Gene Ween Band

12/13/2008 (Saturday)

The Stone Pony (Wonder Bar), Asbury Park, New Jersey

Girl Don't Tell Me, Ooh Va La, Blue Balloon, Baby Don't Be Afraid, It Freaks Me Out, Mountains and Buffalo, Now Be Thankful, Sledgehammer, Stay With Me Daddy, Kite Flying Man, DC Won't Do You No Good, Let's Get Divorced, Mr. Sandman, Kansas City Star, Finders Keepers, Little Sisters of the Poor, Wild Ride
Encore: Hang on to Yourself, The Stallion pt 4, Thanks and Praises, I Fell in Love Today, Leaf of Fall, The Chancy Boys, Memory of a Free Festival
- lineup: Gener, Dave Dreiwitz, Joe Russo, Scott Metzger
- Dave on tuba for Let's Get Divorced

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SSL = Shows Since Last
TPB = Times Played Before
NTP = Next Time Played
SUN = Shows Until Next
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TTP = Total Times Played

Show Stats

1Girl Don't Tell Me12-11-20082309-09-201111615
2Ooh Va La12-10-200831402-07-200935469
3Blue Balloon12-12-20081302-07-200931115
4Baby Don't Be Afraid12-12-20081502-07-200931420
5It Freaks Me Out12-12-20081302-07-200931216
6Mountains and Buffalo12-12-200811102-07-200935264
7Now Be Thankful12-12-20081202-12-2009414
9Stay With Me Daddy12-12-20081102
10Kite Flying Man12-12-20081302-07-200933236
11DC Won't Do You No Good12-12-20081402-07-200931116
12Let's Get Divorced12-12-20081302-07-200931216
13Mr. Sandman12-12-20081302-07-200931317
14Kansas City Star12-12-20081702-07-200932836
15Finders Keepers12-11-20082102
16Little Sisters of the Poor12-10-20083104-14-201315513
17Wild Ride12-12-20081304-14-201315515
18Hang on to Yourself12-12-20081304
19The Stallion pt 412-12-200811002-07-200933243
20Thanks and Praises12-12-20081202-07-200931215
21I Fell in Love Today12-12-20081202-07-200931417
22Leaf of Fall11-29-200692203
23The Chancy Boys12-12-20081302-07-200932529
24Memory of a Free Festival12-12-20081304