4/25/2002 (Thursday)

Iowa Memorial Union Main Lounge, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa

Exactly Where I'm At, She Wanted to Leave, Piss Up a Rope, The Grobe, Baby Bitch, Tick, Waving My Dick in the Wind, Mister Richard Smoker, Papa Zit, The Stallion pt 5, I'm in the Mood to Move, Bananas and Blow, Roses Are Free, Back to Basom, Marble Tulip Juicy Tree, Albino Sunburned Girl, The Mollusk, Mononucleosis, Ocean Man, The Goin' Gets Tough From the Getgo, Take Me Away, Doctor Rock, Pandy Fackler, Voodoo Lady, Buckingham Green
Encore: What Deaner Was Talkin' About, The HIV Song, Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down), Sketches of Winkle, You Fucked Up, Someday

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Show Stats

1Exactly Where I'm At04-24-200215304-26-20021154208
2She Wanted to Leave04-21-200237704-27-20022110188
3Piss Up a Rope04-23-2002219804-27-20022212411
4The Grobe04-21-200236504-27-20022181247
5Baby Bitch04-21-2002311904-27-20022155275
7Waving My Dick in the Wind04-24-2002121104-26-20021186398
8Mister Richard Smoker04-24-2002116004-26-20021122283
9Papa Zit04-21-200235308-22-2002102882
10The Stallion pt 504-21-200232006-21-200273556
11I'm in the Mood to Move04-21-200231612-13-2003951532
12Bananas and Blow04-24-2002111804-26-20021269388
13Roses Are Free04-24-2002112904-26-20021227357
14Back to Basom04-21-200238305-25-2002560144
15Marble Tulip Juicy Tree04-21-200236806-20-2002650119
16Albino Sunburned Girl04-21-200231905-25-200254969
17The Mollusk04-24-2002118504-26-20021350536
19Ocean Man04-23-2002211904-26-20021187307
20The Goin' Gets Tough From the Getgo04-23-200224004-27-200225697
21Take Me Away04-24-2002120104-26-20021278480
22Doctor Rock04-24-2002123404-26-20021206441
23Pandy Fackler04-20-200249004-26-20021151242
24Voodoo Lady04-24-2002120104-26-20021255457
25Buckingham Green04-24-2002121404-26-20021336551
26What Deaner Was Talkin' About03-21-2002610704-26-20021103211
27The HIV Song04-24-2002117604-26-20021170347
28Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)04-24-2002122904-26-20021309539
29Sketches of Winkle04-19-2002510104-27-2002245147
30You Fucked Up04-24-2002121304-26-20021172386