7/24/1999 (Saturday)

Les Foufounes Electriques, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Buckingham Green, Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down), The Golden Eel, The Stallion pt 3, Freedom of '76, Take Me Away, Mister Richard Smoker, Pandy Fackler, Captain Fantasy, Voodoo Lady, The HIV Song, Back to Basom, Jimmy Wilson Theme (tease), The Mollusk, Awesome Sound, Roses Are Free, Mutilated Lips, Waving My Dick in the Wind, Fat Lenny, I'll Be Your Jonny on the Spot, Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?, Bananas and Blow, Doctor Rock, Tick, Squelch the Weasel, Baby Bitch, Sarah
- Gener on acoustic for Squelch the Weasel through Sarah
- venue pulled the plug after Sarah
- after the electricity had been cut, Gener sang a few lines of Bob Dylan's Sara and a rousing chorus of the "Uncle Fucker" song from South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut
- Les Foufounes Electriques translates to "The Electric Buttocks"

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Show Stats

1Buckingham Green07-23-199917507-25-19991461537
2Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)07-23-1999111207-25-19991415528
3The Golden Eel01-02-199976407-25-19991186251
4The Stallion pt 301-20-199969307-25-19991178272
5Freedom of '7601-21-199959307-25-19991151245
6Take Me Away01-21-199957407-25-19991394469
7Mister Richard Smoker07-23-199916407-25-19991212277
8Pandy Fackler07-23-19991807-25-19991228237
9Captain Fantasy07-21-199926708-03-1999889157
10Voodoo Lady07-23-199915907-25-19991393453
11The HIV Song07-21-199928607-25-19991252339
12Back to Basom07-23-19991507-25-19991135141
13The Mollusk07-23-199916707-28-19993453521
14Awesome Sound12-31-199893907-26-1999260100
15Roses Are Free07-23-19991507-25-19991340346
16Mutilated Lips07-23-19991907-25-19991197207
17Waving My Dick in the Wind07-23-199917707-25-19991315393
18Fat Lenny07-23-199916907-25-19991129199
19I'll Be Your Jonny on the Spot07-21-19992708-16-199917238246
20Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?07-23-199917907-25-19991228308
21Bananas and Blow07-23-19991207-29-19994376379
22Doctor Rock07-23-199919907-25-19991336436
24Squelch the Weasel07-14-199932007-28-199933758
25Baby Bitch01-20-199966007-29-19994211272


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