I Saw Gener Cryin' in His Sleep

by Ween - played 45 times

Appears on Pure Guava

#BandDate Gap Position Set Previous Song Next Song City St/Pr Country
1Ween06-16-19959 of 23Main SetThe Stallion pt 3Take Me AwayPhiladelphia, PA, USA
2Ween07-19-1996b95 of 19Main SetJapanese CowboyMister Richard SmokerNew York, NY, USA
3Ween10-05-1996414 of 23Main SetYou Were the FoolSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Atlanta, GA, USA
4Ween10-06-1996115 of 19Main SetMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Buenas Tardes AmigoNew Orleans, LA, USA
5Ween10-08-199615 of 22Main SetPiss Up a RopeMister Richard SmokerAustin, TX, USA
6Ween10-10-199614 of 23Main SetBooze Me Up and Get Me HighMister Richard SmokerTempe, AZ, USA
7Ween10-11-1996110 of 13Main SetI Can't Put My Finger on ItDoctor RockSanta Monica, CA, USA
8Ween10-12-199618 of 26Main SetDon't Shit Where You EatSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)San Francisco, CA, USA
9Ween10-13-199616 of 23Main SetWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutMister Richard SmokerPortland, OR, USA
10Ween10-25-1996511 of 23Main SetI Can't Put My Finger on ItDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)Cambridge, MA, USA
11Ween01-29-19985814 of 28Main SetFrankVoodoo LadyRichmond, VA, USA
12Ween05-11-20007138 of 423rd EncoreFluffyDemon SweatPontiac, MI, USA
13Ween06-30-2000a2610 of 21Main SetCover It With Gas and Set It on FireCommon BitchVenice, CA, USA
14Ween07-19-20001524 of 34Main SetDrifter in the DarkWaving My Dick in the WindAthens, GA, USA
15Ween03-21-20012018 of 29Main SetDoctor RockYou Fucked UpOttsville, PA, USA
16Ween07-09-20093326 of 34Main SetPumpin' 4 the ManLearnin' to LoveProvidence, RI, USA
17Ween04-14-20117417 of 33Main SetBuckingham GreenWhat Deaner Was Talkin' AboutNashville, TN, USA
18Ween12-29-20112522 of 31Main SetPumpin' 4 the ManPut the Coke on My DickDenver, CO, USA
19Dean Ween Group03-19-201511623 of 25Main SetI'm in the Mood to MoveThe MolluskCharlotte, NC, USA
20Dean Ween Group03-21-2015a310 of 13Main SetThe MolluskSpinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)Asheville, NC, USA
21Dean Ween Group03-21-2015b27 of 22Main SetDon't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)She Fucks MeAsheville, NC, USA
22Dean Ween Group04-12-2015413 of 14Main SetShe Fucks MeStella BlueNew Hope, PA, USA
23Dean Ween Group06-15-201557 of 24Main SetMister Would You Please Help My Pony?Transdermal CelebrationNew York, NY, USA
24Dean Ween Group07-30-201588 of 23Main SetTransdermal CelebrationBuckingham GreenMillvale, PA, USA
25Dean Ween Group07-31-2015120 of 221st EncoreFiestaThe MolluskPhiladelphia, PA, USA
26Dean Ween Group08-01-2015116 of 22Main SetHelp Me Scrape the Mucus Off My BrainIt's Gonna Be a Long NightAsbury Park, NJ, USA
27Dean Ween Group08-05-2015223 of 24EncoreBig JilmHomo RainbowBurlington, VT, USA
28Dean Ween Group08-28-2015410 of 23Main SetA Tear For EddieBuckingham GreenGreensboro, NC, USA
29Dean Ween Group09-26-201556 of 9Main SetTransdermal CelebrationThe EnablerTrenton, NJ, USA
30Dean Ween Group10-07-20151114 of 21Main SetCover It With Gas and Set It on FireGarryLos Angeles, CA, USA
31Dean Ween Group10-08-2015111 of 18Main SetGarryBooze Me Up and Get Me HighSan Francisco, CA, USA
32Dean Ween Group10-09-2015116 of 23Main SetDid You See Me?The HIV SongMill Valley, CA, USA
33Dean Ween Group10-10-201516 of 23Main SetPiss Up a RopeBuckingham GreenLake Tahoe, CA, USA
34Dean Ween Group10-12-2015110 of 22Main SetWith My Own Bare HandsHomo RainbowEugene, OR, USA
35Dean Ween Group10-13-2015120 of 25Main SetTried and TrueHomo RainbowSeattle, WA, USA
36Dean Ween Group10-14-2015112 of 24Main SetI Play It Off LegitBooze Me Up and Get Me HighPortland, OR, USA
37Dean Ween Group10-16-201518 of 27Main SetPiss Up a RopeWith My Own Bare HandsDenver, CO, USA
38Dean Ween Group10-18-201527 of 20Main SetPiss Up a RopeBuckingham GreenFort Collins, CO, USA
39Dean Ween Group11-26-201513 of 19Main SetPiss Up a RopeDickie BettsNew Hope, PA, USA
40Dean Ween Group06-18-2016125 of 9Main SetStella BlueFingerbangin'Port Chester, NY, USA
41Dean Ween Group09-24-2016103 of 12Main SetGarryThe Ritz CarltonAsbury Park, NJ, USA
42Dean Ween Group10-21-201678 of 15Main SetThe Ritz CarltonPink Eye (On My Leg)Detroit, MI, USA
43Dean Ween Group01-20-20171712 of 14Main SetDickie BettsPink Eye (On My Leg)New Haven, CT, USA
44Dean Ween Group01-22-201723 of 8Main SetBundle of JoyWith My Own Bare HandsMillvale, PA, USA
45Ween06-07-20171719 of 28Main SetFlutes of the ChiI'll Be Your Jonny on the SpotBrooklyn, NY, USA