8/23/2016 (Tuesday)

House of Blues, Boston, Massachusetts

Exactly Where I'm At, Take Me Away, Touch My Tooter, Transdermal Celebration, Now I'm Freaking Out, Japanese Cowboy, Piss Up a Rope, With My Own Bare Hands, Object, Voodoo Lady, The Stallion pt 3, Back to Basom, Buckingham Green, Bananas and Blow, Tick, Papa Zit, I Play It Off Legit, Even If You Don't, Ocean Man, The Argus, Boy's Club, The Stallion pt 1, Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down), Zoloft> Pandy Fackler (tease), Stroker Ace, The Goin' Gets Tough From the Getgo, Roses Are Free
Encore: Puffy Cloud (tease), Squelch the Weasel, Your Party, Demon Sweat, The Mollusk
- Pandy tease was the ending only
- Gene and Dean only for Squelch the Weasel

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Show Stats

1Exactly Where I'm At04-16-2016619709-15-201659207
2Take Me Away06-12-2016446108-26-2016216478
3Touch My Tooter08-21-2016128508-26-2016213299
4Transdermal Celebration08-21-2016120008-25-2016118219
5Now I'm Freaking Out04-16-201669911-25-2016232102
6Japanese Cowboy04-14-201681808-25-20161827
7Piss Up a Rope04-15-2016739508-26-2016214410
8With My Own Bare Hands04-16-2016613309-16-2016615149
10Voodoo Lady04-15-2016744708-26-201629457
11The Stallion pt 306-12-2016426508-26-2016210276
12Back to Basom04-16-2016613709-16-201665143
13Buckingham Green08-21-2016152508-26-2016223549
14Bananas and Blow08-21-2016137108-26-2016215387
16Papa Zit04-15-201677810-13-20169382
17I Play It Off Legit04-15-20167608-25-20161916
18Even If You Don't04-14-2016819208-26-201628201
19Ocean Man06-12-2016429408-25-2016111306
20The Argus04-15-201679909-17-2016710110
21Boy's Club04-14-201681108-25-201611325
22The Stallion pt 108-21-201611108-28-201631628
23Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)08-21-2016151908-26-2016217537
25Stroker Ace04-15-2016720310-13-2016911215
26The Goin' Gets Tough From the Getgo04-15-201679406-06-201750297
27Roses Are Free08-21-2016133708-26-2016217355
28Squelch the Weasel04-16-201665603-16-201742461
29Your Party08-21-2016121908-26-2016217237
30Demon Sweat04-15-201676608-28-20163774
31The Mollusk08-21-2016151109-15-2016521533


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