2/18/2017 (Saturday)

Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas, Nevada

Did You See Me?, Exactly Where I'm At, Mutilated Lips, Take Me Away, Up on the Hill, The Stallion pt 5, Happy Colored Marbles, The HIV Song, Boy's Club, Doctor Rock, Frank, She's Your Baby, The Mollusk, Bananas and Blow, Even If You Don't, Pandy Fackler, Fat Lenny, Puerto Rican Power, Sorry Charlie, How High Can You Fly?, Roses Are Free, Baby Bitch, Waving My Dick in the Wind, Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy), Captain Fantasy
Encore: She Fucks Me
- Gener solo for She's Your Baby
- Glenn briefly quotes Birdland (Weather Report) during Pandy

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SUN = Shows Until Next
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TTP = Total Times Played

Show Stats

1Did You See Me?11-27-2016158804-21-20175190
2Exactly Where I'm At11-25-20161720104-21-201751203
3Mutilated Lips11-27-20161520503-16-201722208
4Take Me Away11-25-20161746703-16-201723471
5Up on the Hill11-27-20161531032
6The Stallion pt 509-17-20163354055
7Happy Colored Marbles11-25-20161717203-17-201733176
8The HIV Song10-13-20163133804-20-201741340
9Boy's Club11-25-2016171603-16-20172118
10Doctor Rock11-26-20161643303-17-201732436
12She's Your Baby09-03-20163691092
13The Mollusk01-21-2017751903-16-201723523
14Bananas and Blow11-27-20161537703-16-201722380
15Even If You Don't10-15-2016291960197
16Pandy Fackler02-04-201722360237
17Fat Lenny09-15-2016351980199
18Puerto Rican Power08-25-2016391300131
19Sorry Charlie11-25-20161784085
20How High Can You Fly?10-15-201629604-21-2017518
21Roses Are Free11-25-20161734403-16-201723348
22Baby Bitch09-16-20163427104-21-201751273
23Waving My Dick in the Wind11-27-20161539103-16-201722394
24Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)11-25-20161735303-16-201722356
25Captain Fantasy11-26-20161615503-17-201732158
26She Fucks Me10-28-20162088089


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