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Shows with setlist: 53
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DateVenue - FestivalCitySt/PrCountry
05-04-1992Kennel ClubSan Francisco,CA,USA
05-07-1992Club LingerieLos Angeles,CA,USA
05-08-1992JabberjawLos Angeles,CA,USA
05-09-1992Winter'sSan Diego,CA,USA
02-09-1993Berkeley SquareBerkeley,CA,USA
02-10-1993Anaconda TheatreSanta Barbara,CA,USA
02-12-1993Kennel ClubSan Francisco,CA,USA
02-13-1993Bogart'sLong Beach,CA,USA
10-06-1994Upper RoomLos Angeles,CA,USA
10-07-1994Jack's Sugar ShackLos Angeles,CA,USA
10-08-1994JabberjawLos Angeles,CA,USA
10-09-1994McCabe's Guitar ShopSanta Monica,CA,USA
10-18-1994KCRW StudiosSanta Monica,CA,USA
11-11-1994Doc Rickett's LabMonterey,CA,USA
11-12-1994Slim'sSan Francisco,CA,USA
11-13-1994Whiskey A Go GoLos Angeles,CA,USA
11-15-1994SomaSan Diego,CA,USA
04-29-1996Warfield TheatreSan Francisco,CA,USA
04-30-1996Warfield TheatreSan Francisco,CA,USA
05-02-1996Hollywood PalladiumLos Angeles,CA,USA
05-03-1996Santa Barbara BowlSanta Barbara,CA,USA
05-04-1996Crawford HallIrvine,CA,USA
10-11-1996Santa Monica Civic AuditoriumSanta Monica,CA,USA
10-12-1996The FillmoreSan Francisco,CA,USA
09-27-1997Warfield TheatreSan Francisco,CA,USA
09-28-1997El Rey TheatreLos Angeles,CA,USA
01-20-1999SpacelandLos Angeles,CA,USA
01-21-1999Universal Amphitheatre - Y107 Radio Winter RecitalLos Angeles,CA,USA
08-06-1999Warfield TheatreSan Francisco,CA,USA
08-08-1999Palace TheatreLos Angeles,CA,USA
06-27-2000Warfield TheatreSan Francisco,CA,USA
06-29-2000aKACD StudiosSanta Monica,CA,USA
06-29-2000bPalace TheatreLos Angeles,CA,USA
06-30-2000aBenway RecordsVenice,CA,USA
06-30-2000bGlass HousePomona,CA,USA
08-27-2001PalookavilleSanta Cruz,CA,USA
08-28-2001The FillmoreSan Francisco,CA,USA
08-29-2001The FillmoreSan Francisco,CA,USA
05-25-2002Calaveras County Fairgrounds - Mountain Aire FestivalAngel's Camp,CA,USA
09-24-2003Wiltern TheatreLos Angeles,CA,USA
09-26-2003Greek TheatreBerkeley,CA,USA
09-27-2003The CatalystSanta Cruz,CA,USA
10-14-2004Santa Cruz Civic AuditoriumSanta Cruz,CA,USA
10-15-2004The Majestic Ventura TheaterVentura,CA,USA
10-16-2004Wiltern TheatreLos Angeles,CA,USA
10-17-2004CanesSan Diego,CA,USA
07-21-2006The IndependentSan Francisco,CA,USA
07-22-2006Greek TheatreBerkeley,CA,USA
11-05-2007House of BluesSan Diego,CA,USA
11-06-2007The Majestic Ventura TheaterVentura,CA,USA
11-08-2007Wiltern TheatreLos Angeles,CA,USA
11-09-2007Santa Cruz Civic AuditoriumSanta Cruz,CA,USA
11-10-2007Warfield TheatreSan Francisco,CA,USA
08-29-2009Eureka TheaterEureka,CA,USA
08-30-2009Golden Gate Park - Outside Lands Music and Arts FestivalSan Francisco,CA,USA
09-01-2009Fox TheaterPomona,CA,USA
09-02-2009The Grove of AnaheimAnaheim,CA,USA
01-28-2011Fox TheaterOakland,CA,USA
01-29-2011Wiltern TheatreLos Angeles,CA,USA
07-03-2011Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds - High Sierra Music FestivalQuincy,CA,USA
10-13-2016Hollywood PalladiumLos Angeles,CA,USA
10-14-2016Bill Graham Civic AuditoriumSan Francisco,CA,USA
10-15-2016Bill Graham Civic AuditoriumSan Francisco,CA,USA
06-30-2017Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds - High Sierra Music FestivalQuincy,CA,USA
09-27-2017SF Masonic AuditoriumSan Francisco,CA,USA
09-28-2017SF Masonic AuditoriumSan Francisco,CA,USA
09-30-2017Marina Green Park - Music Tastes GoodLong Beach,CA,USA

172 different songs played in California over 53 shows

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Title First Played Last Played Total
Zoloftfirst played: 05-25-2002last played : 09-30-2017total: 12
Your Partyfirst played: 11-05-2007last played : 09-27-2017total: 15
You Were the Foolfirst played: 10-15-2004last played : 11-06-2007total: 2
You Fucked Upfirst played: 05-04-1992last played : 10-15-2016total: 24
Woman and Manfirst played: 11-05-2007last played : 10-13-2016total: 7
With My Own Bare Handsfirst played: 11-05-2007last played : 09-30-2017total: 13
What Deaner Was Talkin' Aboutfirst played: 04-29-1996last played : 09-28-2017total: 14
Wayne's Pet Younginfirst played: 06-30-2000alast played : 09-28-2017total: 4
Waving My Dick in the Windfirst played: 10-11-1996last played : 09-28-2017total: 31
Voodoo Ladyfirst played: 04-29-1996last played : 09-30-2017total: 32
Vallejofirst played: 11-13-1994last played : 11-13-1994total: 1
Up on the Hillfirst played: 09-28-2017last played : 09-28-2017total: 1
Tried and Truefirst played: 09-24-2003last played : 10-15-2016total: 6
Transitionsfirst played: 09-27-2017last played : 09-27-2017total: 1
Transdermal Celebrationfirst played: 10-16-2004last played : 09-27-2017total: 13
Touch My Tooterfirst played: 10-18-1994last played : 09-30-2017total: 25
Tickfirst played: 05-04-1992last played : 09-28-2017total: 12
Third Stone From the Sunfirst played: 11-06-2007last played : 11-06-2007total: 1
The Star-Spangled Bannerfirst played: 06-29-2000blast played : 06-29-2000btotal: 1
The Stallion pt 5first played: 08-28-2001last played : 11-05-2007total: 4
The Stallion pt 3first played: 02-13-1993last played : 06-30-2017total: 17
The Stallion pt 1first played: 10-13-2016last played : 09-28-2017total: 3
The Molluskfirst played: 09-27-1997last played : 09-28-2017total: 38
The HIV Songfirst played: 11-13-1994last played : 09-27-2017total: 21
The Grobefirst played: 08-06-1999last played : 09-30-2017total: 12
The Golden Eelfirst played: 04-29-1996last played : 09-27-2017total: 12
The Goin' Gets Tough From the Getgofirst played: 02-13-1993last played : 01-28-2011total: 8
The Final Alarmfirst played: 06-30-2000alast played : 09-30-2017total: 12
The Enablerfirst played: 06-30-2000alast played : 09-01-2009total: 3
The Blue Danubefirst played: 10-11-1996last played : 10-11-1996total: 1
The Blarney Stonefirst played: 11-13-1994last played : 01-28-2011total: 9
The Argusfirst played: 09-24-2003last played : 09-28-2017total: 6
Tender Situationfirst played: 08-06-1999last played : 10-15-2016total: 7
Take Me Awayfirst played: 11-13-1994last played : 09-30-2017total: 36
Sweet Texas Firefirst played: 08-06-1999last played : 08-06-1999total: 1
Superstarfirst played: 11-06-2007last played : 11-09-2007total: 2
Summer Windfirst played: 09-27-2003last played : 09-27-2003total: 1
Stroker Acefirst played: 06-27-2000last played : 09-27-2017total: 15
Strap on That Jammy Pacfirst played: 06-30-2000blast played : 06-30-2000btotal: 1
Stay Foreverfirst played: 06-30-2000alast played : 09-28-2017total: 4
Squelch the Weaselfirst played: 11-09-2007last played : 11-09-2007total: 1
Springthemefirst played: 06-27-2000last played : 09-02-2009total: 3
Spirit Walkerfirst played: 11-08-2007last played : 11-10-2007total: 3
Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)first played: 11-13-1994last played : 09-27-2017total: 40
Sorry Charliefirst played: 06-30-2000blast played : 10-14-2016total: 8
Somedayfirst played: 07-21-2006last played : 09-27-2017total: 7
Slow Down Boyfirst played: 11-10-2007last played : 01-29-2011total: 2
Sketches of Winklefirst played: 05-04-1992last played : 11-05-2007total: 10
She's Your Babyfirst played: 08-27-2001last played : 09-02-2009total: 5
She Wanted to Leavefirst played: 09-27-1997last played : 09-02-2009total: 7
She Fucks Mefirst played: 10-12-1996last played : 10-13-2016total: 2
Shamemakerfirst played: 11-05-2007last played : 11-10-2007total: 4
Secondsfirst played: 05-04-1992last played : 09-28-2017total: 3
Sarahfirst played: 09-27-1997last played : 08-06-1999total: 2
Roses Are Freefirst played: 08-06-1999last played : 09-28-2017total: 23
Right to the Ways and the Rules of the Worldfirst played: 06-30-2000alast played : 06-30-2017total: 2
Riders on the Stormfirst played: 06-27-2000last played : 06-27-2000total: 1
Reggaejunkiejewfirst played: 05-04-1996last played : 11-10-2007total: 5
Put the Coke on My Dickfirst played: 10-17-2004last played : 01-29-2011total: 3
Push th' Little Daisiesfirst played: 02-13-1993last played : 09-28-2017total: 12
Pumpin' 4 the Manfirst played: 11-13-1994last played : 09-28-2017total: 5
Puerto Rican Powerfirst played: 01-20-1999last played : 09-30-2017total: 11
Pretty Girlfirst played: 10-11-1996last played : 10-12-1996total: 2
Powder Bluefirst played: 09-01-2009last played : 09-01-2009total: 1
Pork Roll Egg and Cheesefirst played: 02-13-1993last played : 09-28-2017total: 9
Poopship Destroyerfirst played: 02-13-1993last played : 10-17-2004total: 6
Pollo Asadofirst played: 10-15-2016last played : 10-15-2016total: 1
Polka Dot Tailfirst played: 06-30-2000blast played : 09-28-2017total: 2
Piss Up a Ropefirst played: 05-02-1996last played : 09-30-2017total: 29
Pink Eye (On My Leg)first played: 06-30-2017last played : 06-30-2017total: 1
Papa Zitfirst played: 02-13-1993last played : 10-13-2016total: 5
Pandy Facklerfirst played: 01-20-1999last played : 09-28-2017total: 20
Ooh Va Lafirst played: 10-13-2016last played : 10-13-2016total: 1
Old Queen Colefirst played: 02-13-1993last played : 02-13-1993total: 1
Ohiofirst played: 08-27-2001last played : 09-02-2009total: 4
Ode to Renefirst played: 02-13-1993last played : 02-13-1993total: 1
Ocean Manfirst played: 09-27-1997last played : 09-28-2017total: 25
Objectfirst played: 11-05-2007last played : 09-28-2017total: 12
Now I'm Freaking Outfirst played: 10-15-2004last played : 09-01-2009total: 3
Never Squealfirst played: 05-04-1992last played : 01-28-2011total: 12
Nanfirst played: 02-13-1993last played : 09-27-2017total: 12
Mutilated Lipsfirst played: 08-06-1999last played : 09-27-2017total: 13
Mushroom Festival in Hellfirst played: 08-28-2001last played : 10-14-2016total: 4
Mononucleosisfirst played: 10-15-2016last played : 10-15-2016total: 1
Monique the Freakfirst played: 07-03-2011last played : 07-03-2011total: 1
Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?first played: 10-18-1994last played : 09-30-2017total: 19
Mister Richard Smokerfirst played: 10-11-1996last played : 09-30-2017total: 24
Marble Tulip Juicy Treefirst played: 02-13-1993last played : 09-01-2009total: 9
Lullabyfirst played: 11-06-2007last played : 11-06-2007total: 1
Lucky Manfirst played: 01-28-2011last played : 01-29-2011total: 2
LMLYPfirst played: 05-04-1992last played : 08-29-2001total: 9
Little Drummer Boyfirst played: 11-06-2007last played : 11-06-2007total: 1
Little Birdyfirst played: 09-28-1997last played : 09-28-1997total: 1
Light Me Upfirst played: 07-21-2006last played : 09-27-2017total: 7
Licking the Palm For Guavafirst played: 08-28-2001last played : 10-14-2016total: 4
Let's Dancefirst played: 01-28-2011last played : 07-03-2011total: 3
Learnin' to Lovefirst played: 11-05-2007last played : 09-27-2017total: 14
Laurafirst played: 06-30-2000blast played : 10-14-2016total: 3
Kokofirst played: 10-18-1994last played : 10-18-1994total: 1
Kissfirst played: 10-15-2004last played : 10-15-2004total: 1
Kim Smoltzfirst played: 10-15-2016last played : 10-15-2016total: 1
Joppa Roadfirst played: 01-28-2011last played : 10-15-2016total: 2
Japanese Cowboyfirst played: 10-11-1996last played : 10-13-2016total: 3
It's Gonna Be a Long Nightfirst played: 10-15-2004last played : 09-28-2017total: 5
Israelfirst played: 10-15-2016last played : 10-15-2016total: 1
Improvisationfirst played: 10-12-1996last played : 09-01-2009total: 2
If You Could Save Yourself (You'd Save Us All)first played: 09-24-2003last played : 09-24-2003total: 1
Ice Castlesfirst played: 06-27-2000last played : 09-30-2017total: 10
I'm in the Mood to Movefirst played: 08-27-2001last played : 09-30-2017total: 5
I'm Holding Youfirst played: 10-16-2004last played : 10-16-2004total: 1
I'm Dancing in the Show Tonightfirst played: 09-28-1997last played : 09-01-2009total: 4
I'll Miss Youfirst played: 10-13-2016last played : 10-13-2016total: 1
I'll Be Your Jonny on the Spotfirst played: 10-12-1996last played : 09-27-2017total: 14
I Saw Gener Cryin' in His Sleepfirst played: 10-11-1996last played : 06-30-2000atotal: 3
I Play It Off Legitfirst played: 10-14-2016last played : 09-28-2017total: 3
I Gots a Weaselfirst played: 09-01-2009last played : 09-28-2017total: 3
I Got to Put the Hammer Downfirst played: 11-08-2007last played : 09-28-2017total: 3
I Don't Want Itfirst played: 09-24-2003last played : 01-28-2011total: 5
I Can't Put My Finger on Itfirst played: 10-18-1994last played : 09-28-2017total: 23
How High Can You Fly?first played: 10-15-2016last played : 09-27-2017total: 3
Hot For Teacherfirst played: 06-29-2000blast played : 08-29-2001total: 2
Homo Rainbowfirst played: 06-27-2000last played : 10-16-2004total: 4
Hey Bulldogfirst played: 07-21-2006last played : 07-21-2006total: 1
Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brainfirst played: 10-12-1996last played : 09-27-2017total: 5
Happy Colored Marblesfirst played: 09-24-2003last played : 09-27-2017total: 14
Get a Little Taste of Youfirst played: 11-13-1994last played : 11-13-1994total: 1
Gabriellefirst played: 06-30-2000alast played : 10-13-2016total: 9
Freedom of '76first played: 02-13-1993last played : 07-03-2011total: 15
Frankfirst played: 09-27-1997last played : 09-27-2017total: 13
Flutes of the Chifirst played: 06-29-2000alast played : 08-30-2009total: 3
Fluffyfirst played: 10-12-1996last played : 09-30-2017total: 6
Fiestafirst played: 11-05-2007last played : 09-27-2017total: 11
Fat Lennyfirst played: 05-04-1992last played : 09-27-2017total: 17
Falling Outfirst played: 10-14-2004last played : 10-14-2004total: 1
Exactly Where I'm Atfirst played: 06-30-2000blast played : 09-28-2017total: 10
Even If You Don'tfirst played: 06-27-2000last played : 10-15-2016total: 12
El Caminofirst played: 05-04-1992last played : 08-29-2001total: 4
Drumsfirst played: 08-28-2001last played : 01-28-2011total: 6
Drifter in the Darkfirst played: 06-30-2000alast played : 09-02-2009total: 3
Don't Sweat Itfirst played: 08-27-2001last played : 09-30-2017total: 5
Don't Shit Where You Eatfirst played: 11-13-1994last played : 09-30-2017total: 10
Don't Laugh (I Love You)first played: 10-15-2004last played : 10-14-2016total: 3
Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)first played: 05-04-1992last played : 09-28-2017total: 25
Doctor Rockfirst played: 11-13-1994last played : 09-27-2017total: 31
Did You See Me?first played: 11-06-2007last played : 09-30-2017total: 8
Demon Sweatfirst played: 05-04-1992last played : 10-14-2016total: 6
Deez Nutsfirst played: 06-29-2000blast played : 06-29-2000btotal: 1
Cover It With Gas and Set It on Firefirst played: 02-13-1993last played : 06-30-2000atotal: 2
Common Bitchfirst played: 06-30-2000alast played : 10-17-2004total: 2
Cold Blows the Windfirst played: 09-28-2017last played : 09-28-2017total: 1
Chocolate Townfirst played: 10-14-2004last played : 10-15-2016total: 6
Captain Fantasyfirst played: 05-04-1992last played : 09-28-2017total: 13
Captainfirst played: 09-24-2003last played : 07-22-2006total: 4
Bumblebeefirst played: 02-13-1993last played : 02-13-1993total: 1
Buenas Tardes Amigofirst played: 10-18-1994last played : 10-14-2016total: 12
Buckingham Greenfirst played: 09-27-1997last played : 09-30-2017total: 39
Boy's Clubfirst played: 09-27-2017last played : 09-27-2017total: 1
Booze Me Up and Get Me Highfirst played: 10-12-1996last played : 09-02-2009total: 6
Boingfirst played: 05-04-1992last played : 05-04-1992total: 1
Birthday Boyfirst played: 10-12-1996last played : 10-15-2016total: 11
Big Jilmfirst played: 10-12-1996last played : 09-28-2017total: 10
Beacon Lightfirst played: 11-09-2007last played : 09-28-2017total: 4
Band on the Runfirst played: 06-27-2000last played : 08-28-2001total: 2
Bananas and Blowfirst played: 08-06-1999last played : 09-27-2017total: 28
Back to Basomfirst played: 01-20-1999last played : 10-14-2016total: 15
Baby Bitchfirst played: 11-13-1994last played : 09-28-2017total: 21
Awesome Soundfirst played: 09-27-1997last played : 09-28-2017total: 5
All of My Lovefirst played: 09-27-2003last played : 09-27-2003total: 1
Albino Sunburned Girlfirst played: 08-27-2001last played : 09-30-2017total: 7
Ace of Spadesfirst played: 10-15-2004last played : 10-13-2016total: 4
A Tear For Eddiefirst played: 09-28-1997last played : 09-27-2017total: 8
1999first played: 08-06-1999last played : 08-06-1999total: 1