Jimmy Wilson Group

4/28/1999 (Wednesday)

The Saint, Asbury Park, New Jersey

The River*, Comes a Time*, She Wanted to Leave*, Kansas City Star*, Squelch the Weasel*, She's Your Baby*, The Stallion pt 4*, Be My Eyes*, It's Gonna Be (Alright)*, Mutilated Lips*, Exactly Where I'm At*, Broke Down Ragged Ford, Sorry Charlie, Piss Up a Rope, Jimmy Wilson Theme, Jump Into the Fire, Raise the Roof, Albino Sunburned Girl, Never Squeal, Polka Dot Tail, The Enabler, Red Hot Mama, The Rift> The Curious One, Wild Ride, Rock n Roll, The Blarney Stone, Fire on the Mountain, Gotta Hope, Leaf of Fall, North Pappy Flappy, Deez Nuts (tease)> Improv/Jam> Sultans of Swing (unfinished), LMLYP> North Pappy Flappy> LMLYP, Circle Game, Where Do the Children Play?, Kansas City Star, There Is a Mountain, Up on the Hill, Now I'm Freaking Out (unfinished), Puffy Cloud, Mononucleosis, Little Birdy, Maybe I'm Amazed (tease)
- lineup: Gener, Deaner, Claude Coleman, Dave Dreiwitz, Chris Harford, others
- acoustic songs are Gener and Chris only
- Rock n Roll with Long Legged Sally Was a No Neck Whore lyrics
- Sultans of Swing tease without lyrics
- Gener solo for Maybe I'm Amazed tease

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SSL = Shows Since Last
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SUN = Shows Until Next
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TTP = Total Times Played

Show Stats

1The River008-03-200112834
2Comes a Time001
3She Wanted to Leave01-02-199932507-21-19992162188
4Kansas City Star008-16-1999213436
5Squelch the Weasel12-31-199851807-14-199914261
6She's Your Baby005-04-2000469495
7The Stallion pt 4007-27-20021654243
8Be My Eyes011-29-200632512
9It's Gonna Be (Alright)05-17-199810501-18-20073261521
10Mutilated Lips05-09-199814607-21-19992206213
11Exactly Where I'm At006-30-2000b78207208
12Broke Down Ragged Ford001
13Sorry Charlie01-27-199822308-15-1999208387
14Piss Up a Rope01-20-199928307-21-19992327411
15Jimmy Wilson Theme07-10-199769306-30-200112548
16Jump Into the Fire006-30-200112534
17Raise the Roof07-23-199692106-30-200112546
18Albino Sunburned Girl07-15-1991187103-21-20011126769
19Never Squeal01-16-1998291407-21-19992117132
20Polka Dot Tail08-03-199762406-16-2000664449
21The Enabler01-02-19993108-19-1999233739
22Red Hot Mama006-30-200112556
23The Rift07-10-199769306-30-20011253842
24The Curious One07-23-199692206-30-200112514
25Wild Ride012-10-200841445
26Rock n Roll006-30-200112512
27The Blarney Stone01-21-199916607-21-19992126193
28Fire on the Mountain07-25-199691206-10-20006569
29Gotta Hope001
30Leaf of Fall011-29-200632523
31North Pappy Flappy007-25-1999557
34North Pappy Flappy007-25-1999557
35Circle Game001
36Where Do the Children Play?001
37Kansas City Star008-16-1999213436
38There Is a Mountain006-30-200112523
39Up on the Hill01-18-199827407-21-199922934
40Puffy Cloud01-15-199830707-28-19997816
42Little Birdy11-21-199734907-23-199933040


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