Dean Ween and Friends

11/28/2012 (Wednesday)

The Saint, Asbury Park, New Jersey

Dickie Betts, A Shot in the Dark, Superstar, Cold Turkey, Jeff's Boogie, Fire on the Mountain, Piss Up a Rope, Captain America, 1.0 (Fuck No), Carjack, The Enabler, Ace of Spades, Tender Situation, Raise the Roof, Does It Turn You On?, Blood Flow, Fiesta, With My Own Bare Hands, Pandy Fackler, Never Squeal, A Tear For Eddie, Stroker Ace, She Fucks Me, Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?, It's Gonna Be a Long Night, Hey Hey My My
- Hurricane Sandy benefit
- Blarney Stone was on the setlist, but was not played due to curfew
- rotating lineup, roughly in order of appearance: Deaner, Joe Kramer, Glenn McClelland, Dave Carta, Chuck Treece, Bill Fowler, Dave Dreiwitz, Claude Coleman Jr, Guy Heller, Chris Harford, Scott Metzger, Eric Slick

Stats Key

LTP = Last Time Played
SSL = Shows Since Last
TPB = Times Played Before
NTP = Next Time Played
SUN = Shows Until Next
TPA = Times Played After
TTP = Total Times Played

Show Stats

1Dickie Betts06-26-2004305303-19-2014255559
2A Shot in the Dark001
4Cold Turkey001
5Jeff's Boogie001
6Fire on the Mountain09-25-2004301809
7Piss Up a Rope12-31-20112235504-14-2013555411
8Captain America07-22-201218912-04-2013131424
91.0 (Fuck No)07-23-2012172012-11-2013171031
11The Enabler09-29-2011292904-14-20135939
12Ace of Spades09-29-2011293104-14-20135739
13Tender Situation12-31-2011228312-30-20148318102
14Raise the Roof09-25-2004301506
15Does It Turn You On?001
16Blood Flow001
18With My Own Bare Hands12-29-20112410104-14-2013547149
19Pandy Fackler12-30-20112320104-14-2013540242
20Never Squeal12-30-20112310511-12-20147626132
21A Tear For Eddie07-03-2011389604-14-2013527124
22Stroker Ace12-29-20112420002-13-201615114215
23She Fucks Me10-31-2011275610-30-2014673491
24Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?12-30-20112327812-13-20148136315
25It's Gonna Be a Long Night12-31-2011221703-19-2014256280
26Hey Hey My My06-26-2004305102