11/27/2016 (Sunday)

Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, New York

Buckingham Green, Bananas and Blow, Beacon Light, Stay Forever, The Stallion pt 1, You Fucked Up, I Can't Put My Finger on It, Voodoo Lady, The Argus, She Wanted to Leave, Waving My Dick in the Wind, Stroker Ace, Japanese Cowboy, Did You See Me?, Mutilated Lips, Homo Rainbow, Licking the Palm For Guava> Mushroom Festival in Hell, I Play It Off Legit, Pollo Asado, Ice Castles> The Final Alarm, Put the Coke on My Dick, I Don't Want It, Mango Woman, Up on the Hill, Fluffy
Encore: LMLYP
- no Chant before Finger
- Voodoo Lady was played at a much slower tempo than usual
- Gener on megaphone for Stallion pt 1, Stroker Ace, Licking the Palm> Mushroom Festival
- Sweet Texas Fire and Monique the Freak were on the band's setlist, but were not played

Stats Key

LTP = Last Time Played
SSL = Shows Since Last
TPB = Times Played Before
NTP = Next Time Played
SUN = Shows Until Next
TPA = Times Played After
TTP = Total Times Played

Show Stats

1Buckingham Green10-15-20161453302-19-2017165539
2Bananas and Blow10-13-20161637602-18-2017153380
3Beacon Light10-14-2016155602-19-201716158
4Stay Forever04-15-2016321020103
5The Stallion pt 110-15-2016141702-17-201714321
6You Fucked Up10-15-20161437502-17-2017144380
7I Can't Put My Finger on It10-13-20161622602-17-2017143230
8Voodoo Lady10-15-20161445102-19-2017163455
9The Argus09-17-20161810103-17-2017182104
10She Wanted to Leave08-28-20162218102-19-2017162184
11Waving My Dick in the Wind10-14-20161539002-18-2017153394
12Stroker Ace10-15-20161420602-19-2017164211
13Japanese Cowboy10-13-2016162102-17-201714325
14Did You See Me?10-31-201638702-18-201715290
15Mutilated Lips10-13-20161620402-18-2017153208
16Homo Rainbow09-03-20162110803-17-2017182111
17Licking the Palm For Guava10-14-2016153502-19-201716137
18Mushroom Festival in Hell10-14-2016153802-19-201716140
19I Play It Off Legit10-14-2016151004-20-201719112
20Pollo Asado10-15-2016141102-17-201714113
21Ice Castles10-14-20161512904-20-2017191131
22The Final Alarm10-14-2016159404-20-201719196
23Put the Coke on My Dick04-15-2016323902-19-201716242
24I Don't Want It09-17-20161867068
25Mango Woman12-09-1992919103-17-20171813
26Up on the Hill09-17-2016183002-18-201715132


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