12/3/2005 (Saturday)

Fox Theatre, Boulder, Colorado

Birthday Boy*, Chocolate Town*, Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain*, Tried and True*, I Don't Want It*, She Wanted to Leave, Now I'm Freaking Out, Back to Basom, Take Me Away, Hey There Fancypants, Transdermal Celebration, Freedom of '76, Puerto Rican Power, Voodoo Lady, Light Me Up, Frank, The Mollusk, A Tear For Eddie, The Argus, Stay Forever, Ocean Man, Captain Fantasy, Papa Zit, You Fucked Up, Pumpin' 4 the Man, Buckingham Green, Did You See Me?, Polka Dot Tail, Cover It With Gas and Set It on Fire, She Fucks Me, Even If You Don't, Waving My Dick in the Wind, The Blarney Stone
1st Encore: Licking the Palm For Guava> Mushroom Festival in Hell, Tick, Fat Lenny, Sorry Charlie, Fluffy
2nd Encore: Buenas Tardes Amigo
- Gener switches to electric midway through I Don't Want It

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Show Stats

1Birthday Boy10-14-2004247807-21-20061474153
2Chocolate Town10-26-200591607-21-20061488105
3Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain10-26-200593404-09-200655792
4Tried and True12-01-200522904-09-2006590120
5I Don't Want It10-26-200592704-12-200674371
6She Wanted to Leave11-28-2005410404-08-2006483188
7Now I'm Freaking Out10-30-200576204-09-2006539102
8Back to Basom11-28-2005410304-08-2006439143
9Take Me Away12-01-2005230804-07-20063169478
10Hey There Fancypants10-10-200427703-03-2008921220
11Transdermal Celebration11-28-200543604-08-20064182219
12Freedom of '7611-29-2005315604-07-2006390247
13Puerto Rican Power11-28-2005410304-08-2006429133
14Voodoo Lady12-01-2005229704-07-20063159457
15Light Me Up12-02-20051704-07-200637684
17The Mollusk12-02-2005128204-07-20063250533
18A Tear For Eddie10-27-200587304-07-2006350124
19The Argus10-12-2004253004-12-2006779110
20Stay Forever10-16-2004222303-29-20073380104
21Ocean Man11-29-2005318904-07-20063116306
22Captain Fantasy11-29-2005313104-07-2006329161
23Papa Zit10-31-200566404-13-200681782
24You Fucked Up12-02-2005130704-10-2006676384
25Pumpin' 4 the Man11-29-2005310304-10-2006625129
26Buckingham Green12-01-2005231904-07-20063229549
27Did You See Me?11-28-20054604-08-200648693
28Polka Dot Tail10-25-2005101507-25-2007473248
29Cover It With Gas and Set It on Fire07-22-2003992207-26-200618528
30She Fucks Me10-31-200563807-31-2006215190
31Even If You Don't12-01-200529504-07-20063105201
32Waving My Dick in the Wind12-02-2005128204-08-20064114397
33The Blarney Stone12-01-2005215404-08-2006438193
34Licking the Palm For Guava11-29-200531804-10-200661938
35Mushroom Festival in Hell11-29-200532104-10-200661941
37Fat Lenny12-01-2005216404-07-2006337202
38Sorry Charlie10-27-200584808-01-2006223887
40Buenas Tardes Amigo10-31-2005616204-09-2006579242


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