Twist and Shout Records (Denver, CO)

(1 show)

BandDate Venue - Festival City St/Pr Country
Ween10-10-2003aTwist and Shout RecordsDenverCOUSA

8 different songs played at Twist and Shout Records

Title First Heard Last Heard Total
Birthday Boy10-10-2003a10-10-2003a1
Chocolate Town10-10-2003a10-10-2003a1
Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)10-10-2003a10-10-2003a1
Don't Shit Where You Eat10-10-2003a10-10-2003a1
Joppa Road10-10-2003a10-10-2003a1
Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?10-10-2003a10-10-2003a1
Pandy Fackler10-10-2003a10-10-2003a1
Tried and True10-10-2003a10-10-2003a1