6/10/1997 (Tuesday)

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MTV Studios, New York, New York

Mutilated Lips
- TV appearance on Oddville

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  • LTP = Last Time Played
  • SSL = Shows Since Last
  • TPB = Times Played Before
  • NTP = Next Time Played
  • SUN = Shows Until Next
  • TPA = Times Played After
  • TTP = Total Times Played
  • -SSL and SUN do not count shows with no setlist
  • -Totals do not count teases or incompletes

Setlist Stats

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Set Position#Song TitleLast Time PlayedLTPShows Since LastSSLTimes Played BeforeTPBNext Time PlayedNTPShows Until NextSUNTimes Played AfterTPATotal Times PlayedTTP
1Mutilated Lipslast played : 04-18-1996(26 shows ago)times played before: 1next played: 09-19-1997a(24 shows after)times played after : 194total times played : 196

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Misc Stats

Previous Show05-27-1997
(14 days before)
Repeats of Prev Show0 songs
Avg Shows Since Last26.0
Next Show06-28-1997
(18 days after)
Repeats at Next Showunknown
Avg Shows Until Next24.0

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