlington, VT, USA
156Ween11-29-200593 of 35Main SetTake Me AwayDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Omaha, NE, USA
157Ween12-03-2005312 of 40Main SetTransdermal CelebrationPuerto Rican PowerBoulder, CO, USA
158Ween04-07-2006322 of 30Main SetMutilated LipsOcean ManFort Lauderdale, FL, USA
159Ween04-10-200633 of 36Main SetTake Me AwayWaving My Dick in the WindAtlanta, GA, USA
160Ween05-26-200634 of 30Main SetThe GrobeEven If You Don'tTeaneck, NJ, USA
161Ween05-28-2006122 of 22EncoreSomedayPhiladelphia, PA, USA
162Ween07-13-200628 of 30Main SetTake Me AwayTransdermal CelebrationBuffalo, NY, USA
163Ween08-03-20061115 of 32Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)I'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotMadison, WI, USA
164Ween05-01-20071329 of 30EncoreRoses Are FreePandy FacklerBirmingham, AL, USA
165Ween08-08-2007123 of 32Main SetTake Me AwayThe GrobeHouston, TX, USA
166Ween10-20-2007730 of 33EncoreFat LennyExactly Where I'm AtChicago, IL, USA
167Ween11-09-2007108 of 35Main SetGabrielleDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Santa Cruz, CA, USA
168Ween01-31-2008203 of 30Main SetTake Me AwayWaving My Dick in the WindOrlando, FL, USA
169Ween03-04-200883 of 29Main SetTake Me AwayThe GrobePerth, WAU, Australia
170Gene Ween04-02-2009b4021 of 25Main SetI'm Dancing in the Show TonightSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Bordentown, NJ, USA
171Gene Ween06-19-20091410 of 23Main SetChocolate TownObjectSeattle, WA, USA
172Ween07-10-2009214 of 27Main SetWaving My Dick in the WindWoman and ManPortland, ME, USA
173Gene Ween02-12-20102510 of 10Main SetThe GrobeDekalb, IL, USA
174Gene Ween02-25-2010516 of 26Main SetYour PartyRight to the Ways and the Rules of the WorldAustin, TX, USA
175Ween04-06-2010515 of 28Main SetYour PartyGabrielleRichmond, VA, USA
176Ween04-09-2010224 of 27Main SetA Tear For EddieThe HIV SongAsheville, NC, USA
177Ween07-30-2010137 of 32Main SetEven If You Don'tTake Me AwayDetroit, MI, USA
178Ween08-26-2010223 of 30Main SetFrankI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotTulsa, OK, USA
179Ween08-28-2010221 of 30Main SetEven If You Don'tLet's DanceAustin, TX, USA
180Ween10-31-2010233 of 35EncoreMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Stroker AceBroomfield, CO, USA
181Gene Ween12-02-2010321 of 26EncoreThe Golden EelPork Roll Egg and CheeseBrooklyn, NY, USA
182Gene Ween12-11-2010214 of 30Main SetYour PartyBooze Me Up and Get Me HighCarrboro, NC, USA
183Gene Ween12-16-2010120 of 27Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutSo Long JerryTeaneck, NJ, USA
184Ween01-24-2011219 of 25Main SetSuperstarAce of SpadesVancouver, BC, Canada
185Ween01-26-2011224 of 31Main SetEven If You Don'tLet's DancePortland, OR, USA
186Ween01-29-201125 of 31Main SetEven If You Don'tTransdermal CelebrationLos Angeles, CA, USA
187Gene Ween02-26-2011219 of 24Main SetSo Long JerryOh YokoHarrisburg, PA, USA
188Gene Ween03-18-2011119 of 25Main SetStay ForeverLaura (unfinished)Pawtucket, RI, USA
189Gene Ween03-19-2011126 of 271st EncorePork Roll Egg and CheeseBuenas Tardes AmigoBoston, MA, USA
190Gene Ween04-23-2011415 of 25Main SetObjectRight to the Ways and the Rules of the WorldPhiladelphia, PA, USA
191Ween05-22-201135 of 21Main SetSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Even If You Don'tGulf Shores, AL, USA
192Gene Ween06-18-2011323 of 26Main SetYour PartyThe ArgusSt. Paul, MN, USA
193Ween07-03-201128 of 23Main SetWaving My Dick in the WindLearnin' to LoveQuincy, CA, USA
194Ween09-02-201133 of 20Main SetTake Me AwayPapa ZitMohawk, NY, USA
195Gene Ween11-23-2011926 of 26EncorePush th' Little DaisiesNew Hope, PA, USA
196Ween12-29-2011229 of 31EncoreSomedayYour PartyDenver, CO, USA
197Freeman09-06-2014699 of 11Main SetEl ShaddaiGolden MonkeyArrington, VA, USA
198Freeman09-17-2014112 of 17Main SetYour PartyGimme One MoreCambridge, MA, USA
199Freeman09-18-2014111 of 13Main SetTransdermal CelebrationGolden MonkeyBurlington, VT, USA
200Freeman09-20-201423 of 3Main SetKing BillyCleveland, OH, USA
201Freeman09-23-201412 of 6Main SetMollyTransitionsDetroit, MI, USA
202Freeman09-24-2014111 of 16Main SetKing BillyMountains and BuffaloChicago, IL, USA
203Freeman09-25-2014112 of 16Main SetTransdermal CelebrationMountains and BuffaloMilwaukee, WI, USA
204Freeman09-27-2014212 of 16Main SetBuckingham GreenMountains and BuffaloOmaha, NE, USA
205Freeman09-30-2014112 of 17Main SetBuckingham GreenCops Are ComingColumbus, OH, USA
206Freeman10-01-2014112 of 17Main SetBuckingham GreenMountains and BuffaloPittsburgh, PA, USA
207Freeman10-02-2014112 of 17Main SetBuckingham GreenThe Stallion pt 3Washington, DC, USA
208Freeman10-03-2014112 of 17Main SetBuckingham GreenMountains and BuffaloPhiladelphia, PA, USA
209Freeman10-04-2014112 of 16Main SetBuckingham GreenMountains and BuffaloNew York, NY, USA
210Freeman10-23-2014313 of 18Main SetGimme One MoreMountains and BuffaloHouston, TX, USA
211Freeman10-24-2014113 of 19Main SetGimme One MoreMountains and BuffaloDallas, TX, USA
212Freeman10-25-2014112 of 16Main SetGimme One MoreMourning Glory (tease)Austin, TX, USA
213Freeman10-28-2014112 of 17Main SetKing BillyMountains and BuffaloSan Diego, CA, USA
214Freeman10-30-2014213 of 18Main SetGimme One MoreHappy Colored MarblesLos Angeles, CA, USA
215Freeman10-31-2014112 of 18Main SetKing BillyBuckingham GreenSan Francisco, CA, USA
216Freeman11-01-2014213 of 18Main SetStay ForeverHappy Colored MarblesPortland, OR, USA
217Freeman11-02-2014213 of 19Main SetTransdermal CelebrationThe ArgusSeattle, WA, USA
218Freeman11-05-2014111 of 19Main SetBaby BitchTransdermal CelebrationSalt Lake City, UT, USA
219Freeman11-06-2014113 of 18Main SetTransdermal CelebrationGimme One MoreDenver, CO, USA
220Freeman11-07-2014113 of 18Main SetTransdermal CelebrationGimme One MoreKansas City, MO, USA
221Dean Ween and Friends12-12-201451 of 4Main SetPandy FacklerLambertville, NJ, USA
222Dean Ween and Friends12-13-201411 of 5Main SetMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Lambertville, NJ, USA
223Godboner Meets Gene Ween05-22-2015219 of 10Main SetVoodoo LadyLove Me Two Times (tease)Chillicothe, IL, USA
224Gene Ween Band06-19-2015612 of 18Main SetBeacon LightMore Than the WorldDenver, CO, USA
225Gene Ween Band06-20-201519 of 18Main SetI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotThe HIV SongBoulder, CO, USA
226Gene Ween Band07-02-201519 of 21Main SetI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotThe MolluskChicago, IL, USA
227Gene Ween Band07-20-201517 of 9Main SetThe HIV SongI Can't Put My Finger on ItBethlehem, PA, USA
228Gene Ween Band07-22-201515 of 11Main SetBlack BushSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Brooklyn, NY, USA
229Gene Ween Band09-23-20151310 of 18Main SetNever SquealFollow You Follow MeBaltimore, MD, USA
230Gene Ween Band09-25-2015110 of 17Main SetNever SquealKing BillyRaleigh, NC, USA
231Gene Ween Band09-26-2015211 of 20Main SetNever SquealSpringthemeAtlanta, GA, USA
232Gene Ween Band09-27-2015110 of 18Main SetNever SquealSpringthemeBirmingham, AL, USA
233Gene Ween Band09-28-2015110 of 18Main SetNever SquealBlackjack (tease)Louisville, KY, USA
234Gene Ween Band09-30-2015110 of 17Main SetNever SquealSpringthemeSt. Louis, MO, USA
235Gene Ween Band10-01-2015110 of 17Main SetNever SquealSpringthemeEvanston, IL, USA
236Gene Ween Band10-02-2015210 of 16Main SetBaby BitchSpringthemeLa Crosse, WI, USA
237Gene Ween Band10-03-2015110 of 18Main SetNever SquealSpringthemeSt. Paul, MN, USA
238Gene Ween Band10-05-2015110 of 18Main SetNever SquealSpringthemeAnn Arbor, MI, USA
239Gene Ween Band10-07-2015110 of 19Main SetNever SquealSpringthemeRochester, NY, USA
240Ween02-14-2016157 of 32Main SetThe Stallion pt 1MononucleosisBroomfield, CO, USA
241Ween04-14-2016210 of 31Main SetEven If You Don'tThe GrobeNew York, NY, USA
242Ween08-21-2016728 of 31Main SetDoctor RockBig JilmPhiladelphia, PA, USA
243Dean Ween Group12-20-2016272 of 4Main SetP.E. Squad (The Doo-Doo Chasers)Mercedes BenzPhiladelphia, PA, USA
244Dean Ween and Bill Fowler01-14-201725 of 10Main SetDickie BettsIt's Not About the MoneyBaltimore, MD, USA
245Dean Ween Group01-19-201734 of 15Main SetDickie BettsIt's Gonna Be a Long NightBrooklyn, NY, USA
246Ween04-21-20171413 of 28Main SetNever SquealExactly Where I'm AtAsheville, NC, USA
247Ween06-04-201747 of 25Main SetVoodoo LadyGabrielleBaltimore, MD, USA

Freedom of '76

- not really played 1 time

#BandDateTypeCity, St/Pr, Country
1Ween06-25-1994unfinishedBuffalo, NY, USA