8/25/2001 (Saturday)

Rolling Rock Summer Music Festival
Red Rock Cafe, Huntsville, Utah

setlist unknown

Deaner's Tour Diary

This show was basically a disaster. Very poorly organized and in the middle of what looked like a cow pasture. The p.a. for this "festival" wasn't adequate for a bingo game at the New Hope firehouse. I have no idea what the hell we were doing there. Three or four days of hippies and jam bands in a muddy field with not enough food, water, or toilets. The shitty ass sound system was so fucked up that we almost didn't play at all, instead we went out and played punk rock for about an hour and the they told us we were out of time and had to stop. We did break out our white clothes again for this extravaganza, which didn't help things probably. Basically a big waste of our time, and if any of you guys paid to come and see us here I apologize.