Jimmy Wilson Group

7/25/1996 (Thursday)

unknown venue, Princeton, New Jersey

Booze Me Up and Get Me High, Booze Me Up and Get Me High (reprise), Far Off Mother Earth, You Were the Fool, Big Jilm, Piss Up a Rope, Polka Dot Tail, Into the Universe, Fire on the Mountain, The Golden Eel, Word For Word> Improv/Jam> Birthday Boy, Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy), Buenas Tardes Amigo, Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down), The Rift, Jimmy Wilson Theme, Purple Rain
- partial lineup: Dean Ween, Gene Ween, Chris Harford, Bill Fowler, Claude Coleman Jr
- Booze Me Up, Polka Dot Tail, Improv/Jam and Spinal with an unknown tromboner
- Jimmy Wilson Theme with the unknown tromboner and additional unidentified horn(s)
- possible set break after Into the Universe

Stats Key

LTP = Last Time Played
SSL = Shows Since Last
TPB = Times Played Before
NTP = Next Time Played
SUN = Shows Until Next
TPA = Times Played After
TTP = Total Times Played

Show Stats

1Booze Me Up and Get Me High07-19-19962110-04-19961161163
2Far Off Mother Earth001
3You Were the Fool07-19-19962110-04-199615961
4Big Jilm07-23-199611510-04-19961135151
5Piss Up a Rope07-19-199621510-04-19961394410
6Polka Dot Tail005-09-1997174748
7Into the Universe07-23-19961109-25-200435713
8Fire on the Mountain07-23-19961104-28-19999179
9The Golden Eel04-29-19966204-12-199716256259
10Word For Word001
12Birthday Boy01-24-1995b24810-12-19967144153
13Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)05-02-199645610-10-19965301358
14Buenas Tardes Amigo05-04-19963910-06-19963232242
15Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)07-23-199613010-04-19961506537
16The Rift07-23-19961107-10-1997224042
17Jimmy Wilson Theme07-23-19961107-10-19972268
18Purple Rain03-04-199198105-18-19988268