Gene Ween

9/30/2011 (Friday)

Fort Worth Music Festival
Will Rogers Memorial Center, Fort Worth, Texas

Kansas City Star, Stay Forever, Oh My Dear (Falling in Love), Right to the Ways and the Rules of the World, I Don't Want to Leave You on the Farm, Flutes of the Chi, Mountains and Buffalo, Baby Bitch, Tried and True, The Chancy Boys, Push th' Little Daisies, The Needle and the Damage Done, Old Man, What Deaner Was Talkin' About, The Stallion pt 3, So Long Jerry, Loop de Loop (tease), Chocolate Town, The Argus, Up on the Hill, Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
- whole show with Dave Dreiwitz

Stats Key

LTP = Last Time Played
SSL = Shows Since Last
TPB = Times Played Before
NTP = Next Time Played
SUN = Shows Until Next
TPA = Times Played After
TTP = Total Times Played

Show Stats

1Kansas City Star09-22-201123111-23-20112436
2Stay Forever09-29-201117111-23-2011232104
3Oh My Dear (Falling in Love)09-29-201111511-23-20112218
4Right to the Ways and the Rules of the World09-29-201113611-23-201122461
5I Don't Want to Leave You on the Farm09-29-201113211-23-201121548
6Flutes of the Chi09-22-201125911-23-201123090
7Mountains and Buffalo09-29-201114711-23-201121664
8Baby Bitch09-29-2011125312-30-2011520274
9Tried and True09-17-201148712-29-2011432120
10The Chancy Boys09-29-201112011-23-20112829
11Push th' Little Daisies09-10-2011516910-31-2011114184
12The Needle and the Damage Done09-29-20111211-23-2011225
13Old Man09-09-20116804-27-201335110
14What Deaner Was Talkin' About09-29-2011119111-23-2011218210
15The Stallion pt 309-29-2011125312-29-2011422276
16So Long Jerry09-22-201122807-28-201213837
17Chocolate Town09-29-201116711-23-2011237105
18The Argus09-29-201116911-23-2011240110
19Up on the Hill01-26-2011282502-14-2016180834
20Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)09-29-2011132812-12-201410829358