4/5/2001 (Thursday)

9:30 Club, Washington, District of Columbia

Exactly Where I'm At, The Grobe, She Wanted to Leave, Piss Up a Rope, Take Me Away, Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy), Waving My Dick in the Wind, Puerto Rican Power, Voodoo Lady, Back to Basom, Push th' Little Daisies, What Deaner Was Talkin' About, Ocean Man, Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?, I'll Be Your Jonny on the Spot, The Goin' Gets Tough From the Getgo, The Mollusk, Baby Bitch, You Fucked Up, Doctor Rock, Touch My Tooter, Papa Zit, The Stallion pt 5, I Can't Put My Finger on It, Buckingham Green, Enter Sandman, The Blarney Stone
Encore: Drifter in the Dark, Homo Rainbow, Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down), Big Jilm, Ohio, The HIV Song, Buenas Tardes Amigo
- Drifter In the Dark with Gener on harmonica

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Show Stats

1Exactly Where I'm At04-04-200113607-28-20014170207
2The Grobe04-03-200125308-03-20015192246
3She Wanted to Leave04-03-200126807-11-20013119188
4Piss Up a Rope04-04-2001117604-06-20011233410
5Take Me Away04-04-2001117504-06-20011302478
6Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)04-04-2001119704-06-20011160358
7Waving My Dick in the Wind04-04-2001118704-06-20011209397
8Puerto Rican Power04-04-200117107-28-2001461133
9Voodoo Lady04-04-2001117204-06-20011284457
10Back to Basom04-02-200137107-11-2001371143
11Push th' Little Daisies04-02-200138808-03-2001595184
12What Deaner Was Talkin' About04-02-200139708-03-20015112210
13Ocean Man04-04-2001110207-28-20014203306
14Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?04-03-2001215804-06-20011154313
15I'll Be Your Jonny on the Spot04-03-200124304-06-20011208252
16The Goin' Gets Tough From the Getgo04-04-200112504-06-200117197
17The Mollusk04-04-2001115904-06-20011373533
18Baby Bitch04-04-2001110808-04-20016165274
19You Fucked Up04-04-2001119404-06-20011189384
20Doctor Rock04-04-2001120804-06-20011231440
21Touch My Tooter04-04-200115708-04-20016241299
22Papa Zit04-02-200134208-04-200163982
23The Stallion pt 504-03-200121004-06-200114556
24I Can't Put My Finger on It04-02-2001313904-06-2001192232
25Buckingham Green04-04-2001118704-06-20011361549
26Enter Sandman04-04-200111104-06-20011315
27The Blarney Stone04-04-2001112006-30-2001272193
28Drifter in the Dark04-02-200133509-14-20041422157
29Homo Rainbow04-04-200115608-18-2001857114
30Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)04-04-2001120604-06-20011330537
31Big Jilm04-04-200116808-18-2001882151
33The HIV Song04-04-2001116204-06-20011182345
34Buenas Tardes Amigo04-03-2001211707-28-20014124242