8/25/2016 (Thursday)

Lockn' Festival (Ridge Stage)
Oak Ridge Estate, Arrington, Virginia

Transdermal Celebration, The Grobe, Mister Richard Smoker, Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?, Happy Colored Marbles, How High Can You Fly?, Beacon Light, A Tear For Eddie, Baby Bitch, Boy's Club, Up on the Hill, Nan, I'm in the Mood to Move, Pumpin' 4 the Man, Puerto Rican Power, Fat Lenny, Japanese Cowboy, Fluffy, Push th' Little Daisies, I Play It Off Legit, Someday, Sorry Charlie, Ocean Man> Poopship Destroyer> Zoloft> Pandy Fackler
- Umphrey's McGee opened - Gener joined them toward the end of the set to sing The Stranger (Billy Joel)
- Deaner on megaphone for I'm in the Mood and Pumpin'
- false start on Fluffy
- Gener on megaphone for Play It Off Legit
- Gener said goodnight and left the stage at the end of Someday, but the rest of the band did not take an encore break
- Pandy Fackler was played at an extremely slow tempo

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Show Stats

1Transdermal Celebration08-23-2016120108-28-201629211
2The Grobe08-21-2016223509-16-201655241
3Mister Richard Smoker08-21-2016226908-28-201628278
4Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?08-21-2016230009-03-201638309
5Happy Colored Marbles08-21-2016216709-03-201638176
6How High Can You Fly?08-21-20162309-17-2016648
7Beacon Light04-14-201695410-14-20169358
8A Tear For Eddie04-27-2016611609-16-201655122
9Baby Bitch04-14-2016926909-16-201653273
10Boy's Club08-23-201611209-17-20166518
11Up on the Hill04-16-201672809-17-20166332
13I'm in the Mood to Move03-19-20157128029
14Pumpin' 4 the Man04-14-2016911810-18-2016118127
15Puerto Rican Power04-15-2016812902-18-2017391131
16Fat Lenny04-16-2016719609-15-201642199
17Japanese Cowboy08-23-201611910-13-20168525
19Push th' Little Daisies04-16-2016717510-13-201684180
20I Play It Off Legit08-23-20161709-17-20166412
22Sorry Charlie04-16-201678010-14-20169485
23Ocean Man08-23-2016129509-03-201636302
24Poopship Destroyer04-16-2016710502-19-2017401107
26Pandy Fackler06-17-2016422209-15-2016414237


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