2/14/2016 (Sunday)

1stBank Center, Broomfield, Colorado

Exactly Where I'm At, Mutilated Lips, She Wanted to Leave, The Final Alarm, Did You See Me?, The Stallion pt 1, Freedom of '76, Mononucleosis, Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy), Up on the Hill, Learnin' to Love, I Can't Put My Finger on It, Birthday Boy*, Chocolate Town*, Drifter in the Dark*, The Mollusk*, Flutes of the Chi*, The HIV Song*, Squelch the Weasel, Touch My Tooter, Papa Zit, Israel, Piss Up a Rope, Stay Forever, She's Your Baby, Never Squeal> Drums> Never Squeal
1st Encore: Tender Situation, Pumpin' 4 the Man, Common Bitch, Fat Lenny
2nd Encore: The Blarney Stone
- confetti cannons during Finger
- Gener on harmonica for Drifter, on acoustic for Squelch the Weasel
- Gener recited the lyrics to Israel from behind a podium that was brought on stage before the song
- Third Stone from the Sun quote during Never Squeal
- Deaner and Claude switched instruments for the end of Fat Lenny
- the band took a bow but did not leave the stage before Blarney Stone

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Show Stats

1Exactly Where I'm At11-07-20147719504-16-201647203
2Mutilated Lips08-06-20153319804-15-201639208
3She Wanted to Leave07-02-20154217804-16-201645184
4The Final Alarm08-05-2015349004-16-20164596
5Did You See Me?10-18-201557803-06-201611190
6The Stallion pt 111-07-201477703-06-201611321
7Freedom of '7610-07-20151523904-14-201626246
9Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)10-18-2015534704-14-201628356
10Up on the Hill09-30-20111802604-16-20164532
11Learnin' to Love12-29-201117611704-15-201638126
12I Can't Put My Finger on It09-26-20152422204-16-201647230
13Birthday Boy10-05-20151614809-15-2016152151
14Chocolate Town03-21-2015569704-14-201624102
15Drifter in the Dark07-28-20121675104-16-20164355
16The Mollusk10-17-2015650403-06-2016118523
17Flutes of the Chi03-21-2015568711-25-201633189
18The HIV Song10-18-2015533104-14-201628340
19Squelch the Weasel12-30-20111755404-16-20164459
20Touch My Tooter12-31-201117428003-06-2016114295
21Papa Zit09-02-20111877604-15-20163481
23Piss Up a Rope11-26-2015439304-15-2016311405
24Stay Forever08-01-20153610004-15-201632103
25She's Your Baby09-28-2015228909-03-201614292
26Never Squeal10-07-20151512304-15-201634128
28Tender Situation10-13-201599309-03-2016146100
29Pumpin' 4 the Man08-29-20152911604-14-2016210127
30Common Bitch07-07-200831827028
31Fat Lenny10-31-201117919404-16-201644199
32The Blarney Stone10-17-2015619003-17-2017531192


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Archive.orgdownload, streamingflac16, mp3DPA 4018aScott Schneider
Archive.orgdownload, streamingflac16, mp3AKG 391bJames E
Archive.orgdownload, streamingflac16, mp3Nak cm100/cp-4pabstsmeared

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